EgyptAir flight MS804 search finds a severed arm, luggage and a two-mile oil slick

Relatives, friends and colleagues (left) of the EgyptAir crew wept and consoled each other as they gathered for an emotional service at the Al Sedeq mosque near Cairo Airport where the doomed jet had been due to land. Ahmed Asem (top right), the father of co-pilot Mohamed Mamdouh Ahmed Asem (top inset) was overwhelmed by messages of condolence as the Imam led prays for their salvation. Meanwhile, at another heart-rending vigil, Bahgat Shoukair (bottom right), the father of Captain Mohamed Said Ali Ali Shoukair (bottom inset) collapsed in grief for his missing son. The services were held as search crews revealed they had found a severed arm, luggage and a two-mile-long oil slick in the Mediterranean close to where the Airbus A320 vanished, dealing a devastating blow to families holding a glimmer of hope their loved ones may have survived the crash.

The victims of EgyptAir flight MS804 are named as search continues 

EgyptAir hostess Samar Ezz Eldin (inset), 27, posted a picture of a stewardess with a plane crashing into the sea behind her on her Facebook page just four months after she started working at Egypt's national carrier. Miss Eldin, who studied modern languages at the Ain Shams University in Cairo, was among the first victims to be named as investigators admitted the cause of the disaster was still a mystery.

Liverpool John Lennon airport evacuated all passengers from its departure lounge because of a problem with one of its scanning machines. Passengers were reportedly taken off planes

Geologist Richard Osman, 40, who died when the EgyptAir jet crashed in the Mediterranean, shrugged off the fears of wife Aureilie, 36, by saying: 'It is never going to happen to me.'

It would not be an exaggeration to say we in Europe face the imminent outbreak of a relentless ISIS-led campaign of murderous terrorism, writes author John R. Bradley.

Four women stabbed after man goes on knife rampage in Hampton Sainsbury's

Police have today arrested a man on suspicion of attempted murder after four women were stabbed in a packed Sainsbury's car park (right). The suspect ran through a crowd of shoppers in Hampton, south-west London, and only targeted women in a series of 'completely unprovoked' attacks, one witness said. All four women were attacked in the car park as they walked or got out of their cars, suffering wounds to the legs, chest and back - one is fighting for her life in hospital. One eyewitness described the knife attacks as 'horrific' and said one elderly woman was lying on the pavement with 'blood coming out of all different parts of her body.' A bleeding victim hobbled to a nearby police station to raise the alarm (left) before officers armed with Tasers arrested the knifeman.

There's few things more annoying than putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher and pulling them out in the same state, so here's the eight most common mistakes made when loading your dishwasher.

MailOnline readers share their stories - both for and against offering seats to pregnant women, after a heavily pregnant woman was forced to stand for two hours during her journey into London.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge visits Ben Ainslie Racing in Portsmouth

The Duchess of Cambridge visited the America's Cup base of sailing champion Sir Ben Ainslie in Portsmouth to see how youngsters are being inspired to join the marine industry. In her role as royal patron of the 1851 Trust, a charity set up as part of the Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) effort to win the prestigious racing tournament, Kate will launch two initiatives aimed at involving children and young adults from diverse backgrounds in sailing and the technology of the sport.

Ian Phillips, from Cardiff, spent his last months warning about the risks of long exposure to radiation from mobiles. He said his job had led to him spending 100 hours a month making calls.

Two girls jailed for trying to kidnap babies by luring mothers by offering free kids

Holly Kelland, 18, (left, inset and today outside court) set up a profile under a different name with the aim of contacting mothers with young children. Together with school friend Codie Farrar, 17, (right, inset and today outside court) Kelland tried to lure in targets by telling them they had one prizes, including designer baby clothes, in fictitious raffles. Both girls were handed 12-month detention orders after previously admitting to conspiracy to kidnap three babies, identified only as 'U', 'S' and 'W', in September last year. Kelland, of Wolverhampton, also admitted to three further counts of fraud by false representation.

