The moment Prince's ashes were carried out beneath a jacket to a secret resting place following simple $1,600 cremation service - as it's revealed he stayed awake for SIX DAYS before his death

Pictured: The moment Prince's ashes are carried out to a waiting car

This is the moment Prince's ashes were carried to a car and taken to their final resting place (center) after the legendary musician was secretly cremated on Friday in a 'no fuss' funeral as per his wishes. The star was found dead at his Minnesota home on Thursday, and his family quickly moved to carry out the simple funeral he demanded in the event of his death. The cremation began an hour later and the family remained inside for four hours until the service ended and they were presented with the star's ashes, which they carried out under a jacket to a waiting car to be taken to the star's final resting place. His ex girlfriend Sheila E is pictured right arriving for the ceremony with friend Larry Graham.

Was she bullied to death? Virginia fire department investigates reports female firefighter who committed suicide was called 'sl*t, 'w***' and 'ugly' on local website

Virginia fire department investigates reports of bullying on local forum

Since Nicole Mittendorff disappeared on April 13, anonymous users on local web forum Fairfax Underground have hurled insults toward the woman, calling her a 'sl*t', 'w***e' and 'ugly'. Remains of Nicole Mittendorff, a 31-year-old from Woodbridge, were found in Shanandoah National Park on Thursday, and a note was recovered from the woman's car was found just days earlier, state police said. The content of the note has not been released. The users of Fairfax Underground made similar comments about other women in the first department as well.

The prom gunman: Jilted ex-student arrives outside his school dance with a rifle and opened fire on couple before being killed by cops

Jackob E. Wagner, 18, arrived at Antigo High School in Wisconsin around 11pm on Saturday night and started firing at the students, a male and a female, outside the building.

Did a Ukrainian fighter jet shoot down MH17? BBC documentary claims Boeing 777 may have been targeted by another plane 

New evidence suggests that the downing of the Malaysian Airlines plane MH17 in July 2014 was caused by a shot from a Ukrainian fighter jet rather than a ground-to-air missile.

Outrage at Maine governor as he says foreign workers are hard to understand and labels Indians 'the worst ones'

Maine Gov. Paul LePage delivers a keynote address at the Maine GOP convention in Bangor, Maine, Saturday, April 23, 2016. Maine Republicans have elected a slate of delegates to the national convention that's heavy on supporters of Ted Cruz. (Ben McCanna/Portland Press Herald via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

Governor Paul LePage said Indian workers required an interpreter as he spoke against a referendum proposal that would raise the state's wage to $12.

White House set to release part of controversial classified 9/11 report that will 'expose Saudi Arabia's support for hijackers' 

Obama administration will likely soon release part of 28-page secret chapter from 9/11 inquiry that could shed light on Saudi connection. Nineteen of the attackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia.

Family is heartbroken after their baby daughter is hit and killed by an ambulance outside Boston hospital  

A Boston family is devastated after their two-year-old daughter, Isabella Wu, was hit and killed by an ambulance outside of a hospital on Saturday afternoon. The family lives near Tufts Medical Center.

Detectives find marijuana grow operations in three of the four Ohio homes where family of eight were slain in 'well-planned and methodical' execution while asleep in their beds

Ohio detectives find marijuana operations in 3 of the homes where family were slain

Detectives found marijuana 'grow operations' in three of the four houses where eight members of the Rhoden family were found shot to death in Pike County, Ohio on Friday (pictured, one of the scenes). Police were also scouring woodland around the rundown area for any further drugs. They believe there may be further evidence of drug production by the Rhoden family and are examining whether the massacre was fueled by a turf war.The eight victims were (clockwise from top right) 38-year-old Gary Rhoden; 44-year-old Kenneth Rhoden; 20-year-old Clarence 'Frankie' Rhoden; his 20-year-old fiancee Hannah Gilley; 40-year-old Christopher Rhoden Sr; his 16-year-old son Christopher Rhoden Jr; 19-year-old Hanna Rhoden and 37-year-old Dana Rhoden.

How the British royal family hid the crown jewels from Hitler: Author claims George VI stashed treasure trove in Windsor Castle during the Second World War

In his book Operation Big: The Race to Stop Hitler's A-Bomb, Colin Brown revealed that the royal gems were stashed in the bowels of Windsor Castle as Britain braced itself for a German attack.

Police helicopter shines spotlight on railroad track car crash for speeding train that manages to break just 100 FEET from rolled over vehicle

NEW A quick-thinking police helicopter crew shined its spotlight to alert a speeding train of a car on the tracks, narrowly averting a collision. The car driver was arrested on drunk driving charges.

Did Jay Z cheat on Beyonce with this woman? Fashion designer appears to hint she is 'Becky with the good hair' from singer's new album Lemonade

Rachel Roy appears to hint she is 'Becky' from Beyonce's Lemonade

Rachel Roy (inset center), a fashion designer who has been linked to Jay Z in the past, made a cryptic comment (inset top) hours after the release of Beyonce's new album - leading to accusations that she is the mystery other woman 'Becky with the good hair.' On the album Lemonade, released on Jay Z's streaming service Tidal on Saturday night, there is a strong theme of adultery throughout and Beyonce makes numerous references to an unfaithful partner. The singer alludes to husband Jay Z cheating on her - but the only clue about the identity of the other woman is the lyric: 'He better call Becky with the good hair.' Hours after an HBO special aired a video accompaniment to the album, Rachel Roy took to Instagram with a picture (left) and caption that mentioned her 'good hair.'

