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Great Designer Tips the Pros Use When Selecting An Outdoor Lantern

Great Designer Tips the Pros Use When Selecting An Outdoor Lantern

More homeowners are spending more time and thought on the beauty and functionality of their outdoor spaces. Many outdoor spaces, such as patios, balconies, pool areas, garages, and porches, are becoming additional living spaces for a lot of families. Decor and lighting are becoming even more important to make these areas livable and comfortable.

 Lighting is most important to any outdoor space; it adds beauty, safety, and increases the amount of time that can be spent in a space, because you can use the space day and night. Outdoor Lanterns come in a myriad of styles and designs, and can truly compliment the decor of your outdoor area. Great home designers consider the style and look of both indoor and outdoor spaces, and can assist homeowners with finding just the right type and design of Outdoor Lighting that will enhance the decor of the space.

 Here are a few great tips on how to choose the right outdoor lantern for your gorgeous deck, porch, or patio area:


 How will you use your Outdoor Lighting? Is it mostly a security factor, adding lighting to a dark area, or are you seeking the look of mood lighting for outdoor dining and entertaining? These are a couple questions you will need to address before choosing and purchasing a lantern. The professionals determine how much lighting is needed or desired in the outdoor space, by considering its functionality. If you are trying to light a garage area, you may not be so concerned about the style of the lantern, as you are about its wattage, brightness, or location. For safety, you want the most powerful lantern possible, maybe even one that has flood light capabilities, for optimum vision and safety.

 Home Design

 Since there are so many versions and styles of outdoor lanterns; from modern minimalist, tabletop candle holders, Asian inspired, to more traditional classic designs, a home designer will always consider the design and the era of the architecture of the home. If your house is newly built, condo style, or just decorated and designed with modern decor; a more innovative, sleek, and stylish lantern would fit best to help complete the design idea. For more traditional and older homes, with plenty of wood design, and old-fashioned porch areas, a classic vintage styled lantern design may be the best compliment. Lanterns are also popularly used in porch and patio areas, such as tabletop lanterns. Tabletop lanterns also come in many styles, from electric lamps to colorful paper lanterns. They are perfect to use for outdoor dining, entertaining, and swimming pool areas. Some more simplistic styles, act as candle holders, and can be used to create a romantic look by using them in multiples on tables, and at ground level.

 There are outdoor lanterns for all seasons, and some styles which you would only take outdoors when entertaining in good weather. Of course, many are permanently installed, such as the ones used for safe lighting and security.

 Homeowners need to make a list of reasons for the use of their outdoor lanterns, to be able to choose the right ones. With so many varieties of outdoor lighting these days, there is a style and design to go with just about every decor. The pros know that the greatest looking homes carry a design idea from inside to outside, all of this should be considered when making your purchase.