Rose Jones, of Plymouth, Devon, admitted repeatedly putting high doses of Tramadol into the toddler's milk, before lying and attempting to frame her innocent ex-partner

Drama unfolded on a flight at Manchester Airport yesterday when a husband-to-be was chucked off a plane with his friends - putting an abrupt end to his stag celebrations.

Mike Tindall opens up about daughter Mia grabbing the Queen's handbag

Mike Tindall, 37, (right) has opened up about the show stealing moment his daughter Mia, two, grabbed the Queen's handbag during her 90th birthday portrait (left) while appearing on Good Morning Britain. The former rugby star said the moment was unplanned and they toddler was being 'a bit naughty'. He added that her Majesty told her to go on holding the bag during the photo shoot by Annie Liebovitz.

London-based physiotherapist Laura Harman gives her top seven tips for getting rid of back pain, including which exercises to do to activate your core.

Dr Nick Hopkinson, spokesperson for the British Lung Foundation, says evidence from Australia shows plain packaging does lower smoking rates - especially in vulnerable teenagers.

John Breen, 53, suffered catastrophic head injuries and died in hospital a day after the assault in Stratford tube station last year. His 17-year-old killer, a Romanian national, was jailed for just two years.

Leanne Lyon, from Northampton, has a rare brain disorder which causes her to have up to five seizures a day. The non-cancerous tumour can also leave her incontinent.

Saira Khan breaks down on Loose Women after revealing she's lost her sex drive

Saira Khan, 46, broke down today (left) as she revealed her husband's dismay after she publicly admitted to having lost her libido - and revealed she'd given him permission to sleep with other women. Steven appeared on the show with her (top left), while Sherrie Hewson, 65, said she thought Steven's response was 'wonderful', saying: 'I said the same thing to my husband... and he did.' The ex-Coronation Street actress, (bottom right) was married to Ken Boyd for nine years before splitting in 2001.

A brave mother who was walking her children to school has died in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, after she leapt into a road to save her daughter from being ploughed down by a truck.

Postal worker Abraham Lincoln (pictured) from Bristol sparked a terror scare after posing as an undercover MI6 agent and sending threatening messages to his old employer, a court heard.

FEMAIL goes swimming to test the best and worst of waterproof mascaras

Mascara transforms our look, but when it runs means dreaded panda eye. FEMAIL took various products to the deep end and went swimming with model Megan Taylor, a mascara devotee. She rated the mascaras, priced between £1.99 and £45, for waterproof ability, application and brush quality and the easy with which they can be removed.

Joshua Berrabah, 24, dialled 999 and told the operator he was from the counter terrorism unit and claimed two bombs had been found at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge (pictured).

Scientists have found that the sound of babies crying will do more than just grab our attention. Instead it may actually alter the activity of our brains, making it harder to pay attention and focus.

ITV London South Bank studio bomb scare as police carry out controlled explosion

Police were called in to carry out two controlled explosions after a suspicious vehicle triggered a bomb scare at ITV studios. The incident happened on Coin Street in London at around 11.20am today. The owner of the car (right), which was blown up, returned to his vehicle this afternoon and didn't look too happy as he inspected it by opening the bonnet. Patrol officers reported the 'suspicious' white Skoda (top left) in the area and the Metropolitan Police's bomb squad arrived (bottom left and inset).

Justice Secretary Michael Gove said a migrant influx equivalent to the population of Scotland over the next 15 years would put 'unsustainable' pressure on the NHS.

Martin Lewis (pictured with his wife), who is one of the most trusted voices in the EU referendum, vented his frustration this morning - saying: 'I wasn't aware I'd been used in the Stronger In Europe leaflet.'

EM4W2H Marina in Cuxhaven, Germany

German police in the northern port city of Cuxhaven have caught a significant number of migrants, all young men, as they attempted to stow away on freighters heading for the UK.

Justin Trudeau (pictured) claimed Brexit would not be a 'productive path' for the UK and warned there would be 'nothing easy or automatic' about negotiating new trade deals.

With barely a month to go until Britain votes on whether to stay in the EU, Nigel Farage (pictured on his open-topped double decker bus today) pledged to 'make June 23rd Independence Day'.

