Can you match the house for sale with the car in its driveway?

They say first impressions count, particularly for those looking to sell their home. With this in mind, we picked some properties for sale to see can guess what cars they have parked on their drive. As TV's Kirstie Allsopp says, what often makes people choose one property other another is perhaps something people don't even acknowledge themselves - and that's aspiration.

The average cost of renting a property in the UK, excluding London, has increased to £764 a month, it has been revealed. But what does this actually buy a tenant?

These details would pique the attention of many a struggling renter in the capital - particularly given figures published today that showed tenants typically pay almost £1,600 a month.

Average price of UK property is £2,216 per square metre - but £11,321 in Kensington

The most expensive floorspace in the country is in, perhaps not surprisingly, the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea at £11,321 per sq m. That equates to £120,000 for a double bedroom - compared to £10,700 in the UK's cheapest location, Airdrie in Scotland.

Most of London's property market has seen values rise by 8.2 per cent during the past year. But the most expensive parts of the capital are the exception, with values dropping by as much as 12 per cent.

How much will your house be worth in 2030? Map of UK house price forecasts

The average price of a home in England will be more than £450,000 in 2030, new research mapping out what house prices could look like across the UK claims. Estate agents eMoov admitted that this was simply a projection of 'what may happen' but said that it had done so not to celebrating such a potential rise but warn of the consequences.

Struggling would-be first-time buyers and home movers have been offered a 'lifeline' from Barclays Mortgages. The lender will let them have a home loan without having to put down a deposit.

Barclays' new 100% mortgage will undoubtedly be popular - especially among first-time buyers. But should alarm bells be ringing, asks MYRA BUTTERWORTH

Families looking for an affordable three-bedroom house within a 40 minute commute of central London can still find some properties fitting the bill in some hotspots.

However, concerns that landlords would increase rents substantially in a bid to recoup their losses have so far been 'unfounded', according to insurer HomeLet.

Would you live rent free with these two men in their multi-million penthouse?

A luxury penthouse with a chef and chauffeur at your disposal, a large double room with en suite and a fridge full of beer sounds too good to be true. MailOnline went to investigate and meet the two men behind the online advert that recently appeared on the flatshare website We met the the live-in landlord Andrew Michael and tenant Kai Feller.

Despite soaring house prices in the South East, the average price of a home in 53 per cent of towns and cities in Britain is still below 2007 values, new research reveals.

The Lifetime Isa, which allows workers to save up to £4,000 to buy a first home costing less than £450,000, is designed to help people like Mia Fisher (pictured), 20, who is already saving up for one.

Research found that 34% of working tenants admit they don't know how long they could pay their rent for, while 64 per cent said they could only survive on their savings for three months or less.

Notting Hill flat above bookshop from Julia Roberts film on sale for £1.5M

The independent Travel Book Company on Portobello Road was owned by Hugh Grant's character Will Thacker and visited by Julia Robert's Hollywood superstar character Anna Scott. In reality, the shop never existed, but the bookshop upon which it was based did - around the corner in Blenheim Crescent.

Nine out of 10 homeowners expect property values to rise in the next six months. It comes despite uncertainty about the housing market due to the EU Referendum and global economic outlook.

Wealthy buyers are searching for more than just home cinemas and gyms. This £14million FLAT in London's Kensington has a private pool, a yoga area and a drinks bar.

Grand Designs' homeowners make tidy profits from their TV-featured properties

Everyone loves a good Grand Design - something that has helped to make it one of the most popular property shows on TV. Yet after pouring everything into designing and building their perfect homes, some owners have decided to move on, with three Grand Designs currently on the market. The owners of a seven-bedroom castle in Yorkshire (left), left the owners 'exhausted and scarily remortgaged up to the hilt', according to the show's presenter Kevin McCloud (inset). The purchase and redesign cost around £900,000 and the house is on sale for £1,650,000. A four-bedroom 'doughnut-shaped' property in Milton Keynes (top right), which was built in a couple's back garden for £400,000, is currently on the market for £1million. The couple behind the build, Peter Berkin and his wife Chard, were at odds at the end of the project. 'Peter is going to be happy here,' said Mrs Berkin, before adding: 'It has been positive because I am still here with him.' Meanwhile a six-bedroom house in Newport (bottom right) is on sale for £1,795,000 with the owners refusing to be drawn on how much they had spent on the build.