Is this Ted Cruz's father with Lee Harvey Oswald? Presidential candidate furiously denies tabloid's claim that his dad is the mystery man in photo with JFK's assassin

Ted Cruz denies National Enquirer claim that his dad is in photo with Lee Harvey Oswald

A newspaper claims Ted Cruz's father helped Lee Harvey Oswald distribute leaflets promoting Fidel Castro's communist regime in 1963. The National Enquirer published photos of John F Kennedy's killer, claiming to have concrete evidence the man beside him (circled in red) is Cuba-born Rafael Cruz. The images, released by the US government amid an investigation into JFK's assassination, show Oswald (far right in the black-and-white photo) and a group walking around a street in New Orleans handing out leaflets to passers-by. They were used as evidence against New Orleans-based Oswald, who was murdered by Jack Ruby days after the Dallas shooting, in an investigation into the president's death. But the man in the white shirt beside him was never identified. It would not be the first link between the elder Cruz and Castro; Ted admitted last year that his father tried to join Castro's guerrilla army during the 1950s revolution which overthrew the Batista regime in 1959. But he has never been linked to Oswald. The Cruz campaign has flatly denied the Enquirer's claims.

Bernie Sanders doesn't condemn Rosario Dawson for bringing up Monica Lewinsky at his rally - 'she is doing a great job for us' 

Bernie Sanders did not wag a finger at his surrogate actress Rosario Dawson for bringing up Monica Lewinsky at a campaign rally for the Vermont senator over the weekend.

Frontrunners Trump and Clinton both lead comfortably by double digit margins in new Pennsylvania polls ahead of Tuesday's primary

Pennsylvania, one of the most delegate-rich states left on the primary schedule, looks like it will be an easy pickup Tuesday for party frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

'My boys!' Ivanka Trump shares heartwarming snap of husband Jared Kushner with their two-year-old son Joseph Frederick up on his shoulders 

The 34-year-old shared the adorable image on Instagram on Saturday showing her husband and their two-year-old son, Joseph Frederick in a moment of heartwarming father-son bonding.

Multi-billionaire GOP kingmaker Charles Koch trashes the Republican presidential field as 'terrible role models' and suggests Hillary will make a better president

Multi-billionaire kingmaker trashes the Republican presidential field as 'terrible role

Multi-billionaire kingmaker Charles Koch has trashed the Republican presidential field and believes Hillary Clinton might make a better president that any of the GOP candidates. Branding the remaining Republican candidates 'terrible role models', the party donor said a Clinton presidency could be better for the GOP than a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz victory. In a revealing interview with ABC News, Koch said it was 'possible' that Clinton would be better alternative than anything the Republicans offer. 'We would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. Let me put it that way,' he said. In a scathing attack on Trump and Cruz, Koch said he could not back either candidate unless they backtracked on some of their controversial policies.

Donald Trump Jr. slams Ted Cruz and says the only way the Texan wins is 'by basically bribing delegates'

Donald Trump Jr. State of the unionDTJR_0001_Layer 6.jpg

Donald Trump Jr. was a fierce surrogate for his father, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, this morning blasting Ted Cruz for the Texas senator's delegate strategy.

The shocking moment bullies attacked and killed a 16-year-old girl at school: Cell phone video captured 'fight over a boy' that ended in tragedy

Amy Inita Joyner-Francis fight video shows moment girl is 'jumped by bullies'

The picture taken from cellphone footage, shows the 16-year-old being forced to her knees by a girl who has grabbed hold of her hair at Howard High School of Technology, in Wilmington, Delaware. Wilmington police are investigating and that the assault may have been filmed by one or more of Joyner's attackers.

Delaware car salesman who made outlandish attempt to fight ISIS on Twitter and was thrown in prison for 14 months for being 'mentally ill' is finally cleared

Toby Lopez, 42, lived an ordinary life as a Toyota salesman in Delaware until he became convinced he could free American hostages from ISIS by negotiating with jihadists online.

Michelle Obama slams Mississippi for its anti-gay 'religious freedom' law and accuses the state of 'hurtling backward' during commencement address

The First Lady told 35,000 people at Jackson State University to 'stand side by side' with people of all sexualities, not only on social media but also at the ballot box.

'Rabbi to the stars' resigns from Hamptons temple after allegedly cheating on his FIFTH wife in third infidelity scandal of his career 

Rabbi Marc Schneier, 57, stepped down from The Hampton Synagogue after allegedly leaving fifth wife Gitty Leiner and their daughter,2, for 30-something former flight attendant Simi Teitelbaum.

George Clooney attends remembrance service in Armenia after leading calls for the world to recognise the massacre of 1.5m of its people a century ago as genocide

George Clooney joined the president of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan in the capital Yerevan a day after the actor called for the events of 1915 to be recognised internationally as genocide.

Former senator, 90, who was married to his late wife for 48 years reveals he will marry a man fifty years his junior

Harris Wofford will marry his new male partner fifty years his junior

The 90-year-old former Pennsylvania senator wrote a moving essay about the tragic loss of his wife Clare Lindgren to leukemia in 1996, and beginning a new chapter with Matthew Charlton. Wofford, a Pennsylvania senator from 1991 to 1995 and an adviser to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., met his wife Clare while serving in the United States Army Air Forces during the Second World War. They married in 1948 and went on to have three children together. She even gave up her job to become his all-out campaigner, his 'best critic' and 'best friend.'

Florida man, 21, is killed by police officer after 'running over the legs of a cop' during traffic stop 

A Florida sheriff says his agency is investigating the fatal shooting of a motorist by a Fort Piece police officer.
St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara said in a statement that 21-year-old Demarcus Semer was killed following a traffic stop made shortly before midnight Saturday.
Mascara says the motorist tried to flee and ran over the legs of one of two officers who stopped his car. The second officer was partially inside the car and fired his gun, killing him, according to authorities.
Mascara stated that Semer has no prior arrests in St. Lucie County. He didn't state why Semer had been stopped.
Fort Pierce Police Chief Diane Hobley-Burney asked the sheriff's office to coordinate the investigation.
Authorities didn't immediately identify the officers or the race of those involved.