Vote Leave has asked Scotland Yard to investigate whether a promotion for cut-price seats to the UK on June 22 and 23 breached electoral law and anti-bribery rules.

Clacton toddler was attacked in the face by man in Tesco

Father-of-three Chris Scutt and his wife Jen were horrified when a man launched an attack on their 15-month-old son Alvis - leaving him with 11 cuts - in the middle of Tesco at Brook Retail Park in Clacton, Essex. The terrified toddler was left with blood pouring down his cheeks after Mr Scutt 'prised' the man's hands off of his son's face. Both parents fear the unprovoked attack will leave the youngster 'mentally and physically scarred'. Essex Police have confirmed the assault is being investigated and inquiries are ongoing.

Richard Walker, 27, drove the car straight at a group of children walking home from school in Hull, as he tried to evade police in what officers have called the worst driving they have seen in 25 years.

'Hotel Bosco gives zero f***s': Hotel's reply to mother's complaint

Rebecca Normand (top right), from London, visited Hotel Bosco (left) in Surbiton, Kingston-upon-Thames, with five other friends, who all had children in prams. The mother claims the four star establishment needed to keep the lounge area free for businessmen and that they couldn't accommodate them. Mrs Normand took to Facebook to complain about what happened on the hotel's official page - and she was left stunned by their reply (inset). Hotel Bosco's account commented: 'And Hotel Bosco gives zero f***s.' Michael Tobiasiewicz (bottom right), duty manager of the hotel, said he remembered Mrs Normand coming in but could not say who had posted the response.

Wearing sunglasses before going on holiday can help beat jet lag as the body clock responds to the eyes detecting light, a graphic by Air Tours shows.

Artificial intelligence software developed by researchers in Baltimore can predict a person's age with 84 per cent accuracy. They trained the system using 60,000 blood samples.

The 70-year-old pensioner was spotted walking around the Scottish city with a friend as she shopped for a fancy dress outfit. However, it is not known what character she was supposed to be.

Buckingham Palace intruder is a convicted murderer

Denis Hennessy (left) was convicted of a savage attack on a homeless man in 1993, which investigators said was like something from the ultra-violent novel A Clockwork Orange. The 41-year-old, of Wembley, north-west London, climbed over a wall at the Palace (inset) on Wednesday evening before being arrested by armed police. The Queen (right, yesterday) was in residence with the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of York at the time, but Hennessy was stopped in the garden of the iconic building.

A new video has broken down what it calls the true cost of a journey from John F Kennedy Airport in New York to Washington Dulles Airport in Viriginia on board an Airbus A320.

The WHO agency announced today the Zika virus strain circulating in Cape Verde had been shown to be the same as the one behind an explosion of cases in the Americas.

Terry Tomalin, the outdoor editor for the Tampa Bay Times , was with his 14-year-old son Kai taking a lifeguard test when he suffered a fatal heart attack on Thursday at the age of 55.

Sean Penn's film The Last Face is savaged after Cannes premiere, with viewers laughing,

Sean Penn's new movie The Last Face was savaged after its premiere at Cannes on Friday, where viewers booed and guffawed. His latest directorial effort, after his 2007 film Into the Wild, stars Charlize Theron as an international aid worker in Liberia who falls in love with a doctor, played by Javier Bardem (inset left). Many have taken to social media hailing The Last Place as the lowest point of Penn's career, with some suggesting Theron broke up with the 55-year-old after she saw an early edit of the film. Penn (main) has already responded to the overwhelming criticism (inset left), saying: 'I stand by the film as it is, and everyone is going to be entitled to their response.'

Professor Marc Mendelson, an infectious diseases expert at the University of Cape Town, says antibiotics still cause resistance if taken properly and should never be prescribed for a cold.

Morgan Wrightson (pictured), from Bradford in West Yorkshire, demanded his uncle Sean, 21, shave his head, but keep long tufts of red hair at the back and sides in honour of a family friend.



