Monday, 25 April 2016

Photo an Hour - April

vintage milk bottle windowsill blue riband charity shop

reading library book cinema paradiso bookmark postcard

09.44 - Another sunny day!  It didn't make me leap out of bed exactly (in fact I slept through my alarm) but it was easier to get up knowing I could go hang outside at some point.

10:51 - Mother was at work so I got to eat breakfast and read without Judge Judy in the background.  I'm having a hard time getting into this book (the last in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy), maybe because it's so much bigger than the previous two.

what I'm wearing today outfit jeggings cashmere jumper M&S plimsolls shoes

sunshine scotland trees outside

11:28 - Dressed and ready to walk.  I dug out my summer jeggings and shoes (both M&S) and even went without a jacket, although cashmere and a scarf were necessary - it was freezing in the wind.  A bit of music while I faffed about was nice company.

12:36 - Back home with a few zips I'd hoped to find in the charity shops and something for lunch.  It was still sunny in the back garden but the wind had found a way round there, so I ate inside.

pompom colourful scissors sewing supplies

upcycled bunting vintage fabric charity shop

14:28 - Missed an hour.  Too much eating.  I was in my sewing zone at this point - Mother's being very nice about me taking over the giant kitchen table with all my crafty bits.

16:50 - And again.  Time passes quickly when I'm creating!  Here's some bunting I made the other day.

zips sewing collection charity shop thrifted second hand

nice biscuit mini pin cushion nikki mcwilliams sewing

17:37 - My zip collection, all thrifted.  I thought I'd make some pouches out of fabric scraps, which went surprisingly well, unlike the dress I was trying to alter last week...

18:28 - Mother came home so I made some soup for dinner (meaning, I moved the bowl from fridge to microwave) and relocated to the living room in an attempt to be sociable.  My friend got me a little  Nikki McWilliams craft kit to say thanks for some knitted gifts, so I finished it off with some stuffing.  I love it, maybe even more than I love Nice biscuits.  Just a point to note for anyone that has one - I originally hand-sewed it together but it frayed terribly when I turned it the right way round so I had to redo it on the machine.  Luckily I make small seam allowances so I didn't lose any of the pretty print!

crochet granny square couch yarn

green tea dunder mifflin andy mug crochet granny square

19:20 - I have two knitting projects on the go but I took a notion to make some granny squares.  Another good part of living at home is a boosted knitting stash - Mother has about twice the yarn I do so I didn't need to go shopping for a complimentary yellow yarn!

21:32 - Missed another hour.  Oh dear.  Mother went back to work for the night and I made tea.

stripes knitting leger espace tricot cotton yarn

book minion slippers pyjamas

22:34 - I switched back to knitting.  Might as well cram in as many crafts as possible.  I'm knitting L├ęger by Espace Tricot as part of the TTTKAL and it took me forever to get my gauge, but I'm hoping it's all going well now, even if it does look kinda big...

23:23 - The laptop died and I couldn't be bothered fetching the power cable, so it was time for bed.

Thanks to Jane and Louisa for hosting!


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