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Two cops stopped Demarcus Semer (pictured), 21 in Fort Piece, Florida on Saturday night, authorities said. One was partially inside Semer's car when he opened fire, the county sheriff added.

Churchgoer is shot dead by fellow parishioner with a concealed weapon permit after mid-mass argument

Robert Braxton, 27, was shot and killed by a church member after an altercation at a Pennsylvania church. Charges haven't been filed against the shooter, who had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Texas teen who was snatched from street by three men in 'broad daylight' found alive 12 hours later

Keidra Kirby (pictured), 17, who was kidnapped by three men at on Saturday afternoon has been found by police, who say she is in 'good health.' Her kidnappers are still at large.

Connecticut psychology student, 20, arrested after Tweeting threats to blow up Trump rally at high school

Sean Morkys (pictured) was arrested Saturday after authorities spotted his Tweets about blowing up a Trump rally. 'Is someone going to bomb the Trump rally or am I going to have to?' he wrote.

Obama receives a very warm welcome from Merkel as he arrives to lecture ANOTHER country on their best interests: President pushes trade deal in Germany after protests

President Obama arrives in Germany to fierce protests

President Barack Obama has landed in Germany to protests over a new US-Europe trade deal. The Trans-Atlantic Trade And Investment Partnership has become a tough sell, particularly in Germany, and thousands of protesters took to the streets of Hannover on Saturday. Obama touched down in the city on Sunday morning after a day of promoting the treaty in London. 

Cannabis leads to early death: New study finds teens who use drug heavily are more likely to die by 60

The study, published by the American Journal of Psychiatry, analyzed more than 45,000 men who underwent mandatory military training in Sweden between 1969 and 1970.

Give yourself a facelift - from the fridge! From mayonnaise to tighten skin to pepper that plumps your lips, a world-leading cosmetic surgeon reveals all

Dr Anthony Youn says he can stop you looking like you're ageing. He's spent 16 years researching solutions to ageing gracefully. Some of his solutions can be easily found in your kitchen.

It's a stitch-up! Fashion designer is suing the Alexander McQueen label claiming they stole some of her ideas to create Kate's wedding dress 

Wedding dress designer Christine Kendall is suing the world-renowned McQueen brand after claiming it stole her ideas to create the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress.

Four federal agents are shot in motel stand-off with 'most-wanted armed robber as he sets fire to building and escapes'

Two U.S. marshals, an FBI agent and another official suffered non-life-threatening injuries after during the shootout at the Country Club Motel in Topeka, Kansas, last night.

Is this the wedding where EVERYONE upstaged the bride? Kim Kardashian leads a parade of flesh-flashing stars in racy outfits at nightlife tycoon's big day 

Kim Kardashian leads a parade of stars in racy outfits at  Dave Grutman's wedding

Stars such as Kim Kardashian upstaged model bride Isabela Rangel (inset) at her wedding to Miami nightclub tycoon Dave Grutman this weekend, flashing the flesh in a parade of revealing outfits. Larsa Pippen, wife of former NBA star Scottie Pippen (left) bared her cleavage and thighs in a strapless black dress; model Shanina Shaik was one of many to show off skin with sheer panels (second left); Kourtney Kardashian had only strategically placed ruffles protecting her modesty in see through lace (second right) and her sister Kim almost spilled out of her bustier dress (right).

Obama's grim warnings on Brexit falling apart: Obama admits UK would do a trade deal with the US while intelligence and defense relationship would be unchanged

Downing Street and the Remain campaign were left delighted on Friday night when the US president said the UK would be at the 'back of the queue' if it voted to quit the Brussels club.

Boris returns fire with new jibe at Obama: London Mayor says British public will not be cowed by the US president's comments over EU vote

Boris Johnson last night continued to stoke his row with Barack Obama despite warnings from some, including Nigel Farage, that his behaviour is harming the Out campaign.

Does bacteria cause anorexia? Researchers suggest an affected immune system could trigger feelings of personal disgust 

Anorexia may be caused by bacterial infection rather than psychological, social or environmental factors, new research from Lancaster University suggests.

Restaurateur offers $25,000 reward for information in the Ohio village massacre of eight family members

Cincinnati restaurateur Jeff Ruby has offered to pay a $25,000 reward for information regarding the execution-style murder of eight family members in Pike County, Ohio.

'These stupid skits actually dishonor the Great Man's memory': Prince fans hit out at 'distasteful' and 'embarrassing' SNL skits featuring Fred Armisen as Prince during tribute show

SNL airs 'distasteful' and 'embarrassing' skits featuring Fred Armisen as Prince

Saturday Night Live fans expressed outrage on Twitter after the show featured several skits in which Fred Armisen impersonated Prince during the show's tribute for the music icon. The first hour of the show, titled Goodnight, Sweet Prince, featured four Prince performances from times he appeared on the show as a musical guest and at SNL's 40th anniversary. But when the show ran out of performances, they used the second half of the tribute episode to highlight a compilation of old sketches built around 'The Prince Show'. The skit saw former cast member Fred Armisen impersonating the pop star and fellow former cast member Maya Rudolph as Beyonce.

'There's never been any better': Bruce Springsteen kicks off Brooklyn concert with poignant cover of Prince's Purple Rain

Bruce Springsteen kicks off Brooklyn concert with poignant cover of Prince's Purple Rain

The singer praised Prince, who died at his Paisley Park mansion in Minnesota on Thursday, saying 'there's never been any better.' The Barclays Center, in Brooklyn, New York, was flooded with purple light as Springsteen opted for the poignant cover of Prince's biggest hit to start the show - rather than this tour's regular opener - Meet Me in the City. Many in the crowd held up lighters or their cellphone flashlights as Springsteen performed the musical tribute, while Nils Lofgren mastered the guitar solo.

