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Colin Hanks has just released a music documentary which he wrote and directed, All Things Must Pass, about the rise and fall of the independent record store, Tower Records.

WTF is an unusually complex and insightful drama about a novice female war reporter working in Afghanistan. Yes, it's got some funny lines and the odd mildly sexy moment too.

There have been times when Radiohead's default status as the world's most creatively restless mega-band appears almost self-defeating, when the urge to be contrary has trumped the desire to engage.

For one week every summer, a gently rolling field in Ebbesbourne Wake, Wiltshire becomes the stage for a thousand different tributes to Britain's extraordinary past.

At last, Shakespeare's Globe has seen the light! Literally. In her inaugural production as their artistic director, Emma Rice has done away with the terrible floodlights and lit up this space as never before.

Alison Balsom is the poster girl of British classical music and one of the world's finest trumpeters who uses her supermodel looks to ­promote a remarkable range of music.

Rob Allcock is the chef and landlord of The Long Arms, and has been here for five years. That's half a decade spent wading through the mainly dreary North Wiltshire swamp.

If you like Sauvignon Blanc you'll love Semillon. They are both zesty, but young Semillon is lighter, brighter and sharper - like a lemony lightsaber. But Semillon embraces the dark side and the light.

Philip Norman is particularly keen to rehabilitate Linda McCartney, whose public image, at least during her lifetime, was frosty and standoffish. After The Beatles split up, Linda was responsible for rescuing Paul from what was clearly some sort of mental breakdown

Bowie, ballet, Betty Blue and buying a Damien Hirst original... for her cat. The actress proves she's no absolute beginner when it comes to the arts.

Long before he became a star courtesy of 'Friends' and 'Episodes', Matt LeBlanc was honing his motoring skills helping his mechanic dad fix trucks, cars and bikes.

Lesley Manville thrilled Nordic Noir fans in River and chilled audiences with Ibsen's Ghosts. Next she'll quicken pulses as a 50-something and fanciable widow in TV drama Mum.

She led a really wild life as a party animal, then became a really dedicated wildlife champion... all thanks to a girl whose role she stole after driving her to an audition.