Have you checked out how much your neighbour's house is worth online? You'll be joining the 19 MILLION Britons who have, according to new research.

The rundown terrace property reveals the humble beginnings of the a member of the world's biggest band. It is due to be auctioned this evening at the famous Cavern Club.

Liverpool tops the list of property hotspots after seeing a 40 per cent increase in property prices. It is followed by Conwy in North Wales and Bradford.

Buyers opt for practical rather period features when it comes to securing a new home, meaning they will prioritise a good broadband signal over highly-rated schools.

Top 10 fixer-uppers for under £50K - but do you have the stomach for them? 

For those looking for a renovation, here's our pick of the best projects for sale. There's something for all budgets, whether it's a £15K property in Derbyshire or a £3m house in North London. You may just need longer than the Easter weekend to complete them.

Could you live in a house with no corners? Cylindrical Grade II listed home goes on sale

The Grade II listed property has been transformed into a stunning - if unusual - home with barely a corner in sight, hence its name the Round House.

Dartford is the fastest place in Britain to sell a home as it attracts increasing numbers of buyers priced out of London. It takes just 16 days to sell a home in the Kent borough.

A new graduate map identifies areas that combine affordable properties with the highest salaries to suggest some of the best places to live for those who have just finished university.

House prices along the new London Underground Elizabeth Line have soared, as the prospect of better transport adds tens of thousands to property values.

A list of best commuter towns for homebuyers has been produced using a new online tool that takes into account your budget and how long you are prepared to commute for.

Hampshire district retains the top spot in the 50 best places to live in the UK

A tranquil corner of Hampshire has been named as offering residents the best quality of life in the UK for an impressive fifth year in a row. Residents earn well above the average salary in Hart, Hampshire, and are the healthiest in the UK, according to the annual top 50 places to live in the UK list by Halifax.

We choose our top 10 medieval homes - and there's something for everyone whether your budget is £600,000 or £6million.

The two bedroom flats do not have any windows. Instead they have light wells, which are vertical shafts roofed with glass to allow in natural light.

Residents in South Oxfordshire score well on health, life expectancy and high wages compared to other rural areas in the country. Chiltern and Rutland take the next two spots.

With its high panelled ceilings, extravagant curtain drapes and larger than life pictures in the drawing room, this may be one of the most opulent apartments in the country.

Many Britons are unaware of the extra charges applied to non-EU residents selling their EU properties, potentially adding thousands to their tax bill.

It may look like many other mansions that grace the streets of Central London, but this four-bedroom house on Victoria Road in Kensington is property gold.

YouTubers Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr splashed out £2m on London home

They've struck gold on advertising linked to their internet channels and now high-profile YouTubers are buying multi-million properties to match their enviable lifestyles. Jim Chapman and his wife Tanya Burr are the latest to have bought a luxury home - with a private garden for their beloved dog Martha.

Sir Michael Caine's former London home is for sale for £5M 

The luxury home, which is in a gated development near Hyde Park, was The Italian Job actor's address in the 1960s. Today, it has the Hollywood touch with Sonos sound system and designer kitchen. It is for sale through estate agents Kay & Co for £4.95m

We examine some of questions buyers have about buying a property in two of the most popular destinations for winter sports fanatics - France and Austria.

Despite house prices rising, it is still possible to buy a home for as little as £15,000 - the price of a Ford Fiesta Titanium. But you'll need to be in Preston, in Lancashire, according to new research.

Hallways needn't be neglected. They can be fabulously stylish, welcoming and a feature in their own right.

DAA9MK Pendrills Cottage, the retirement home of fictional detective and beekeeper Sherlock Holmes, in East Dean, East Sussex, England

What difference does it make to the sale of a house when prospective buyers know that a famous person has lived there?




What would you find most attractive in a potential home?

What would you find most attractive in a potential home?

  • Spacious rooms 341 votes
  • Open-plan living 148 votes
  • Expensive kitchen 91 votes
  • Luxury bathroom 49 votes
  • Large garden 157 votes
  • Chance to extend 61 votes
  • Period features 142 votes

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