NASA looks at Pi in the Sky

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has crafted a stellar math challenge to show students of all ages how NASA scientists and engineers use the mathematical constant pi.


Visualize Pi Kickstarter Project

Students from The Green School in East Williamsburg Brooklyn combine mathematics and art to VISUALIZE Pi as a mural in their community! Watch the video about the Visualize Pi project on Kickstarter.


The New Yorker: Why Pi Matters

“So it’s fair to ask: Why do mathematicians care so much about pi?” Read the excellent article by Steven Strogatz about infinity and more. Also in The New Yorker: Pi memorization and Pi in Cryptography.


Memorization Showdown

“A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, especially when it’s about something as beautiful as the infinite decimal places of pi.” from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.


Pi Day Clock

The site has created a special pi second of the century clock. Check it out as it highlights the digits in time as they match the digits of pi in your part of the world. If you want to see what time it is every day in terms of pi, this is the wall […]


A fugue on Pi

I absolutely love this fugue based on the first handful of digits of pi by Greg Ristow.