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The world of Services, unlike the world of goods and products, is currently organized into only two distinct search segments: The Skill-list (or list of talents) and the Task-list.  You must log-in as a member (or business member), to access it:

The Skill List: A categorized index of talents, professions, personal abilities or business specialties, able to cover almost every area of services from where you may be able to hire someone or some business, depending on your location. Here follows a sample list of services normally available when the number of members surpasses five hundred in any particular county-wide community: Cleaning, Computer, Mechanic, Legal, Medical, Beauty Services, Computer-Network, Cooking, Bartender, Web-Designer, Language Translations, Midwife, Driver, Business Plan and Consulting, Seamstress, Garden, Landscape, Nursing, Catering, Home-improvement, Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical, Painting, Baby-sitting, Teen Mentoring, etc.

The Task List: A more complex database of specific tasks or short jobs, described in detail by the partner in need, ready to pay a reasonable price in Social-eDollar, for the execution of any kind of easy-service or challenge-service. For example, if you are a member with knowledge and expertise in auto-mechanic, or are the owner of a auto-repair business, just click the mechanic category. There you could find a potential customer in need of your service, or some temporary work, in some specific location or at your own workplace. Then you will be able to fix a car or perform related services as a helper. After receiving the payment pre-negotiated with the owner of the car, also a Social Bank account holder, just deposit your check in your Social Bank account. That does not mean that you must pre-negotiate the entire bill in Social Dollars or the auto-parts in Social-Dollar, surely not. Just be clear that the final bill will be split, let’s say: US$300 US dollars to replace bad auto-parts plus SD$300 Social-eDollars in services, for your personal or business work-time. Online check compensation is done in real-time and branch deposits in less than 24 hrs. After that, use your Social-eDollar balance not only to pay for other services, but to buy or rent thousands of products also exclusively available to members, in several countries.

Just click here: for the member's login page


The first remote connection will take an extra time for the automatic download -one time only- of a  Microsoft Active-X plug-in and must follow member's fire-wall pre-authorization to run this remote access Active-X safe-script, digitally signed by Microsoft. Please wait for the yellow message-bar  to pop-up from the top your Internet Explorer.

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