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Is American Pickers Television Series Real or Fake?

american-pickers meet rural america

One of the most popular and successful TV shows on the History Channel is American Pickers. The reality television series follows antique collectors Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, who have even attracted a loyal fan following.

Many critics of the series believe that American Pickers should be categorized under documentary rather than reality TV show. For this reason there has been quite a bit of debate and controversy, due to the nature of the show and whether or not it is scripted. Some people stand faithfully by the series, calling it real, some say it is somewhat staged, and others call the series a total fake. What you believe depends somewhat on personal perspective, but here are some facts. Take this information and do with it whatever you want, but you will have a more honest angle of American Pickers TV Series.

american-pickers making connections with older people

Mike and Frank were not business partners prior to the series, but this does make sense since the business only began after the show started. The two had a friendship which had endured a long time, but they didn’t have a professional relationship. Even so, both did have an interest in antiques and “picking” from a relatively early age. Mike was interested in the subject on a professional level whereas Frank had more of a hobby for picking.

The idea of the show came from Mike, and he was the one who introduced the idea to the production company. Frank was a clear choice for being in the series along with Mike since the two shared the same interests and had a history of friendship.

In some ways it is impractical to expect a TV show to be 100% real and unscripted. There are many various reasons that conversations may have to be scripted beforehand or re-filmed. Certain interactions may not be appropriate for the audience or in some cases it may not even be audible, so it is necessary to make edits or film the same conversation again. Touch-ups are sometimes required in order to make things clear and understandable—this is all a part of any television series. Some sources say, however, that there is no “WWE style” scripting or staging. The series uses only as much editing as is necessary for the show to be clear, smooth, and aired on television.

american-pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank

Of course much of the dialog between Mike and Frank is also removed and not aired on television. This seems understandable, though—considering that a lot of their conversation, after spending so much time together, likely has nothing to do with antiques and collectibles. Sometimes it is also necessary for them to repeat certain bits of dialog if it was not clearly articulated. These are a few common ways that the show is edited, like many other reality television programs.

There have also been suggestions that Mike and Frank don’t even travel together in the same vehicle and all of the things they purchase are already arranged well beforehand. Some faithful viewers of American Pickers refuse to believe these statements.

Can The Walking Dead Survive Without Rick?


Since it became obvious that AMC’s The Walking Dead had no issues with deviating heavily from the original comic book’s storyline, fans have wondered just how far The Walking Dead might stray from its source material. One question that has popped up again and again is this: could the writers of The Walking Dead ever kill off Rick? Some fans think the show might be better off without Rick Grimes, while others think that the show doesn’t stand a chance—in ratings or critically—without him. Let’s look at 2 arguments for and against The Walking Dead working without Rick in the picture.

rick-grimes-image2Pro: The show has introduced enough characters for strong storylines
In previous seasons, “the group” essentially meant Rick and company. At this point in season 5, however, the show has introduced enough characters with separate storylines to ensure that the story could continue on even without Rick. A number of characters could step up to fill Rick’s shoes—Michonne, Abraham, and especially Carol have all shown the leadership skills necessary to keep other people alive.

Con: Rick is the original protagonist of the show
What would The Walking Dead be without the character that began it all? It was Rick that viewers followed in that first episode, from the empty hospital corridors to the walker-riddled streets and beyond. Viewers have seen Rick transform from a somewhat naïve and good-natured sheriff who believed in following upstanding moral codes to an intense, dictator-like leader who did anything it took to keep his group alive, to a man striving to find some peace in a weary world—and back again, and everything in between. No other character in the show has seen some dramatic transformations.

Con: No character can live forever in the show’s world
It would be unfair to let Rick live simply because he’s Rick, especially when plenty of other characters in the show have been killed—either from illness, the hand of man, or succumbing to walkers. No character should be safe in the Walking Dead, and that includes Rick Grimes.

Pro: He needs to come full circlerick-grimes-image
Many aspects of Rick have changed since the show’s first season, but one thing remains the same: he wants to protect his family. Rick needs to come full circle in regards to protecting baby Judith and Carl, and for that to happen, he has to stay alive.




Everything You Need to Know About Underdog


Underdog is best known as the star of an animated cartoon which aired in the 1960s and continued airing in syndication for several decades. The cartoon, which was produced under the sponsorship of General Mills cereal, was one of many cartoons developed by General Mills in order to promote their breakfast cereal and other food products. Although the show was created for advertising, it proved to be popular among families and has even inspired a live-action film. If you’re a fan of the old Underdog cartoons or are just a lover of dogs in film and television, here is everything you need to know about Underdog.

Underdog almost always talked in rhyme

In the original cartoon, Underdo almost always spoke in rhyme when he was in his superhero “Underdog” disguise. This was to emphasize his nature as an almost comic-book like superhero in contrast to his normal, everyday life as Shoeshine Boy.

There were a total of 62 original episodesunder-dog-image 

There were 62 total episodes created for the original run of the Underdog TV show. The original episodes were 30 minutes, but most of the episodes were actually blocked with at least two other cartoons, including Klondike Kat, Go Go Gophers, and Tennessee Tuxedo. Some of the 30 minute episodes were dedicated entirely to Underdog, however.

Underdog wasn’t just a TV show

Underdog proved to be fairy popular despite its origin in a marketing ploy. The cartoon inspired four different comics–a 10 issue series from Charlton Comics, a 23 issue series from Gold Key comics, a 3 issue series from Spotlight Comics, and a 5 issue series from Harvey Comics. A Little Golden Book also featured Underdog and was titled Underdog and the Disappearing Ice Cream.

under-dog-image2The live-action film debuted at #3 in the box office

In 2007, a live-action version adaptation of the Underdog cartoon was produced and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film’s cast included Jason Lee as the voice of Underdog/Shoeshine, Amy Adams as the voice of Sweet Polly Purebred, and Peter Dinklage as Dr. Simon Barsinister.