All-female cast perform NUDE version of Shakespeare's Tempest in Central Park

Members of New York's Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society said they put on the performance to highlight the restrictions that society places on people's bodies. While Prospero and Miranda, who have been exiled on a Caribbean Island for 12 years, start the show fully nude the more civilized characters who are washed ashore start out wearing costumes before discarding them as the show goes on.

Susan Davies, 57, from Stoke-on-Trent, has been awarded more than £10,000 in compensation after her bosses refused to provide her with gloves to carry out her job as a cleaner.

Check out ten of the worst rooms to rent anywhere in the world, including one apartment in Sydney's eastern suburbs which comes complete with toilet in the kitchen .. and there's no door.

Palaeontologists at the Natural History Museum in London have found that the Stegosaurus, which had huge spiked tails and armoured plates on their backs, had a bite similar to modern herbivores.

Monique Smith, 48, from Maine, was left paralysed just a week after running a half marathon in New York. Tests revealed she had MS and inflammation of the spinal cord - called transverse myelitis.

Sue Moriarty, 48, from Walsall, West Midlands, was blasted on Twitter after she appeared on On Benefits, as she was filmed saying she chose not to work so she could 'be there' for her kids.

A study from the University of California shows you're more likely to be asked on a second date if you have gender-stereotypical genes - for dominance in men, and submissiveness in females.

Carlos Wood, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, agreed to let a friend apply the adhesive to each of his earlobes in a prank which left him looking like a cross between Shrek and a pixie.

Milly Lucas, 28, from Birmingham, suffered antenatal depression so severe she was convinced her family would be better off without her. She now dotes on Amelia, five, and one-year-old Mikey.

Campaigners for the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls in Nigeria have raised doubts today about the army's report that a second girl from the group of abductees has been rescued.

Gym addict who was bullied for being fat as a child and thin as a teenager now suffers

Nicolas Depoorter, 24, an electric engineer from West Flanders in Belgium, suffers from muscle dysmorphia or 'bigorexia', an anxiety disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with the idea they are not sufficiently muscular. Throughout his younger years, Nicola - whose biceps have a circumference of half a metre - was bullied, first for being too fat, and then as a teenager for being too thin. He now has an intense gym routine, strict diet and enviable muscular physique, with 48cm biceps. Yet however bulky he gets, when he looks in the mirror, he still sees the skinny teenager he once was.

World War Two veteran Victor Marston, from Hampshire, had successful surgery on a cancerous tumour on his bowel after he was rushed to hospital with acute stomach pain.

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Picture taken 190516. Caption:  Archaeologists working on a skull on the historic site in Anglesey where the remains of 48 individuals, including women and children have been unearthed as work on a new link road had just started. The Christian cemetery which was found close to Llangefni on the Isle of Anglesey dates back to the end of the Roman and early Medieval times. See full story from Glyn Bellis 07836 553901.

A team digging at the site of an ancient cemetery, near Llangefni in Anglesey, have unearthed medieval graves (pictured) and artefacts of 'national importance.'

T .Park sewage plant in Tuen Muen, Hong Kong, is opening to visitors. Guests can tour the facility to learn how sewage is processed then relax in thermal springs powered by the treatment process.

Mariola Michalowski (right), 38, passed away just hours after celebrating her marriage to partner Krzystof (left), 34, in a small ceremony in Richmond, North Yorkshire, last Friday.

A two-year-old child in Weinan, China, had to be helped by firefighters on May 17 after getting his leg stuck in equipment at a playground. It took several hours to free the trapped leg.

Ministers launched the drive to privatise back-office functions in 2012, but the National Audit Office found a series of issues have drastically slashed the benefits.

Colin Read was hospitalised with chest pains during his Cancun holiday. Insurers have refused to pay out as Read did not disclose his high blood pressure when he took out the policy.

NATO foreign ministers have been finalising the alliance's biggest military build-up since the end of the Cold War in the face of a more aggressive and unpredictable Russia.

An Israeli research team discovered factors like such as health and nutrition, active play and family bonding is responsible for 50 per cent of how tall a baby will grow.

Passengers have made nasty comments on everything from flight attendants' weight, sexuality and age on a new survey form that sends feedback to staff at the US airline.