Shocking moment cashier at New Orleans Family Dollar 'refuses to serve woman because she is gay'

New Orleans Family Dollar cashier 'refuses to serve woman as she is gay' in video

A video has surfaced showing a New Orleans Family Dollar cashier allegedly refusing to ring a woman Melissa Langford, 34, up because she is gay. The video shows Langford waiting at the register as the cashier argues with another man. The man, who is defending Langford, calls the cashier a 'stupid a**' and 'ignorant' repeatedly. The video posted to Facebook has now been viewed more than 34,000 times and shared more than 1,200 times. Langford wrote on the video: 'I'm really upset. This is the worst anti-gay s*** I've ever had to deal with in my 34 years.' When Langford pulled out her camera, the woman allegedly toned down her rhetoric but continued to deny her service, she wrote on Facebook. It is unclear if Family Dollar has taken any action against the employee.

Four emergency responders injured and 60 civilians forced to flee their homes after five-alarm inferno at Arizona construction site

Fire crews battle a blaze in the Phoenix suburb of Gilbert, Ariz., Saturday, April 23, 2016. Evacuations have been ordered for homes near the major fire. (Cheryl Evans/The Arizona Republic via AP)  MARICOPA COUNTY OUT; MAGS OUT; NO SALES; MANDATORY CREDIT

A firefighter was burned, three police treated for smoke inhalation and 60 people evacuated from their homes as authorities battled a raging inferno that started near a Phoenix suburb late Saturday.

Austrian riot police clash with protesters fighting new border controls as anti-immigration far-right triumphs in first round of presidential elections

Scuffles broke out when hundreds of demonstrators tried to breach police barriers at the Brenner Pass where Austria has said it will toughen controls in response to migrant flows into Europe.

Kim Jong-Un warns of the 'dagger of destruction': North Korean despot hails the 'eye opening success' after test-firing a ballistic missile from a submarine 

Leader Kim Jong-Un hailed the submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) test as an 'eye-opening success', and claimed Pyongyang has the ability to strike Seoul and the US whenever.

Hugs, tears and the haunted face of a 12-year-old girl broken by jail: The moment the youngest Palestinian to be imprisoned by Israel is freed after being locked up for two months for carrying a knife near a Jewish settlement

Palestinian girl imprisoned by Israel freed after being locked up for two months

Dima al-Wawi, centre, was warmly greeted by her father Ismail, left, and mother Sabha, right after she was returned to Palestinian territory at the border crossing at the Tulkarem crossing point. Dima, 12, was arrested at the entrance to a Jewish settlement in February wearing her school uniform and carrying a knife. She is believed to have been the youngest Palestinian ever jailed in Israel.

Can YOU find all 90 faces of the Queen? Redditor celebrates Her Majesty's birthday with a bizarre retouched photo - that also includes a tiny hidden Iggy Pop 

queen circles puzzle.

Imgur user Samuel Thorne doctored the Royal Mail's photo of four generations of the royals - Charles, the Queen, Princes George and William - so that it features the monarch's face 90 times.

Hero surfers save baby pilot whale after it became stranded in the mouth of a river during low tide

Mauricio Camareno and his friends arrived to the beach at Boca Barranca, Puntarenas, on Costa Rica's central Pacific coast, on Wednesday morning to catch some waves.

A four in a bed romp and the pregnancy that nearly ended Macca's career before it began: The truth behind Sir Paul's rise to the top of the charts  

The truth behind Sir Paul McCartney's rise to the top of the charts  

This week, the Mail is exclusively serialising Philip Norman's jaw-dropping Paul McCartney biography, approved by the star. On Saturday, hedetailed the shocking extent of Heather Mills' lies and money-grabbing. Today, in our second extract, he reveals the star's merry-go-round of girlfriends and groupies, including his first love Dot Rhone, left, and Jane Asher, inset.

Woman is sentenced to 30 years for setting her baby on fire in the middle of a New Jersey street just hours after giving birth

Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter after she set her baby on fire in Pemberton County, New Jersey in January 2015. She was sentenced to 30 years on Friday.

Hopping on the bandwagon! General Mills announces plans to release a PUMPKIN SPICE flavor of Cheerios

The company will be releasing the limited edition product later this year in time for fall in an effort to boost flagging sales.

Police officer diverts traffic around a crack in busy road in China seconds before a six foot sinkhole opens up

The sinkhole, which was more than six foot deep, appeared moments after an eagle-eyed traffic police officer spotted a crack in the road in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China.

'My life is full of surprises': 50 Cent reveals he has a third son after meeting him for the first time at fan event

50 Cent reveals he has a third son after meeting him for the first time

The 40-year-old revealed on his Instagram Saturday that he met his third son for the first time at a fan event. The rapper has two other sons, including an 18-year-old and a three-year-old. He shared a photo with him, writing: 'My lift is full of surprises, this little guy is my son Davian.'

The 'Pink Moon' lights up the night sky across America as it reaches its furthest point from Earth

Astronomers were a-quiver Friday night as Earth saw a full Pink Moon. But those expecting a rosy glow would have been disappointed to see not just a white moon, but an unusually small one.

Moment power surge shut down NBA arena DURING San Antonio-Memphis playoff clash for 20 minutes 

The sellout crowd of 18,119 fans had to wait 20 minutes for power to come back and the game to resume at the FedExForum stadium in Memphis, Tennessee, on Saturday.

Entire police force in Colorado town suddenly quits 'over unhappiness with the new mayor' 

NEW Police chief, Tim Bradley, and three staff members who patrolled a 700-person town in Colorado, resigned 'over policy and unhappiness with the new mayor', according to a source.

