How long until they collide?

Show the beginning of the video. Stop the video at about 39 seconds. Take guesses from students.

Have kids work individually on the problem for a few minutes or more, followed by partner work.  You might project the image below for students so they have a clean view of the problem.

Who had the greatest NBA season ever?

Stephen-Curry-Michael-JordanStephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is the 2016 NBA MVP winner and his nomination was unanimous.

How do his season stack up against some of the all-time greats?  Who had the greatest NBA season of all time?  Which player contributed the greatest amount of offensive production to their team?  Start out this activity by showing the students the following data (the table shows arguably the best season statistically for each player).

NBA Data Table

Ask students to consider who had the greatest NBA season ever.  What stats should determine the value of a player?  Have kids brainstorm considering points, assists, rebounds, shooting percentage, steals, blocks and so on.  Are all stats created equal?  Should scoring points count more than rebounds or steals, if so how?  Let students grapple with this, let them come up with some ideas or their own formulas.  Let students share their reasoning, formulas and selection of the greatest season ever.

Then let them go through our more structured lesson as we give weight to the various

Powerball jackpot continues to rise in value

One winner last night in New Jersey!  Now the jackpot is back to ONLY 40 million.

The Saturday night Powerball drawing is expected to have a winning Jackpot prize of $415,000,000.


Examine compound probability to decide if playing Powerball is worth it.  Check out this amazing Powerball Simulator with your class, it should be a powerful way to show kids the reality of the lottery.  See our activity on Powerball and probability below.

The activity: Powerball2016.pdf

Mother’s Day

Image from Clicking on this image will show it larger in a new window.

Here is a Mother's Day Infographic from 2012. We have blacked out the estimated amount spent each year for Mother's Day.   Use the Mother's Day event to engage your students in approximating, reasoning, and investigating as students estimate how much is spent in the United States for Mother's Day.

There's a lot to consider and that's exactly what we hope you will get your students to do.

For what is money spent?
For whom is money spent?
What is a low guess?
What is a high guess? ...

Ask students to list information that they might need and let them wrestle with the various questions before you offer some useful pieces of information.

Double Discount

HoodieCodeDontMelt   Wow, check out this sale!  I'm gonna be able to get this great hoodie so cheap!   If I use the promo code what will be the total percent off?

The activity: DoublePercentOff.pdf

CCSS: 6RP.3, 7.RP.3, HSF.IF.C.8b, HSF.LE.A.1c