MHU Certification Training Benefits & Tuition

At META-Health University we are teaching the Art and Science of Self-Healing based on the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection and the 9 Major Points and Phases of Self-Healing. Using our exclusive 12 META-Health Analysis & Therapy Process you will be able to quickly and precisely find the root-cause, emotions, stress triggers, beliefs & lifestyle choices blocking your clients from healing naturally.

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Our mission is to help you succeed. YES. That is why we will go all the way out to make it happen and have included extensive and highly valuable benefits in our META-Health Certification Trainings. At MHU we don’t just offer an online training but also the supplementary support needed to help you on your path and to build a career. We don’t hold anything back, teach you all we know and most importantly practice with you how it is done.

The Winter Semester Enrollment is open now. Contact us for our absolutely amazing special offer … (Hint: Get a Free Ticket for our upcoming 5-Day Intensive LIVE Training – a $797 value & more!). 

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This Is What You Will Get:

Teleseminar Modules

Our No. 1 training resource. Watch detailed teleseminars on the theory and practice of META-Health. The teleseminars are available as videos, audio mp3 including slide PDF downloads. Watch and review the teleseminars anytime.

LIVE Interactive Practice Sessions with Johannes R. Fisslinger

Watching teleseminars is great but to really develop the skills needed to work successfully with clients extensive practice is necessary. In our weekly, live video conference sessions you will integrate what you have learned, watch live analysis and therapy demos, deepen your understanding, ask questions and share your stories.

Supervision Sessions with MHU Faculty

Experienced META-Health Specialists will be available to answer your questions and help you with your analysis and therapy. Our MHU faculty are all passionate and deeply knowledgeable about META-Health and the whole area of healthcare, disease prevention and personal growth.

Access To World-Renowned Guest Faculty Speakers

Learn up-and-close from bestselling authors, pioneers in Integrative Medicine and authorities in their field like Bruce Lipton PhD, Mimi Guarneri MD, Bernie Siegel MD, David Katz MD, Deborah King, Friedemann Schaub MD via special online training classes. 

Earn While You Study

After your 6-Month META-Health Practitioner Training you will be qualified to see clients and get paid for it. Build your practice gradually and earn income while you study. Many students paid their tuition before they have completed certification. 

Private Online Student Portal

Access all study materials conveniently from your individual online learning centre. No extra books to buy.

MHU Student App for Android/iOS

Super convenient and of course portable! Watch videos online, listen or download audio mp3 classes, download worksheets and class slides and have them available anytime and anywhere.

Handouts, Worksheets & Charts

Everything you need to excel as a Practitioner is included in the cost of tuition. This includes hand-outs and PDFs which you can download from your student portal.


What you do is as important as what you know. Learn cutting edge techniques and exercises developed by Johannes during his 25 year career as a health professional and master trainer.

Practice with Clients

You coordinate dates with fellow trainees and supervisor. We advise that you start where you are – use META-Health on your own symptoms and those of your family and friends.

Client Cases Review

Review of your own health issues or your client’s organ reactions via community forum or our live classes. This is invaluable for your learning and will allow you to receive help and guidance when working with your clients.

Private Community Forum

Interaction to deepen learnings. Meet and interact with your fellow students as compare notes and develop together. Community is one of the most powerful ways to strenghen your understand of new material.

Certification Preparation

As required by IMMA, receive access to the 80 question certification exam and receive all the tools and support necessary to pass with flying colours.

Bonus Business Training Module

Receive 1:1 guidance and business coaching as you set-up your business and develop your practice.

Access to the IMMA Organ Directory with 160+ Organ Descriptions

Gain access to the coveted META-Health organ directory (optional – IMMA membership required). This is only available to students and practitioners and is compiled from a combination of empirical data and scientific research.

Certification by IMMA

Become board-certified by The International META-Medicine Association in recognition of all your hard work.

But Can I Afford it?

As you can see, our premier and cutting-edge training is fantastic value. You might expect an annual tuition of $ 10,000 – 15,000 (which is what many advanced health coaching program will charge you).

But we are so passionate about META-Health and the Art and Science of Self-Healing that we have made a commitment to make the training as accessible to as many people as possible and part of this commitment means keeping tuition costs low. We strive for both excellence and for giving you a personal and unique education that empowers you both personally and professionally.

​OUR MISSION: To provide you with highly valuable knowledge, skills and tools and to help you build or improve your career. We guarantee great service and support. We strive to help you succeed.

Because we deeply believe in the value of this training and we want you to be able to take the next step in starting your career – or improving your skills – we are making our life-transforming certification trainings available for a very affordable tuition.

The Winter Semester Enrollment is open now. Contact us for our absolutely amazing special offer … (Hint: Get a Free Ticket for our upcoming 5-Day Intensive LIVE Training – a $797 value). 

Option #1: META-Health Practitioner (6-Months) – Tuition $2,495

Book this training if you want to learn META-Health Analysis and the Art and Science of Self-Healing. In our 6-Months META-Health Practitioner you will radically update your health beliefs, discover and experience your body’s healing intelligence, the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief-Lifestyle Connection and the major 9 Points and Phases of Self-Healing with the major organ symptoms and illnesses. This training has been taught extensively around the world and it will improve your current analysis & therapy skills tremendously … based on feedback from our doctor naturopath & therapist graduates!

Flexible payment options are available. Talk to us.

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Option #2: META-Health Master Practitioner (12-Months) – Tuition $4,995

OUR RECOMMENDATION. This is the complete package and the training most of our students choose. Why? Because you will learn META-Health Analysis, how to find the root-cause of symptoms, which specific emotions, stress triggers, beliefs and lifestyle choices block healing. And you will learn powerful and effective techniques and skills to create shifts and transformations in the 8 META-Health Milestones of Self-Healing which include emotions/trigger release, belief change, values alignment, real-life & social improvements and much more. Choose this option #2 if you want to study META-Health Analysis & Therapy in our premium 1-year training. You will love the combination of online study and practice.

Flexible payment options are available. Contact us. We work with you …

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Option #3: META-Health Specialist (24-Months) – Tuition $9,995

With our all-inclusive specialist training you will become an authority and expert in META-Health. You will go beyond META-Health Analysis & Therapy, add coaching, quantum and energy healing, lifestyle prescription skills. But most important you will join MHU CLINIC and be on your way to building a successful and prosperous practice by doing what you LOVE.

We need META-Health Specialists for our many clients around the world. That is why we offer a pretty amazing special just for the META-Health Specialist 24-Months Certification Training.

Invest in your future. Secure a spot in our upcoming META-MPS training.

Call or email our admissions office. Don’t wait. Now is the time to act and do what you love.

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