REVEALED: Area 1 nuclear training facility in Nevada will teach European police officers how to deal with terrorist dirty bomb attack in $500,000 pilot program

The first batch of foreign trainees will arrive in September to the T-1 training area (pictured), which belongs to the Nevada National Security Site, 85 miles northwest of Las Vegas.


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The ultimate Big Fat Gypsy wedding: 5ft 3in bride wears 140lb dress that she designed herself to walk down the aisle 

Bride designs her own £6,000 dress at the 'big fat Gypsy wedding' of her dreams

Rebekah Markham, 39, tied the knot with Kevin Smith, 42 on Saturday in Birmingham, England. Her 140lbs dress weighed more than she does at . The mother-of-three had two 3ft wedding cakes and hired a dwarf for the reception. She said: 'I was so excited for my big day. My entire life was leading up to that moment and I wanted to feel like a princess.'

Behind every great heart-throb... is the woman who truly holds his attention: Meet showbiz's finest mummy's boys

They're the women who made some of Hollywood's biggest stars who they are today. We look at the mothers of some of the world's most famous men.

Solar-powered plane on journey around the world completes Pacific Ocean crossing after performing a dazzling fly-by over Golden Gate Bridge

A solar-powered airplane landed in California on Saturday, completing a risky, three-day flight across the Pacific Ocean as part its journey around the world.

'It looks like our planet after humanity disappears': Haunting photographs show the abandoned hospital beds and rotting gas marks in Chernobyl

Photographs show abandoned Pripyat devastated by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster

Devastated hospitals, dilapidated schools and seas of gas masks in abandoned homes are all that remain of the Soviet city of Pripyat, destroyed by the Chernobyl disaster 30 years ago. It was once a thriving, vibrant community home to 50,000 scientists, workers and their families. Shops and cafes were bustling, the cinemas and museums packed, and the laughter of children in school playgrounds echoed through the streets. But on April 26 1986, all that changed forever - the world's worst nuclear catastrophe has left the Ukrainian town desolate and eerie, a shadow of its former self. The Chernobyl disaster is one of only two power plant accidents classified as a level 7 event on the Nuclear Event scale (the maximum classification) joined only by Japan's Fukushima disaster in 2011. All that remains of one school dining room is the destroyed till (inset) while newspapers dated just before the catastrophe litter empty buildings (inset).

Cheese, chillies and tea bags: Revealing the 'must-pack' items holidaymakers from around the world ALWAYS travel with

A survey of travellers from 29 countries has revealed the top unusual items each nationality takes abroad. While the French favour cheese, unsurprisingly 48% of Brits pack tea bags for a getaway

Hackers steal $81 million from a Bangladeshi bank with no firewall... and were only caught out when the illiterate fraudsters spelt 'foundation' as 'fandation' 

Some 20 people are believed to be behind the $81million electronic heist ($81m), which targeted the central bank of Bangladesh. They also attempted to steal a further $850m.

Chaos at JFK: British Airways passengers face delays of up TWO HOURS just to check in bags after airline 'bans all overtime' 

British Airways passengers flying between New York and London faced significant delays today after just four staff had to check in up to 249 passengers onto the flight.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet engines must be 'urgently repaired or swapped out' after one failed at 20,000ft, says the FAA

General Electric's GEnx-1B PIP2 engine, which is installed on 43 U.S. Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets is being forcibly removed or replaced by the FAA after a serious malfunction at 20,000ft.

Woman, 19, who filed first Flint lawsuit against government is MURDERED just days after suspicious death of foreman at city's water treatment plant

Sasha Avonna Bell, 19, filed a lawsuit that alleged her 1-year-old suffers from the effects of lead poisoning as a result of contaminated water in Flint. She was found shot to death on Tuesday.

'It hit me so hard I couldn't function': Million Dollar Listing New York's Fredrik Eklund pens emotional essay about surrogate's devastating loss of his unborn twins


Eklund and his husband Derek Kaplan were over the moon last summer when a surrogate they hired became pregnant with a boy and a girl. But in September she suffered a miscarriage.

The British Empire Strikes Back! William and Harry secretly film Stormtrooper roles at Pinewood for next Star Wars epic

The Royals recorded the scene, in which they appeared alongside Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Benicio del Toro, when they visited the Buckinghamshire set of Star Wars VIII last week.

It's Prince Hamlet! Charles takes to the Stratford stage to deliver iconic 'To be or not to be' line on the Bard's 400th anniversary

The Prince of Wales made a surprise appearance during a gala at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon. A host of actors debated how to deliver the line before Charles interrupted.

Alligator hunters catch 8ft beast that bit police K-9 Arek and tried to drag him underwater

Retired Florida K-9 survives brush with 8ft alligator that bit the dog in the leg

Florida trappers caught an 8-foot-4-inch alligator Sunday that was believed to have injured a retired police dog. The dog, a 7-year-old Belgian Malinois named Arek, was previously in the service of the Palmetto police department. It was bitten by an alligator in its owner's backyard on Wednesday. Owner Chris Leister, a St. Petersburg police officer who lives in Palmetto, said he realized something was wrong when he heard a splash and a yelp from the water behind his home. '[Arek] comes from behind the bushes and he's got this big rip and tear on his paw,' Leister told the Bradenton Herald. The veterinarian who treated Arek, Dr. Dana Walstad, told the Herald the dog suffered a 3-inch-wide tear on its right front leg and was treated with antibiotics. 'All in all, for a gator attack and what Chris described as the size of the gator... Very lucky dog. It could have gone much worse,' Walstad said.

Ohio babysitter, 30, is charged with murdering 18-month-old girl who had been fed XANAX and battered around head 

Summer Shalodi has been indicted on murder, involuntary manslaughter and other charges in the death of an 18-month-old girl she was watching last year.