Video of Russian wrestler's bodyguard waving gun at victor who defeated him in Stary Oskol

Shocking footage shows the bodyguard draw the weapon during a brawl in Russia which started because the teenager he was defending refused to accept the judges' verdict that he had lost. The tournament, believed to held in the city of Stary Oskol, was sponsored by the multi-millionaire oil baron father of the defeated young wrestler.

The poignant snap was to Facebook showing a topless boy keeping his sibling close wrapped up in bedding, while his father does the same for the other newborn at Hvidovre Hospital in in Denmark.

Brookman Martin, 28, from Swansea, south Wales, wore a grey thong as he wiggled into some jogging bottoms - in just 30 seconds. The social services worker is also an aspiring actor.

Essex Police were told Martin Goldberg, 46, was downloading perverted images of boys but missed the fact he was a teacher for eight months, a damning report has revealed.

A mother from Redhill, Surrey, was spared jail by Judge Christopher Critchlow (pictured) in what one social worker has dubbed 'one of the worst cases of neglect I have seen in 30 years'.

Margaret Henderson, 29, pictured, is being held on remand at Hydebank Wood College and Women's Prison, in Belfast, while she waits to stand trial for the murder of 67-year-old Eddie Girvan.

Police have released an e-fit image of a suspect wanted after a couple had boiling water poured on them during a two-hour raid at their home in Halstead near Sevenoaks in Kent.

Oliver McHugh, founder of London-based Olivers Town estate agents, appeared in court after he refused to pay a fee to recruitment boss James Richmond for a temp worker he hired last year.

Brawl erupts behind the counter at McDonalds as two female employees 'fight over who has

A major beef between two female employees at a McDonald's in Chester, South Carolina, that started over apple pies ended in a fist fight on Wednesday day, police said. According to Chester County investigators, one of the women, 30, asked a 25-year-old worker to start frying a new batch of pies and an argument ensued. The older woman told to the other to leave and that she would cover the rest of her shift, but the younger woman refused to leave. The younger woman then apparently hit the staffer that asked her to make the apple pies, with the fight captured on video.

A 68-year-old woman from Burtonwood was rushed to Aintree Hospital in Liverpool with serious injuries after a woman was arrested for attempted murder following an attack at a care home (pictured).

Naseer Taj, 26, (pictured) who planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS and live with a 'jihadi bride' instead of his British wife and children was jailed for eight years and three months at the Old Bailey.

Mr Justice Keehan will make a public appeal for 14-year-old Moses John (pictured) and his mother Pauline Watson, 46, at the Royal Courts of Justice, in London, on Monday.

Enormous rear spoilers, fire-spitting exhausts, race-car-like roll cages - all of these modifications will have a LESSER impact on your car insurance costs than if you have wheelchair access added.

A car enthusiast has taken footage of the Sesto Elemento from inside the supercar as it whizzes around Qatar. Only 20 models were ever made when it went on sale in 2011.

Rasha Abdalla, 36, from Manchester, had a transplant in 2004 but ten years later her body began rejecting it. Her mother has agreed to donate one of her kidneys - but cannot enter the UK to give it.

Experts have revealed that your most common facial expression holds vital clues to how you'll age. Smiling makes you prone to crow's feet while pouting for selfies can lead to smoker's lines.

Eastern Screech Owl photographed by Larry Lynch in Florida

At first glance this picture doesn't seem to show much but take a closer look and you'll see one of nature's masters of disguise at work. With its feathers blending seamlessly into the bark of a tree this Eastern Screech Owl is almost impossible to spot. But sharp-eyed photographer Larry Lynch was lucky enough to capture the owl as it disguised itself in a tree close to his home in Florida.

