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The aim of this project is to create some kind of "feature-rich" version of Links web browser suitable at least for my own needs ;-))

This code is still experimental and buggy!!!

For now, our main differences to Links are:

  • Tabbed browsing - you may use tabs either in graphical or even in text mode.
  • Lua scripting - ported from Links-Lua, not from current ELinks code, but the differences are not so sensitive, I hope.
  • HTTP Auth - stable, ported from Elinks
  • HTTP Proxy Auth - ported from Elinks, need to be checked.
  • Blocking of selected images - my own code ;-). You may block images containing given substring (of course, it is better to use regexps, but this way is more portable). Just press '-' to edit the list of blocked patterns.
  • Cookies saving - ported from ELinks, now our HTTP-header date parsing is correct, I hope.
  • New options system - inspired by ELinks one, but much more uglier currently ;-)) Only a few options are implemented through it. Press 'Ctrl+o' to call options manager.
  • Possibility to open new windows instead of new links instances in graphics mode - new socket is created with name 'glinks' in links dir, instead of 'links' for text instances, so they can work independently. After that command 'links -g' works like 'mozilla -remote', simply opening new instances from currently running one. But it has some limitations - these new windows will open on the same display as original one...
  • Url copying - some code from Ludvik Tezar' patch, but the backend is organized more cleanly - there are two additional fields in struct graphics_driver - put_to_clipboard and get_from_clipboard. Only X11 backend is functional now, as I don't use others ;-)
  • Full-text selection - Now we have nearly complete full-text selection - you may select any part of rendered text (except form controls) and copy it to clipboard. Clipboard charset is configurable through new options system (Ctrl+'o').
  • Simple printing - It is VERY simple - we make PDF file (throung pdflib) with text only (just a rectangles instead of images), and with PDF internal fonts only (don't even try to print non-latin-1 texts!!!) - but we have more-or-less correct layout and page breakings. Press 'P', and it will ask you for filename to print to.
  • Forward history - really, single history list, you can move backward and forward through it
  • Extended and configurable 'toolbar' - there are currently Back, History, Forward, Reload, Bookmarks, Home and Stop buttons. 'Configurability' means that you can change each button look (they use pixmaps from special internal system-medium-serif-vari font you can find in graphics/font dir) and even turn it on or off.
  • Configurable 'mini-status' - some useful info in lower right corner of your window to show how many connections now in 'running' or 'connecting' state are, and also SSL, Content-Encoding and Images flags.
  • Some small but useful improvements - support for "small" and "big" tags, keybinding ("i") to turn on/off images, possibility to show HTTP header ("|", as in Elinks), support for compressed content (Content-Encoding and gzipped local files), configurable support for Accept-Charset and Accept-Language.
  • Modularized font subsystem - currently builtin fonts and Unicode TrueType (through freetype backend) may be used. Font manager is available (Ctrl+'i') for adding/deleting external (only freetype yet) fonts. External fonts have the same way into the code - so they are antialiased as good as builtin ;-)
  • Dialogs shadows and borders - Just shadows ;-))


Currently I plan to (but don't know when ;-)):
  • Implement keys rebinding
  • Improve printing support
  • ...

But maybe I'll just write a graphics subsystem for ELinks instead ;-)


This project is currently maintained by Sergey Karpov

You are encouraged to send me various patches implementing usable and unusable features ;-))

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