Girl power: Inside India's vibrant 500-year-old market where there are over 4000 traders... and all of them are women

Dating back 500 years, Ima Keithel which translates as 'mother's market' in Manipur, India is is run exclusively by women and is reportedly the largest all-women market in the world.

Now Hillary sticks her oar into EU exit debate telling Britain a united Europe is 'strongest' 

The Democratic front-runner is the second American heavyweight to voice opinion on the upcoming referendum, after Barack Obama intervened at a press conference in London.

Convicted murderer who was set free early for good behavior killed again months after his release

Malcolm B Benson, 50, of Wayne County, Michigan, robbed and shot dead 59-year-old Army veteran Stanley Carter at a bus stop in Highland Park in September of last year.

Two officers are shot and a suspect is killed at an Arizona Walmart after police are called to remove an early-morning trespasser

Chandler police spokesman Seth Tyler stands behind crime tape at the scene of a police involved shooting at a Walmart store on Saturday, April 23, 2016 in Chandler, Ariz. Authorities in a Phoenix suburb say two officers have been shot and a suspect is dead. Tyler says both officers are hospitalized in stable condition. (AP Photo/Terry Tang)

Two officers were shot after being called to remove a trespasser from a Chandler, Arizona, Walmart Saturday morning. Witnesses said it appeared the officers were ambushed by the suspect.

Shocking CCTV footage catches young boy stealing a smartphone from a shop while his MOTHER talks him through it

CCTV footage showed the owner of the shop in Vietnam distracted while helping a customer before the young boy went behind the till and began rifling through the drawers to find a smartphone.

Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.1 million cars worldwide as the vehicles roll away when put in PARK

Fiat Chrysler is recalling more than 1.1 million cars and SUVs worldwide because drivers can't tell if they've put the vehicles in park, which has caused some cars to roll away after people exit them.

Dog mauls 3-day-old baby to death after the child's mother startled the pet by coughing in bed  

The parents were in bed watching TV with their newborn son and dog Thursday night in San Diego when the mother coughed. The coughing startled the dog and it bit the baby, police said.

Massachusetts man 'shoots two people and attacks police in completely random drive-by rampage'

Police say Lucas McPherson (pictured), 25, shot two people in a 'random' spree while driving a Chevy Impala around Duxbury, Massachusetts early Sunday morning.

Papa Wemba 'the king of Congolese rumba' dies after he collapses on stage in front of thousands of fans during concert

Papa Wemba, 66, was confirmed dead by Congo's cultural minister after he collapsed on stage during a concert in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and could not be resuscitated at a nearby clinic.

Bubble burst! Miami Coast Guard spends 12 hours coaxing bungling adventurer out of homemade inflatable hamster wheel as he attempted 3,500 mile ocean crossing

Miami Coast Guard spend 12 hours coaxing bungling adventurer out of homemade inflatable

Reza Baluchi, 44, (bottom right and in his bubble top) was given a written warning by Miami Coast Guard not to attempt the journey, which they deemed too dangerous, last week. But he ignored this and launched on Saturday. Baluchi now faces a possible fine of up to $40,000 or jail time of up to seven years for ignoring their letter of warning.

My light bulb moment: Skincare expert Eve Lom on how she realised she can help people suffering with chronic pain

Legendary skincare expert Eve Lom photographed at the Sanderson Hotel, in west London, Tuesday, 19 August 2008.
© Rebecca Reid / eyevine
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NEW Eve Lom, 67, is the original superfacialist. She launched a high-end cosmetics company that carries her name. She realised that she can help people through cranio-sacral therapy.

University English professor hacked to death with machetes in Bangladesh in brutal ISIS attack

University professor A.F.M. Rezaul Karim Siddique was hacked to death by a gang of attackers while on his way to work in Bangladesh. ISIS have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Ravens are as smart as CHIMPS despite having tiny brains: Birds perform as well as primates in problem-solving tasks

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden tested the motor self-regulation of ravens (stock image pictured), jackdaws and New Caledonian crows.

The song not heard for 1,000 years: Listen to Middle Ages melody reconstructed using a stolen manuscript lost for 142 years


The new performance has music set to the poetic portions of Roman philosopher Boethius' magnum opus The Consolation of Philosophy, and took 20 years to reconstruct.

Astronaut Tim Peake smashes the Guinness World Record for a space MARATHON after completing the 26.2 mile distance in three hours 21 minutes

Tim Peake smashes the Guinness World Record for a space marathon

British astronaut Tim Peake, pictured, knocked almost an hour off the previous time for a marathon distance ran in space according to observers from Guinness World Records. Peake, 44, was strapped to a special treadmill on the International Space Station to complete his impressive run. In the time it took Peake to cover the 26.2-mile distance, the ISS went some 60,000 miles.

The one lesson I've learned from life: Katherine Jenkins on why you should live every day as if it was your last 

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 02:  Katherine Jenkins attend the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards at Berkeley Square Gardens on June 2, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

NEW Katherine Jenkins OBE, 35, is a classical-crossover singer. She thinks you should makes the best of every single day. Lost her father and a close friend young and their deaths influenced her.

Your next adventure - a beautiful bootcamp: Get fit and relaxed in one of these gorgeous locations around the world 


NEW Relax both body and mind on one of these fitness breaks. Have a makeover in Mexico and do yoga on the beach. Go on a health kick in the Highlands and eat local fish.

MTV is bringing 'Cribs' back...on Snapchat: App set to provide an 'intimate' view inside celebrity homes

MTV is giving Cribs another go, but doing things a little different. Cribs will air on Snapchat in a weekly short-form starting this June and celebrities will use their phones for the tour.

Massive 600 mile long coral reef found at the mouth of the Amazon: Scientists stunned by discovery - but say it is already under threat from oil exploration

Athens, Ga. - A new reef system has been found at the mouth of the Amazon River, the largest river by discharge of water in the world. As large rivers empty into the world's oceans in areas known as plumes, they typically create gaps in the reef distribution along the tropical shelves?something that makes finding a reef in the Amazon plume an unexpected discovery.

