Skateboarder comes INCHES from death after trick goes wrong and he rolls into path of speeding car 

  • Pro-skater Cody Davis showing off for pals outside house in Minnesota
  • He grinded down a metal hand rail but on landing rolled into path of car
  • Thankfully he managed to jump off his board just in time to avoid injury   

A skateborder came inches from death after a trick rolled him into the path of an oncoming car.

Cody Davis was showing off his skills for his friends, as he grinded down a metal handrail outside a house in St. Cloud, Minnesota, when he came close to being flattened by a vehicle travelling in his direction.

Luckily Cody managed to jump off his board with just seconds to spare as the car comes tearing down the road in a nerve-shredding video.

Pictured, pro-skater Cody Davis pulls off a 50/50 grind move
Pictured, Cody lands and performs a kickflip

Close Shave: Pro-skater Cody Davis impresses his friends with a 50/50 grind move before pulling off a kickflip outside a house in Minnesota

The boarder's expression is a mix of shock and relief as he stands in the road with his hands over his head, clearly thankful he dodged disaster. 

The motorist is seen slowing down towards the end of the clip, and no doubt he has a few choice words to exchange with Cody when he gets out.

Cody is clearly not concentrating on the road while performing the impressive '50/50' grind move but it appears to be a second trick that contributes most to his near miss. 

As he performs the 'kick flip' he stares at his board for only a few seconds - but it is long enough for him to come close to serious injury.

Pictured, as Cody rolls onto the road he has just a second to dodge a car
Pictured, Cody throws himself off a board as the car comes within inches of him

Crash landing: As Cody, ranked 117th in the world, lands his second move he loses focus on the road and rolls into a lane of oncoming traffic

Cody, a pro-skater ranked 117th in the world, from Minnesota, wrote on his Instagram page that the miss was a 'close call'.

More than 2,000 people have watched the video, since it was posted by the skater just two days ago, and surely none of them could disagree.


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