MAME Player



07th Nov 2009

MAME Player 1.10.5

* Fixed crash with Chinese OS language packs installed.
* Fixed pause brightness slider value range.

25th July 2009

MAME Player 1.10.3

* Changed crsshairpath to crosshairpath.


27th May 2009

MAME Player 1.10.2

Just a small update as usual.

Either delete your existing mp.ini OR add sortfav=1 at the bottom on a new line. Thanks.


10th April 2009

MAME Player 1.10.1

* Fixed: bug if you selected 'no' for fastscan.


09th April 2009

MAME Player 1.10

Best delete your existing mp.ini, thanks.


31st May 2008

MAME Player 1.9


19th March 2008

MAME Player 1.8.8

* Fixed: context menu doesn't include the snap and rename items if viewed from right clicking either
the status bar, or the listview's non item area.


19th March 2008

MAME Player 1.8.7

No need to delete your existing mp.ini if upgrading from 1.8.4

* Fixed: picture files that match set names e.g. flyers, can no longer be renamed.
* Fixed: if ".png" is removed in the input box when renaming snaps, the file will still save with
the file extension.
* Fixed: renaming snaps now requires the filename to be 4 digits.
* Fixed crash when reading snaps from a folder with a space in the name.
* Fixed wrong naming of driver ini files when using notepad and not the interface.
* Added a toolbar icon for Paths/Directories.
* Added: Delete menu to the context menu.
* Fixed: Delete *.dif Files now works.
* Fixed crash when clicking "Delete" and then "Change" on "." for INI Files (Paths/Directories).
* Changed: "." is now hidden for INI Files, as it's an essential path (Paths/Directories).
* Fixed: "." can now be changed for Fonts (Paths/Directories).
* Added: "Record Sound/Video..." menu item, which records both sound and video. It's quite laggy for
some games on my althon64 3000+.
* Changed Common dialog from XP to NT style.
* Added Vector Options to the Options menu and to the non contextual right click menu.
* Added a small help label to the options dialog for all the different ini types. This can be turned
off in preferences.

11th February 2008

MAME Player 1.8.6

No need to delete your existing mp.ini if upgrading from 1.8.4

* Removed "Add Root" from Paths/Directories dialog.
* Fixed: "." can no longer be deleted or changed from inipath.
* Added a check for "." within inipath (".;" will be prefixed if not found).
* Fixed joystick select becoming disabled after showing the about dialog.
* Added: the picture area now shows snapshot_directory\setname\0000.png by default, unless you are
showing pictures like flyers, then pictures will take precedence over snaps.
* Added: scroll buttons to the picture area to allow scrolling through snaps for given set.
* Added: Delete and Rename snapshot menu items to the picture area's context menu.

01st February 2008

MAME Player 1.8.5

No need to delete your existing mp.ini if upgrading from 1.8.4

* Fixed 'Seconds to run' text box allowing blank entry to save (0 is the default).
* Fixed 'Seconds to run' text box allowing non numeric values.
* Fixed options dialog showing gamename.ini name when confirming a drivername.ini deletion.
* Fixed bug in show available/unavailable/fav menu items becoming wrongly checked.
* Added 'Game speed' slider to default options...advanced.
* Fixed main application caption not updating to new mame version, when changing a rom path
(if your mame.exe has changed).
* Added a scrollbar (end of toolbar) to select up/down the setlist. (same as keyboard up/down and joy select).

21st January 2008

MAME Player 1.8.4

You will need to delete your existing mp.ini