BT customers being forced to keep paying their bills when their phone or broadband goes down

Poor service: Our postbag has been brimming with your complaints about BT

Poor service: Our postbag has been brimming with your complaints about BT

BT customers whose phone or internet goes down are being forced to keep paying bills for services they can't use.

Our postbag has been brimming with your complaints since we highlighted how BT's Openreach arm was leaving customers disconnected for months on end.

In the vast majority of cases, the phone giant has been reluctant to offer a discount. 

That has left customers feeling trapped: they could cancel their direct debits, but that might mean the line never gets fixed,

Alison Steff, 51, and her family have been paying £44.24 every month despite having no internet connection for five months. 

She lives with her husband Michael, 52, and their three children, Megan, 22, Amy, 20, and Michael, 19, in Hullbridge, Essex. 

She says: 'Megan is training to be a teacher, Amy is doing a law degree and Michael is studying. They need to get online, but BT just tells me lie after lie.'

After Money Mail intervened, BT fixed the Steffs' line and has promised compensation.

Michael Beale, 74, and his wife Angela, 73, have been waiting eight months for BT to give them a phone line, during which time they've been charged £4.20 a month for evening and weekend calls.

After a week of investigating, BT has still not found out what is wrong. 


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