The film reached #3 in the box office on its opening weekend, with a total intake of about 11.5 million dollars. However, the film quickly fell in the box office rankings and ended up only making a total of 42.9 million in the box office, making it a box office failure.



Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump

trumpIf you ask most people what they know about Donald Trump, they will probably come up with one or more of the following pieces of well-known Donald Trump trivia: He is best known for his hit TV show The Apprentice (and of course, the catchphrase of the show—“You’re fired!”); his abundance of wealth and success, his large buildings, and his signature hair piece.

But did you know that there is so much more to Donald Trump? Let’s look at some interesting trivia to uncover some things that you probably didn’t know about “The Donald.”

His mother was from Scotland.

Donald Trump’s mother, Mary Trump (maiden name MacLeod) was actually Scottish; she immigrated to the United States from her home country and married Fred Trump, with whom she had five children, including Donald.

donald-trump-imageHis father owned large amounts of real estate.

Donald Trump’s first professional job was working for his father, who was a prominent real estate developer. Trump worked for his father Fred for about five years, from his graduation in 1968 to 1974. Fred Trump owned apartment complexes in Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn–for a total value worth of about $250 million–and yes, that’s the adjusted value!

He has been married three times.

If you were to ask someone about the wife of Donald Trump, they would probably answer: “It’s Ivana Trump!” Although Ivana was once married to Donald, they have since split up. IN fact, Donald has been married three times total. In 1977, he married Ivana Zelnickova–an Olympic class skier–in 1977. They split up in 1990 and had three children together. In 1993, he married Marla Maples. They split up in 1999, and had one child together. In 2005, he married Melania Knauss; the couple currently has one child together.

He has written 10 books.donald-trump-image2

Donald Trump is best known for his advice on financial endeavors such as real estate, as well as the famous The Apprentice TV show—but he has also written several bestselling books. His books include The Art of the Deal, Surviving at the Top, The Art of Survival, The Art of the Comeback, How to Get Rich, The Way to the Top, Think Like a Billionaire, The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received, Why We Want You To Be Rich and Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life.

Lost Television Series

I am not sure there is a more frustrating show to talk about than the cultural phenomenon that was Lost.  And it really was a cultural water point in television history.  It was everywhere.  T-shirts, board games, chat rooms, websites devoted to discussing and discovering what it all meant… it was something special to watch the show during its run.  To watch it now, after everything that has transpired is over, must be a strange thing.

There would be no one to talk to, no one to complain to, no one to ask “what will happen next”?  That was part of the fun of watching every week.  The writers were great about keeping the interest in the show high.  They also did a great job of keeping the show character centric.  Lost was all about the characters, with more flashbacks and flash sideways than you could shake a stick at.  It worked because the characters were so well drawn and realistic.  They felt alive.

A plane crashes on a deserted island.  The survivors wake up with no idea where they are or how to communicate with the outside world.  No electricity, no modern conveniences of any kind.  It’s a simple premise, one that has been explored before in other media but never before has the concept been so fully realized, with such a cast of characters.

What set Lost apart were the elements of sci-fi, fantasy, drama and survival it was able to juggle.  And a deep sense of the mysterious.  But this mystery was the ultimate source of its fall, in my humble opinion.  The writers painted themselves into a corner with the mystery of the week concept, piling on mystery upon mystery until the entire show imploded in the most disappointing finale in my TV watching experience.

Virtually nothing of any value was discovered in the last season.  They built up such an elegant beast of a conundrum that it toppled over and crushed everyone involved.  They asked a thousand questions; why were they all brought there?  Where were they all going?  What did it all mean?  What was the point of it all?

And no answers were given.  Check out other entertainment options on TV right here.

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Dish Network Deals Can Save You Some Money

You’re in a hospital bed in an unfamiliar place. Everything smells strange and you’re surrounded by a language you don’t understand. All that you remember is that last meal in that exotic restaurant. After that, your memory is pretty vague: pain, serious vomiting and then darkness. You have no idea how you got to this hospital, nor the reason for your being there.dish-image4

All you know is that you’ve never felt so weak in your life. Judging by the grave expressions on the faces of the nurses and doctors surrounding your bed, you assume the worst: you’re going to die in a hospital that’s unfamiliar, in a country that’s not your home, with a disease you have no idea about. You never imagined your dream vacation would end this way.

What the doctors didn’t tell you is that you actually have a simple stomach bug, brought on by less-than-sanitary food preparation in that exotic restaurant. You’ll recover within hours. The relief that floods over you is unbelievable. You’re going to live!

The moral of the story? What they don’t tell you actually can hurt you.

For many of you, you’ve settled for less than ideal satellite dish programming. You are content with fewer channels because you didn’t know it could be better than it is. You’re okay with being unable to watch the TV channels your friends watch because, after all, your service provider is the best around.

Perhaps you just assumed that the high price you pay for satellite dish service was just the price you’ve got to pay to get satellite. Maybe your provider informed you that his service was the best around; that you should feel good about the programming you’re getting for the price.

dish-image6Much like your experience, lying in a foreign country in an unfamiliar hospital, preparing for the worst while only suffering from a stomach bug, regardless of your personal situation, what you don’t know – or what your satellite dish programming providers aren’t telling you – can in fact hurt you.

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If this sounds too good to be true, maybe your current satellite dish service provider has failed to tell you the truth. Maybe what they aren’t telling you CAN hurt you!