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It’s All About Hypnosis

For those of us who’ve watched a master hypnotist take control of a group of willing participants, the manipulation of their reality is quite intriguing. As these subjects are lead into a new reality through subliminal hypnotic suggestion, what they know and believe to be their new consciousness is nothing more than an altered state from the previous altered state, … which is recognized as just a “normal” existence, or a “genuine” reality.

In fact, … both are altered states, far removed from the Eternal Reality State of Wisdom and Truth.

Read the short text below, and watch the 2 videos provided. Then, if your altered state of reality allows you to proceed to the illuminatiMATRIX blog, be prepared for the most mind-bending, mind-blowing experience. You will find answers. Many answers to the many questions that the human psyche has. Some you will appreciate and others you will reject as absolute nonsense. How do I know? Because as I came to comprehend the hypnotic trance state that I myself was in, the physical and emotional reactions were enormous. For four months after the initial awareness of what “is”, was understood by myself, the ability to sleep, to focus, and even to stand in a normal stable fashion, became altered. After which, writing the blog began as a means of putting this craziness together in some form or fashion, whereby I could function as “normal” again.

However, this was not to be so easily achieved. For the next 3 or 4 years, sleep was almost non-existent. Usually about 3 to 4 hours every night. Sometimes less. There was no one to turn to for advice, for guidance, for instruction, … for this thing that I’d become aware of, was absolutely insane. How does one go about explaining that everything that everyone was taught from birth, and even from the initiation of this 3 dimensional universe, is a complete lie, a total fraud, a monstrous sham, a plot to attempt to make war against Reality and Truth. A war by the Thought Process, which is a thing called the Ego, which cannot achieve victory, but will endlessly attempt to do the unattainable.

The Thought Process is the ancient mythical Egyptian creator god called Thoth. Just a play on words again. Just hypnotic subliminal suggestion again. For THOUGHT is THOTH. Rather silly when you “think” about it. But it seems to work quite effectively for those implementing this hypnotic trance state.

We are creatures conjured up to believe that we are real, valid, precious beings, … when in Reality, we do not even exist! We are, simply put, just electrons, protons and neutrons, illusory light forms, of which matter has only been suggested to exist. Still, … Who and What we are, outside of this 3 dimensional illusory plane, is so far beyond being a mere human, that, once discovered, and reconnected to, and reclaimed, the enormous power of that “Knowing” becomes active, even as we play out our role in this illusory 3D life experience.

So … Where did we come from?
What’s the meaning of life?
Who or what is God?
Is there a heaven, … is there a hell?
Is religion valid?
Is intellectual indoctrination nonsense or manipulation?
Is there a right and is there a wrong?
Is there such a thing as love”
Is morality a valid concept?
What about war? Is it evil or justified?
What about sex? Is there a normal sexual orientation?
What about abortion? Is it murder?
How about UFO’s and alien life forms? Truth or lies?
… and on and on it goes.

Tough questions, … frequently asked, … frequently pondered, … but never adequately answered.

Read Bryan Kemila’s illuminatiMATRIX blog and the answers to all of these questions become crystal clear. We’ve been told that these questions could never be answered, when in reality, the answers are simple. Very simple in fact. So simple that the simplicity has the ability to blind the ego from observing the authenticity of the answer.

Our present hypnotic trance state prevents our 3D illusory life experience from recognizing Truth until that incredible moment when we admit, … we’ve had enough of the bullshit!

The illuminatiMATRIX blog is designed and provided freely, to assist every person who is willing, to leave the trance state behind and to reclaim this “Knowing and Wisdom” that they already possess in the Eternal Paradise State. Every person already possesses this power. There’s no path to follow, no meditation exercise to perform, no religious or intellectual ritual to observe, … simply become aware of the hypnotic trance state that is our everyday 3D life experience.

Watch this 36 minute video written and compiled by Bryan Kemila. After many decades of personal struggle attempting to understand reality and Truth, Bryan Kemila stumbled upon this incredible information while executing these highly detailed and realistic paintings presented on this site. The video lays out the foundational footings that this hypnotic trance has been established upon.

After watching this first video, read page 1 one of the blog. Continue to watch the second video entitled “The ROCK” video on page 1 of the blog or return to this page and read the brief introduction to what is to be found in the rest of the blog. “The ROCK” video is just one example of how this 3D reality is manipulated to bring about a desired agenda goal.

“What In The World´s Going On?” Full length(35:39):

Video “The Rock” (09:37):

Bryan Kemila’s illuminatiMATRIX blog site deals exclusively with breaking the world hypnotic trance. The site has experienced millions of reader hits and has hundreds of followers. The powerful elite leaders throughout the world are unwittingly, and sometimes not so unwittingly, being manipulated by powers they know nothing about. Hidden Powers that are plotting a major cataclysm and massive devastation over the next few years. A cataclysm even now being carried out and fulfilled with each passing day.

This “Coming Event” is able to manifest within the 3 dimensional plane as a result of the hypnotic trance state that is, … of itself, the 3D illusory plane we refer to as reality. This site shows how, why and what these Secret Mysteries entail, and Who and What this agenda is being carried out for.