Pic shows:  dog putting earth over his friend.
A touching Facebook video shows the moment a dog called Ron helps to bury his best pal Chocolate, who died after being poisoned.
The images were taken in the sector of Piedra Colgada, in the city of Copiapo, in the north Chilean region of Atacama.
The owner of the two furry friends, Carlos Aguilar, shared the images on his Facebook page. He also described how before chocolate six of his dogs have been poisoned.
The images show how Ron uses his snout to push earth onto the body of Chocolate who is lying lifeless in a dug out grave.
In the video the black dog looks constantly at his dead pal, who died after swallowing poison
Carlos described how Ron-Wailer and Chocolate have been inseparable since a year ago when Ron "rescued him" so he took him home as a pet.
Since then Chocolate, being older had taken it upon himself to protect the younger canine and the pair had been inseparable ever since.
He said: "When a dog is brought up from young

The video shows the moment Ron-Wailer the Rottweiler helps shovel dirt onto the body of his friend Chocolate in the city of Copiapo, Atacama region, Chile.

Hatchling turtles face an uphill battle from birth as they fight their way out of nests under a layer of sand. Scientists have discovered that by digging together, hatchlings can save precious energy

The Goddard inquiry will examine how public bodies handled their duty of care to protect children from abuse. It was launched in the wake of the Jimmy Savile (pictured) scandal.

Nikki Hotston booked a holiday for her family to Tunisia in August last year during the school holidays but had to re-book following a terrorist attack on the popular resort of Port El Kantaoui.

Andrea Jones (pictured), from Gwynedd, Wales, duped her ex-partner into taking out payday loans after she 'begged' him to help her pay for private medical care which would cure her, a court heard.

Researchers at the University of Exeter has shown that burying beetles (pictured) evolve different shaped genitals, in response to the males' desire to have more sex than the females.


A team, led by researchers at the University of California, Davis, used gravitational lensing see faint stars which lay behind a distant galaxy, more than 13 billion light years away (pictured).

PC Mark Scruby, who served with Sussex Police for 14 years, was sacked after a gross misconduct hearing at the county's constabulary headquarters in Lewes.

Terrifying moment Renault Clio is sent spinning off the M1 nearly smashing into broken

The shocking dashcam footage captures a reckless truck driver clip the Renault travelling along the M1. The car spins out of control and narrowly avoids a vehicle parked on the hard shoulder. The footage was posted on YouTube and the uploader wrote under the video the driver of the HGV was 'foreign', but the identity of the driver has not been confirmed.

The footwear company has debuted the 'Starbucks Edition' brown-colored sneakers, which feature the signature green and white colors of the coffee giant's logo.


The guitarist passed away on Thursday morning at a hospice in Danvers, Massachusetts at 7:30 am, according to a report from Rolling Stone .

Victims of the worst-offending housemates have taken to social media to publicly shame them for their horrifying habits, including one who killed a pet rabbit and used its bones in a Satanic ritual.

A couple have been arrested after performing a sexual act while watching the hit blockbuster film Batman v Superman at a cinema in Manchester city centre.

Scientists at the Edith Cowan University in Australia found curcumin, a chemical in the spice, blocks the formation of amyloid plaques, which are the most common hallmark of the disease.

Reece Humphreys, 30, from London, was on a stag do in Poland when he tried to ride the off-road model up a grassy embankment while on a Segway guided tour in the Old Town of Krakow.

Apple unveiled its new Apple Store design in San Francisco's Union Square Thursday. And it's really something, with bold design choices that will dazzle and baffle in equal measure.

Real Housewives of Cheshire's Dawn Ward's ‘witch hunted’ over Warford Hall plans

Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward has blamed a 'witch hunt' after more than a hundred neighbours opposed her plans to build a conference and wedding venue at her home. The interior designer has already been handed planning approval to erect an extension to her 10-bed £13.5m Warford Hall mansion (pictured right) in Alderley Edge. But she must gain approval for a 'change of use' so the yet-to-be constructed extension (pictured bottom right), which at the moment is for living and office space, can be used for 'conference/banquet facilities'. Some 150 residents have registered their objection to the plan, many citing the noise they believe the venture would bring, with Ms Ward (pictured top left with husband and ex-footballer Ashley Ward) slamming the reaction as 'ludicrous'.

