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  1. ಪಿನ್ ಮಾಡಿದ ಟ್ವೀಟ್
    Today in Chart History: "Always Be My Baby" Hits No. 1!
    "And it seemed everlasting That you would always be mine" 💞🎵
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  3. What makes the "Star Wars" theme so epic? John Williams' theme, deconstructed

  4. This is how makeup artist got Rita Ora ready for the (via )

  5. Beyonce blasts to No. 2 on the chart

  6. Once upon a time, 's members admit they were "afraid' of metal

  7. . to receive ICON Award & perform Queen's "The Show Must Go On" at 2016

  8. Cuban festival Musicabana scaled down significantly after approval delays

  9. "Like chasing a phantom": Prince tour guru John Meglen on his epic Super Bowl halftime & Musicology's $44M run

  10. This Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez throwback pic is now Instagram's most-liked ❤️

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  12. What is that angel painting in ' selfies? 👼 We tracked down the artist

  13. Future, The Internet & more help D.C. turn up at

  14. Prince will be inducted into the Apollo Theater's Walk of Fame

  15. Sean Penn wins apology from "Empire" creator Lee Daniels in defamation settlement

  16. Kanye's 'Blue' eyes, Lupita's alien lives and allowing black artists to be free

  17. Listen to 's hour-long Prince tribute set at

  18. . recounts forming The Go-Go's in "Under the Big Black Sun" audiobook excerpt

  19. The U.S. Attorney's Office and the DEA join Prince investigation

  20. 2016 name Kanye West artist of the year

  21. Beyonce becomes literal Queen in reimagined "woman card" deck

  22. . is donating proceeds from her to lupus research

  23. Thanks for stopping by ! 🎤👋

  24. Kelechi () drops new single "The Glo" feat. (exclusive)

  25. AC/DC fans seek ticket refunds over Axl Rose replacing Brian Johnson

  26. Drake is returning to as host & musical guest

  27. Justin Bieber sued by man who claims star smashed his phone

  28. . talks endorsement for Bernie Sanders

  29. Drake has become the newest member of the Forbes Five club of hip-hop's wealthiest artists

  30. Radiohead animator says Islamophobia & "Wicker Man" influenced eerie "Burn the Witch" video

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