What is the problem with parked vehicles that idle?

Someone's parked in their car, idling while using their smart phone. A diesel truck is idling for 10-15-20 minutes while making a delivery.

Eventually these vehicles go on their way and everything seems as it was before they parked and idled.

But it isn’t. Harm has been done, some of it permanent. Those in the vicinity, including the drivers, have been harmed by breathing toxic exhaust emissions. Harm has been done to the engines, wallets or company profits, the environment, energy wasted, plus laws broken. Drivers need to be aware of this harmful and wasteful, yet unnecessary practice that occurs daily throughout Vermont.

The compelling benefits of simply turning off the key when parked:


SAVE MONEY - avoid fuel waste and engine wear


IMPROVE AIR QUALITY / IMPROVE OUR HEALTH - exhaust emissions cause respiratory illness


SLOW THE ADVANCE OF CLIMATE CHANGE - exhaust emissions contain carbon dioxide (CO2)


CONSERVE ENERGY - unnecessary idling contributes to fossil fuel use


COMPLY WITH LAWS - Vermont has laws that restrict idling


For details, visit the Idling Facts page

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