• Occupy the Ballots across USA with 1,059 Nonpartisan Pioneer contender candidates

  • America is declared in the USA Constitution as “E pluribus unum” (Out of many, one). All of the generations of diaspora, peoples of world-wide heritage that have earned their USA citizenship. With heritage of personal drive to come to America, with experience of personal productive life in America.
    Americans are all of us and we want to return America to acclaimed prestige

  • Qualify your political activism to be a Nonpartisan Pioneer contender candidate in the General Election November 6th.
    Select and compare your qualifications to be a ballot-nominated contender candidate in your own state.
    Rank your political experience and training to be recognized as electable to political office on Capital Hill

  • Become a legal contender candidate with voter signatures from your personal relationships.
    Communicate your election contender campaign with family and social networks.
    Live and online, create social media events on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin... and more

  • "Occupy the Ballots" in all 50 states and DC on November 6th 2012.

    Qualify your electability, to be all that you can be:
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    One President contender candidate
    50 Vice-President contender candidates
    540 Electoral College electors
    435 US Representative contender candidates
    33 US Senatorial contender candidates

Welcome to Non-partisan Pioneer

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45th US President Election

Not the old usual Gruesome Twosome

Here Launches OCCUPY the BALLOT. We seek for nonpartisan and independent candidate, just like George Washington, who was the ONLY NO political party US President.

Which candidate do you qualify to be? Tabulate your voter activism!

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