Thursday, October 28, 2010

Olive Oil is My Nemesis

Are you getting tired of reading about my hair? I kind of am tired of writing about it. So this is it for a little while.

However, I wanted to claim a small personal victory over the battle with the olive oil I so innocently put in my hair three days ago (read about it here).

It took about four attempts and three days to get the olive oil out of my hair and I'm happy to say that it's pretty much all gone.

What didn't work: water rinse (duh), lemon juice/water mix, baking soda/water mix, apple cider vinegar/water mix and lots of cussing.

What did work: a bar of ivory soap.

I did an insane amount of reading on the internet about how to get olive oil out of hair and many sites suggested shampoo (not going to do) or Dawn dish soap--it had to be fragrance and dye free according to what I read. Turns out, I don't have the appropriate Dawn soap, so I figured why not Ivory soap? It cleans, right? Right.

I must've washed my hair with the bar of soap about five times in total to get it back to normal. In the beginning the soap didn't even bubble up like normal soap would because there was SO much oil for it to work on. But as the olive oil came out of my hair, the soap would get soapier which let me know that the soap was actually working.

So I'm happy to say that I will NOT be putting olive oil in my hair again (although during my research I found that coconut oil is much lighter and comes out easier than olive oil) and that if I ever get drunk and do decide to condition using cooking products, that many washes with 99.44% pure Ivory soap will rid my hair of the gunk.

And I'm still shampoo free!

Now just to exert that same self-control and stubbornness to losing weight and things will be just peachy.


Leslie @ crunchybetty said...

Ugh! This is good to know, especially since I'd like to try an olive oil pack this weekend sometime.

We'll see what happens. But I'm happy to know that Ivory will work as a last resort.

Good for you for hanging in there, despite this!

Lita said...

Good ol' Ivory Soap, huh? very good to know! Sorry there was so much trial and error until something finally worked.

Kudos to you for sticking to the "no poo" sisterhood!

Lori said...

Just FYI--the Ivory soap will leave your hair feeling dry. Don't forget to condition the ends.

Cassie said...

LOL!! I had to post a comment because I had such a similar experience! I have been trying baking soda instead of shampoo, apple cider vinegar instead of conditioner. I have a lot of static, so I have been trying to find a solution. I have added a catnip tea soak/rinse step in the middle, but this didn't help with the static, so I tried a deep conditioning treatment - I combed in jojoba oil from scalp to tips.

Yup, looked wet. I couldn't get it out with either, and all the suggestions I got were for commercial products (shampoo & conditioner) - which was exactly what I was trying to avoid. Unfortunately, the Ivory soap didn't work either; I must have done the “lather, rinse, repeat” step a dozen times, just scrubbing that bar into my hair. Basically, I had to wait it out; after 5 days, the oil had worn off and/or soaked in, and my hair finally did not look wet or greasy.

I still am trying to deal with the static. In fact, believe it or not, while it was oily, it was STILL static-y. I had no idea that was even physically possible.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH. Thank you for this. I tried to condition my hair with oil today. Worst idea ever, I ended up having to use a clarifying shampoo to get it out. Which was awful because I was doing so good with my no poo routine. Anyways, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Another way to get the oil out of your hair is good ol' conditioner.

I follow the conditioner only regime for my hair since it's so dry and deep condition with olive or coconut oil once in a while.

To my delight, the conditioner gets out the oil every time - so those of you doing no 'poo can try this out next time instead of soap :)

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