Nym (pictured), who is believed to be seven years old, was blinded when she was brutally abused at a kennel in Bucharest. She was rescued by a local and flown to England by Blind Dog Rescue UK.

Google and IMAX are developing a virtual reality camera in collaboration. This will enable filmmakers and content creators to deliver 3D 360-degree content to audiences worldwide.

Northumbria Police Chief Constable Steve Ashman (pictured) is accused of bullying Denise Aubrey, the force's former head of legal services, leaving her feeling 'scared' of him.

Wayne Axel Rose Mavin (pictured), 24, from Blyth in Northumberland, posted the offensive photograph after pleading guilty to grooming the young girl. He was jailed for four years.

Almost a million eager Chinese tourists have visited Shanghai Disneyland's public areas in the past 23 days - despite the fact it doesn't officially open until June 16.

In a scene reminiscent of Hollywood blockbuster Fast and the Furious, CCTV shows the car tearing down the road and jumping the roundabout before landing with a crash, in Braila, Romania.

Eve Morrison, 20, a make-up artist from Liverpool, paid £250 to have her lip outlines tattooed as she felt they were 'wonky' and disliked them. She's been left with a dark mark that may be permanent.

Brutal violence exploded onto the streets of Aberdeen when a group of men and women clashed outside a graveyard, just yards away from the city's police HQ.

The woman, known as Evalion and believed to be Canadian, admitted she was a Holocaust denier and called Hitler a 'brilliant' and 'compassionate man' in a video entitled 'Why Hitler Wasn't Evil'.

Picture Shows: Jeremy Clarkson  May 19, 2016
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 Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond spotted filming their rival 'Top Gear' show for Amazon as they replicate the Doughnut spins on a track mocking their BBC rivals recent controversy when they filmed in the heart of London. 
 The former 'Top Gear' presenters were testing out their cars in Devon and Somerset in England.
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They're never ones to shy away from of controversy. And Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were at it again as they performed a controversial doughnut trick while filming for their new Amazon show.

Have you see our mum? Lost baby owls spotted by Chinese park rangers become internet stars

Three adorable baby owls have melted the hearts of millions on the Chinese internet after they got lost at a Chinese forest park. The tiny birds have been picked up by rangers at Pu'er National Forest Park in the province of Yunnan recently, according to local media. Keepers at the park have adopted the young bird and hope to release them back to nature in three months.

Yang Yang, 11 months old, of Yibin, in south-western China's Sichuan Province, was born with the long tail due to a neural tube defect in which his spine didn't form properly in the womb.

The jay-walking beast and another deer were attempting to cross in front of three lanes of traffic in Springdale, Ohio when disaster - or, more specifically, a white SUV - struck.

A woman in south-west China was knocked off her scooter in a road accident on May 18. Instead of getting up off the floor, she reportedly continued her conversations on social media.

Fans of the high street eatery have been posting their reviews of steak bakes and other favourites on the Facebook group 'Greggs Talk UK/EU', giving them a rating out of ten.

Elements like gold were created when mind-bogglingly dense neutron stars crushed into each other (artist's impression shown), according to research by MIT's Kavli Institute, in Massachusetts.

Is this the most Instagrammed coffee ever? Hot drink served in a CONE becomes a online hit

Dayne Levinrad, of The Grind Coffee Company, in South Africa, launched the product and he now claims there have been nearly one million images posted using the #coffeeinacone around the world. The coffee combines ice cream, coffee and chocolate - all Instagram favourites - while topping off with foaming milk in a heart shape. Although it sounds like a recipe for a leaking disaster, Dayne quickly found he couldn't use ordinary cones. He had to be inventive. The answer was to make their own cones and use four layers of chocolate to reinforced them, also adding different percentages of cocoa to each layer of coating inside.

Pro-skater Cody Davis was showing off for his friends as he grinded down a metal handrail outside a house in Minnesota, when he came close to being flattened by a car.

The audience were watching the impressive but bizarre act at a pit in Phuket, Thailand, when the snake leapt into the crowd and prepared to launch a venomous attack.

The officer stopped the blonde woman in a red sports car in Puebla, Mexico. They allegedly began kissing after she asked how she could 'fix things' and even agreed to meet at a nearby store.