And it is an agenda. An agenda set into motion from the foundations of this 3D illusory hypnotic plane. So, … if the reader wants to take a ride to challenge all religious and intellectual indoctrination, then buckle up, hit PLAY on the videos, and enjoy the ride. A warning though, … there will be moments when you will want to stop the ride and step off for a moment. Deprogramming from the hypnotic trance state that we find ourselves in, is emotionally draining. But persevere if you’re able, and the benefits will be without measure.

The illuminatMATRIX site is not based on simply rehashing information from other sources, but demonstrates the Secret Mysteries uncovered and EXPOSED through the use of hundreds of original charts and over 1,000,000 words of text to date, to illustrate the luciferian illumaniti egregore group agenda.

The term “luciferian” does not imply the notion of a devil or satan, but is based on the original Latin term “lucemfere”, meaning the “light bringer”. The Judeo/Christian Bible refers to this “light bringer” as the concept we refer to as “God”. Therefore, the term “lucifer” is a reference to “God”, insinuating the creator. This is neither good or bad, or right or wrong, for neither of these notions actually exist. It’s just a term relative to the concept of light appearing, and with the light, the whole 3 dimensional illusion we refer to the universe appears to be valid and real.

The “light” in question, is the Thought Process. Through this process we call “thinking”, hypnotic suggestion is implanted within the mind, which in turn conjures forth the notion of a “reality”. And from this, everything we see, hear, taste, touch and feel is conjured forth to appear as matter. When in fact, it is nothing more than light, just protons, neutrons and electrons which buzz frantically around the nucleus of the Atom, which introduces us, to one of the very first hypnotic suggestions of this illusory plane. For ATOM is ADAM, the first man, … and the “light” which emanates from this ATOM, is EVE, which means, the COMING OF THE LIGHT.

ATOM and EVE, the first Man and the first Woman.

foundational root - atom

Foundation Root of Atom & Star

The information on the blog pages are not based on paranoia, on religious dogma, or intellectual reasoning. The illuminatiMATRIX blog is not a conspiracy/truther site, but a site that does expose that the true nature of the conspiracy sites, are in fact, just the other side of the same coin that those who truly wield the power in this 3D illusory plane, manipulate to fulfill their horrific ends. The purpose of conspiracy sites is to rile up the masses, to bring endless chaos onto the world scene, and from there, the powers that be rise up and form a one world fascist, totalitarian state. Or, in other words, nothing really changes, it just slightly changes direction and the killing and war and suffering simply continues on.

This illuminatiMATRIX site exposes the source of every religion, and the force behind every intellectual world system used to manifest the hypnotic trance state. This information is the result of over a 40 year search and emergence from the trance state. What was discovered is now available on the pages of Nothing is for sale. Everything is free. There is no group to join. Sanity, awareness, and most importantly answers are available if you take the time to read.

Answers in regards to the 911 event in 2001 reveal what actually happened on that day, and most importantly, why it happened. Answers to why the financial world is in turmoil, why the environment is being torn limb to limb, why the political and social systems of the world have stopped functioning with any degree of benefit for the majority. These answers are all expressed within the illuminatiMATRIX blog. The best part, is once you grasp the concept of what Reality is, … you’ll soon recognize that you “do have that Eternal Wisdom”, and you can answer every question you’ve ever had, even if you never read another word of the blog again. In fact, it is most beneficial if you grasp the concepts taught within the blog pages, so that you are forever free the rest of your days within this 3D illusory plane.

What we think about all that is… isn’t…

… the paintings on this Signdesign and Bryan Kemila Fantasy Fine Art site combine realism and the symbolic.

… all paintings are created using an elaborate wash or intense blending techniques similar to that employed by the old masters.

– in many instances, the paintings are in fact, decoding the old masters art works, which are revealed in the pages of the illuminatiMATRIX blog.

… these paintings do not employ any airbrush technique whatsoever.

… the models are painted in extreme realism, however, the background settings are filled with seemingly disassociated symbolism which relate to the companion blog ““.

… it was during the creation of these paintings that a most unusual reality check occurred. … with each new work, an incredible understanding of the what, why and how, … and even of the illusory “who” and where,
concerning the universe, began to unfold.

… after many decades of attempting to arrive at the truth of all that “is” … “all that is”, became crystal clear with each subsequent painting.

… the reader is encouraged to study these paintings closely … but from a distance, … then, if the least bit curious, … proceed to the companion blog, … but be prepared for a dramatic altering of one’s perception and perspective concerning all that “is”.

… from 2006 to the present, the companion blog “ was produced, now including over one million words, hundreds of original charts, 2 basic YouTube videos, and the paintings on this site which were created since 2000. Many years to date, has been invested in the making of this massive work of art and revelation unlike anything else available anywhere in the world today.

… for example the real symbolism hidden within the “Mona Lisa” by Da Vinci … and the meaning within Michelangelo’s “The Last Judgment” and “The Last Supper” have been uncovered. Not just vague innuendo of what might be hidden within the paintings, … but an interpretation that even Michelangelo and Da Vinci would struggle with.

… in like manner, the paintings on this site also hold secrets to be discovered that go beyond the limitations of the illusory notions we refer to as Time and Space. Again I say, both of these concepts, … Time and Space, are not valid and real in any sense of the word. They only conjure up the notion of reality within this 3D illusory plane.

– enjoy contemplating “all that is”, … and come to realize that it “isn’t”.

Real eyes realize real lies.

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