An international team?including scientists from the University of Georgia and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro?documented their findings in an April 22 study published in the journal Science Advances.

Scientists on a recent expedition to investigate the Amazon River plume included a Brazilian research team looking for evidence of a reef system along the continental shelf. The Amazon plume?an area where freshwater from the river mixes with the salty Atlantic Ocean?affects a broad area of the tropical North Atlantic Ocean in terms of salinity, pH, light penetration and sedimentation, conditions that usually correlate

The 600-mile long reef, which ranges from 30-120m deep, stretches from French Guiana to Brazil's Maranhao state. However, researchers say it is already under threat from nearby oil exploration.

An English country estate fit for a Queen! Sprawling property that was the family home of Elizabeth's grandparents and includes a polo complex and EIGHT homes is on the market for $50million 

Woolmers Park that was family home of Queen's grandparents is on the market for

Woolmers Park in Hertfordshire which was once owned by the Earl and Countess of Strathmore is now up for sale and is regarded as the most historic home to go on the market this year. As young children princesses Elizabeth and Margaret would regularly stay at the country retreat with their grandparents, Claude and Cecilia Bowes Lyon. Businessman Arthur Lucas bought Woolmers Park in 1949 and founded Hertfordshire Polo Club, with the likes of Prince Charles playing there while he studied at Cambridge University.

Las Vegas barista takes coffee art to the next level by using food dye to create stunning RAINBOW lattes

Mason Salisbury, who works at Sambalatte coffee shop in Las Vegas, creates rainbow-tinted latte art, which have gained him over 17,000 Instagram followers.

Baseball's 'Magna Carta' sells for $3 million: Sport has new founding father after 'Laws of Base Ball' from 1857 are discovered

This photo circa 1870 courtesy of Marjorie Putnam Adams shows Daniel Lucius "Doc" Adams. A newly verified set of documents from baseball's early history serve almost as a paternity test for the game. Maury Povich might look at them on his daytime talk show and declare: "Doc Adams, you ARE the father!" Or, for the man he's replacing, "Alexander Cartwright, you are NOT the father of baseball." (Courtesy of Marjorie Putnam Adams/Wikipedia via AP)

Alexander Cartwright, has long been credited with creating the game. But now it appears that Cartwright was beaten to the punch by Daniel Lucius 'Doc' Adams' 'Laws of Base Ball'.

The sex Q&A; with Sally Brampton: My husband's affair crushed my confidence

A stock photo of a woman feeling jealousy about a couple.

BKY12E jealousy

Sally answers readers' sex questions in her column. This reader is worrying about her husband's affair from 10 years ago. Sally advises the reader to consider discussing her thoughts with him.

Beautiful British society girl 'stolen' from a loving family by her mysterious dream therapist: Terminally ill grandma, 78, claims beloved granddaughter vanished after 'healer' wrongly convinced her she'd been abused

Victoria Cayzer (pictured), a beautiful young woman from England whose family controls a fabulous shipping fortune, vanished four years ago after allegedly falling under the influence of a mysterious 'healer'.

Killer curves! Ashley Graham treats fans to a full look at her famous figure in a racy set of underwear for video in honor of National Lingerie Day

Ashley Graham treats fans to a look at her figure in honor of National Lingerie Day

The 28-year-old Sports Illustrated model showed off her famous assets in a sexy Instagram video on Sunday. Ashley posted the clip for National Lingerie Day, showing off a bra and panties from Addition Elle and wiggling to Jay Z and Kanye Wests' Otis.

On the couch with Janet Ellis: Our children resent the cash we're spending on holidays

BP384D A young couple look across to the Bowland Fells from Jeffery Hill on Longridge Fell in the Ribble Valley

NEW Advice columnist Janet Ellis advises readers on their problems. This couple worries that their children resent all the holidays they take. Janet advises the couple talk to their children.

Make this the week you...magic away your mess by using new storage solutions

A stock photo of a woman sitting laughing in front of her wardrobe.

Image by   Bernd Vogel/Corbis

NEW Don't let lack of storage get the better of you. Try these inventive solutions to storing messy objects. Ideas include storing plastic bags in tissue boxes.

Confessional: What your florist thinks about you - they know when you're having an affair and hate the way that brides behave

A stock photo of a nerd with red roses fails to impress his girlfriend.

Nerd With Red Roses On A Date

NEW Florists are privy to all the big events in your life, like weddings. They can tell when men are having affairs as they buy more flowers. Brides often behave badly.

Nip and tuck with Dr Tracey Mountford: How can I get rid of my wrinkly cleavage?

Gloved hands touching woman's face, Looking younger can be achieved with non-invasive surgery and teeth whitening.

Image by   Adrianna Williams/Corbis

NEW The leading cosmetic skin expert answers your questions on ageing. This reader is concerned about wrinkles on her chest. Dr Mountford advises laser treatments and using high factor sunscreen.

Prague zoo workers who thought Shinda the gorilla was a little overweight are stunned as she gives birth to healthy baby

Prague Zoo welcomes the latest adorable baby gorilla born in the Czech Republic

The unexpected birth at Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic delighted keepers who were unaware that its mother (left) was pregnant. The 24-year-old had suffered miscarriages in the past but the baby was healthy. The newborn will now take up residence in the gorilla pavilion alongside Richard, a silverback male, and Bikira, a female.

Radioactive clock that could have killed me! Husband's gift to his wife from a Russian sub gave off deadly rays

Mr Rayden's wife Ali, 46, a journalist specialising in naval issues, said she 'didn't anticipate a Russian threat hanging in plain sight next to the kettle' at their family home in Winchester, Hampshire.

