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Below you will find some patches to the OpenDOS 7.0x source code that contain the work I have done so far.
To apply these patches, you need the following:
  • a copy of the OpenDOS 7.01 source code archive, which you can download here. Be sure to read the license agreement before using it.
  • a tool like this to unpack the archives.
  • the patch utility to apply the patches to the source.
  • the development tools MASM 6.0b and Watcom C/C++ 10.0a. Other versions might work as well, but this has not been tested.
  • the patches listed below.
If you do not want to compile the source code yourself, there are also pre-compiled binaries available for download.
  • DR-DOS 7.01.01 (6.7.2002) patch binaries
    This is the basic patch to the OpenDOS source code. It fixes some compilation problems and changes some strings. Except for this, there are no user-visible changes.
  • DR-DOS 7.01.02 (16.7.2002) patch binaries
    This patch is somewhat useful. It adds support for ExtendedX partitions (type 0fh) and reports the version of int13 extensions if they are available.
  • DR-DOS 7.01.03 (17.1.2003) patch binaries
    This version solves the problems with loops in the partition tables. If DR-DOS fails to boot on your PC, try this one out.
  • DR-DOS 7.01.04 (12.2.2003) patch binaries
    First version that can use LBA BIOS functions to access hard disks larger than 7.8 GB!
  • DR-DOS 7.01.05 (21.2.2003) patch binaries
    This one adds support for FAT16 partitions up to 4 GB in size.
  • DR-DOS 7.01.06 (29.12.2003) patch binaries
    This is the long awaited stable version with FAT32 support!
  • Enhanced DR-DOS 7.01.07 (6.3.2005) patch binaries
    The latest stable version with support for the FAT32 disk API, improved memory management and many other enhancements!
  • Enhanced DR-DOS 7.01.08 WIP (21.7.2011) patch binaries
    This is a work-in-progress version of the upcoming DR-DOS 7.01.08. It is to be considered unstable and not ready for general use other than for testing and demonstration purposes.

    Update (21.7.2011): Changes in this version include:
    • fixed problems with installing old software to FAT32 drives
    • added option /B "bare" to DIR command as requested
    • some updates to the help texts of internal commands
To install the system files to your hard disk, you will also need the DR-DOS variant of the FreeDOS SYS command v3.5 (source or binary).
To format FAT12/16/32 drives, you can use the new DR FORMAT command v1.0 (source or binary). This is based on FreeDOS FORMAT v0.91u with added support for 128K cluster size and some other enhancements; use the new option /C:clsize to override the default cluster size.
To copy large files (>2 GB) with XCOPY, you need the new DR XCOPY 1.4 which is based on FreeDOS XCOPY 1.4 (source or binary). It supports copying FAT+ files and cloning original directory timestamps.
For v7.01.06 and later, you will also need an update for the DR-DOS TaskManager. Below you will find the TaskManager binaries of DR-DOS 7.01, 7.02 and 7.03 which have been modified to work with Enhanced DR-DOS. Choose the right one for your DR-DOS distribution and license.
Also, if you do not already have it, you might need to download the version of the Share command that comes with DR-DOS 7.01 to make TaskManager work.
If you want to use Enhanced DR-DOS on boot disks where space is scarce, you might find the new packer for DRBIO/DRDOS.SYS useful. It compresses these kernel files using UPX 1.25, thereby reducing their size on disk. Note: This version of Pack does not include the UPX 1.25 file; you can find it in in the Download Archive.

If you are looking for older WIP versions or tools that are no longer listed here, go to the Download Archive page.

© Copyright 2002-2011 by Udo Kuhnt - Last updated 21.7.2011