If you ever find yourself without an iron never fear - there are other ways to get the creases out of your clothes. Femail found these genius hacks to help flatten clothes.

The rider, known as Farhan, was trying out the extreme G-Max rides at the Clark Quay fairground, in Singapore, when he felt green around the gills and was sick all over his shorts and shirt.

The most congested islands on earth

With limited yet coveted space, islands are sometimes the most densely populated places on Earth with destinations such as Hong Kong and Manhattan proving to be startlingly congested. For example, Santa Cruz del Islote (top left) off Colombia has a population density equivalent of about 300,000 people per square mile - far more than bustling Manhattan (bottom left). Similarly, Migingo Island (inset) has a population density of 250,000 per square mile and its burgeoning population only started arriving in 2002. Venice (top right) is tiny but has a population of 270,000, while the old town of Lubeck (bottom right) in Germany has outgrown its island and sprawled into the surrounding areas.

Zoe Eastman, 33, a barber from Liverpool, got through two bottles of Radox ginseng and black pepper Muscle Therapy bubble bath a week. She says that eating the bubbles was like having an orgasm.

First there were 'brelfies' - or breastfeeding selfies. Now, there's a new viral hashtag doing the rounds on Instagram, which sees mothers upload photos of themselves breastfeeding in funny or unusual places.

Fitness guru Chontel Duncan, from Queensland, Australia, went viral with a comparison of her compact bump next to her friend Nat's larger tummy. Now they've recreated the pic with their newborns.


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Now you can own a luxury home on riverside billionaire's row for just £1.5million

The 100ft houseboat, moored on the Thames at the entrance to Cheyne Walk, known as London's billionaire's row, is on the market for £1.5million. The stunning home (inset), a former Dutch shipping barge, boasts all the luxuries of penthouse living with the added benefit of uninterrupted river views. Pictured, the living room (top left), kitchen (top right), bedroom (bottom left) and dressing room (bottom right).

Images released by NASA show dramatic changes in the world's environment over time. The images appear to support the organisation's fear of global warming.

Group of fathers from San Diego, California, get millions of fans after performing line dance while carrying babies to Wild Cherry's Play That Funky Music during a dance class.

Mac on... celebrity injunctions 

'Good decision, old chap. Everyone's entitled to a bit of privacy.'

Rare photos show John Lennon dressed as a woman with wife Yoko Ono Sean

The remarkable family photos were taken in 1977 - three years before the Beatles legend was shot dead - at a vintage clothing photography studio in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. They show John Lennon switch costumes with his wife so that he dresses as a woman (left) while Yoko dresses as a severe looking Civil War soldier (left). They also brought their son Sean (right), now 40, into the family shot. The photographer, Sanford Kreger, said in a letter (inset) that when Sean started fidgeting and became impatient during the shoot Lennon turned to him and said just as he likes to play, adults need time for fun and games too.



Cat video of feline who thinks it's a snake slithering down stairs on YouTube

This astonishing video shows the black furball on a marble staircase and, with its head slightly cocked to one side, it flops its body downwards step by step. After five 'flops', it perks up again and races back up the stairwell, reacting to a ball that someone has thrown.

An Imgur user has compiled some of the worst fan art on the internet and made a comprehensive gallery showing what it would look like in real life - with terrifying results.

The octopus (pictured) was snapped on the coast of Kent floating in water about a foot deep - an extremely rare place to find the creature given its usual habitat of underwater rocky crags.

Co-founder of Cambridge-based Owlstone Medical, Billy Boyle, helped to develop the microchip sensor technology following the death of his wife Kate Gross, from colon cancer.

He's not a-moosed! Painful moment a moose faceplants after slipping on the ice 

The beast was wandering frozen and slippery Canadian roads when he a took a hilarious tumble. It slowly approached a car placing one hoof in front of the other struggling to maintain balance. But the poor creature scrambled on the slippery surface, and ended up falling flat on its face. It smashed its snout on the icy road but swiftly got up and carried on making its ponderous way.