Top tip from Queen's party planner: Sit bores together, conversation is more important than the food and organize everything by phone

Lady Elizabeth Anson has spent 50 years planning parties for celebrities and royalty. Her codename for the Queen when organising events is Shirley Temple.

Heroine every woman's always wanted to be: As a book updates Jane Austen's Lizzy Bennet 200 years on, four top authors reveal why they love the witty and loyal character

NEW Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld is a reworking of Pride and Prejudice. Four female authors explore how the popular book has mirrored their lives. Daisy Goodwin loves the new version of the old tale.

New research claims dinosaurs abandoned Europe after the pre-historic super continent broke up

NEW Researchers from Leeds 'network theory' for the first time to visually depict the movement of dinosaurs around the world during the Mesozoic Era 225 million years ago to 65 million years to prove the exodus.

Inside the land that time forgot: Photographer documents one year on the enchanting Solomon Islands where the moon is used as a calendar and locals still use dugout canoes

Photographer Fabien Astre documents one year on the enchanting Solomon Islands

French photographer Fabien Astre, 32, spent a year documenting life on the Solomon Islands, which lie just south of the equator, and his images reveal how truly magical and alluring they are. His breathtaking portfolio includes islanders who still use dugout canoes made from tree trunks (top left), smiling children (bottom left), traditional houses made entirely from bush materials (top right) and the unique 'blonde gene' that is prevalent in many of the islanders (centre). He also explored Kennedy Island (bottom right), where John F Kennedy was stranded during WW II when his ship was sunk by a Japanese destroyer.

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Woah baby! Father-of-the-year catches a home run barehanded while holding his baby with the other arm during Pirates-Diamondbacks game

Pittsburgh Pirates fan catches a home run barehanded during Diamondbacks game

Justin Kirkpatrick was watching the Pirates-Diamondbacks game at Chase Field in Arizona on Friday when he made the incredible catch. The Pittsburgh fan's baby didn't even flinch as the crowd of rival fans went wild. It was a sign of good things to come, as Kirkpatrick's team won 8-7 over the Diamondbacks.

The bag you are not allowed to buy: They're so covetable, snooty stores will only sell them to the A-list. So what happened when we sent ordinary women to ask for a Hermes handbag 

NEW Where other designer brands have become tacky and ubiquitous, Hermes has been able to control access to its handbags to the point where they are badges of wealth even for the super-rich.

Ink-credible! Tattoo fans gather to show off their latest designs - and flash the flesh - at an annual body art celebration in Shanghai 

The International Art Festival of Tattoos is being held for five days at the Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center in the bustling city of Shanghai, China.

Another Earth: Stunning photos capture Australia's other-worldly 'Ice Cream Dunes' where the sand is so pale it looks like snow

These surreal vistas look like they are part of an arctic tundra, but are sweltering to see in real life. Jordan Cantelo from Perth, Australia, found the sand dunes outside of coastal town Lancelin.

Taking the plunge: Lucky photographer captures incredible images as he free dives alongside a giant blue whale

Photographer Franco Banfi captures images as he free dives alongside a blue whale

Beautiful images show a majestic blue whale plunging into the deepest depths of the clear blue sea - and one diver was lucky enough to swim right beside him. Swiss photographer Franco Banfi jumped at the chance to go swimming with the giant mammal when he was on a whale watching expedition in Sri Lanka.



Adorable moment man proposes to his girlfriend and uses drone to capture her stunned reaction

Adorable moment Canada man proposes to girlfriend using drone to capture her reaction

A man surprised his girlfriend by proposing to her during a spring outing in Calgary, Canada - and used a drone to capture her reaction. In the video, Adam Michaleski can be seen adjusting the drone position and posing with his girlfriend, who is holding the couple's small child in her arms. As the two love birds lean in for a kiss, Michaleski can be seen conspicuously reaching into his pocket. Moments later, he's down on one knee, and it begins to dawn on his girlfriend what the outing was really all about. Judging from the couple's passionate kiss, and the fact that Michaleski's girlfriend accepts his ring, it can be safely assumed she said yes.

Best books for...second marriages and how to best deal with difficulties with them

Author and broadcaster Daisy Goodwin suggests key novels. Her recommended books will help you through the trickier times in life. This guide to reading suggests a Du Maurier classic.

Is it just me...or are empty nesters who get dogs a real pain? FEMAIl explores why endless dog chat is terminally boring

A stock photo of elegant old female golden retriever out for a Walk in the Countryside.

The Golden Retriever is a large-sized breed of dog bred as gun dogs to retrieve shot waterfowl such as ducks and upland game birds during hunting and shooting parties, and were named 'retriever' because of their ability to retrieve shot game undamaged.

Marion McGilvary explains why she finds dog owners excruciating. Finds that empty nesters who buy a dog are impossible to ignore. She thinks that people are far too involved in their dog's lives.

Living the life aquatic: Snorkelling with turtles, eagle rays and even sharks at Club Med's eco-friendly Maldivian paradise

From snorkelling to karaoke, Club Med's tiny island getaway, Finolhu Villas is a sparkling eco-friendly gem in the Indian Ocean, writes MailOnline Travel's Julian Robinson.

Quick and easy cauliflower: These healthy yet satisfying recipes will help you to use this vegetable in unusual ways


Cauliflower is often relegated to the side of the plate. These delicious recipes will help it to take centre stage. Light and tasty, they're perfect for updating your plate for spring.

'We're Screwed': USC players get stuck in an elevator and live tweet the whole ordeal

USC players live tweet after their combined weight breaks the elevator

Zach Banner, a junior offensive tackle for the Salt Lake City Trojans, entertained the Twitterverse after he and seven other players became stuck on an elevator. Banner, who stands at 6 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 360 pounds, sent the first Tweet at 6:30 p.m. on Friday.