Questions & Answers

Why do I need @trafficRobot?

As soon as some web service sells emails list to spammers - you begin to get spammed. So stop giving away your real email to spammers, use @trafficRobot to make yourself new address each time you need one, and receive mails to your messenger app. Delete it when spam starts to get through.

What about API?

You can use API to text yourself. Handy tool to build some kind of monitoring straight to your messenger app. Its only a single simple POST request.

What about security and stuff..?

@trafficRobot does not even write logs, and nothing that passes through is saved. As for Telegram, it's well known for security and end-to-end encryption.

And why do I need links..?

A link is a comfy way to let people on the interwebz send you text keeping you anonymous and spam-free. As soon as someone starts to abuse it - delete it.

How much does it cost?

Zero, with no limitations or ads.

Are there any limits?

So far none. Number of connectors created or messages transmitted is unlimited.

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