How to add body to fine hair!

I recently received an e-mail asking about how to add body to fine hair. Whether your hair is long or short, it can be more challenging to style if youre looking for volume.

Everyones hair is different what works for one person with fine hair may not work for another. So, Ill give you a variety of suggestions. Just choose the option that you feel youd like the best! If it doesnt work then do another. Its important to remember not to make too many changes at once. You may be frustrated and ready to go for it, but its best to stick to baby steps in this case.

*Unless.your hairstylist says otherwise during a consultation. I cannot give exact advice about what you should to with your hair unless I see it, so these are just suggestions.


My daughter has thin, fine, long hair to her lower back. It was professionally colored a month ago. It doesnt hold curl from rollers or an iron and falls flat against her head.

Layers dont create body but just make her hair look thinner. She wants body and some waves.

What are her options for a perm? What is your opinion?


Age 41


I think she should definitely consider cutting a few inches off. Even if its very thinhaving it longer than just above the bra strap will weigh it down. Super long hair needs lots of layering with some short layers and thick hair to look really full. She probably wouldnt like that style even if she had thicker hair(sometimes it helps to explain it because people with long hair are rarely willing to cut some off).

With some length off, nice layers, and a side bang(if she wants one it will help) she will probably see a difference.

A body wave perm would be best with orange rollers(maybe through in some turquoise or red) would give her a nice texture. She should not get her hair colored again until at least 4-6 months after her permif at all. The two do not mix well and it would eventually get more limp and damaged.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if I answered your questions!

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