I get a lot of e-mails and comments about whether or not a perm is a good idea. If youre thinking about it and you havent read Should I Get A Perm?, then thats a great place to start! Perms arent for everyone, so if you decide against ittry one of the perm alternatives listed below!

RememberIf youre hair has been colored, highlighted, or is very damaged then you should NOT get a perm! Just trust me on this, you will not be happier with your hair if you get the perm.

Some people just want a change, so they think

Hey, maybe Ill just get a perm! Ive always wanted those beachy, wild waves!.

Thats not going to happen with a perm. Not going to happen. Great hair that looks effortless isnt that easy(unless those beachy waves are natural), so some of these perm alternatives are perfect for those days when you have some extra time to style your hair!


Heated Tools


Bed Head Dual Waver

Most of you have already tried curling your hair and you arent satisfied with the results. Either your curls fall out within minutes, or you just arent good at curling your hair(you could also be using the wrong products, or worseno products).

Getting a perm will not make everyone happy. Having effortless curls everyday may be more of a hassle than you realize, especially if youve never had them. Once you get the perm your hair texture will be completely different and will last for several months.

Theres no going back, so try one of these awesome heated tools:

Dont forget to use the right products when youre curling or waving your hair with heated tools! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Root Booster- You need some volume at the root, and unless youre a hairstylist you probably have a little bit of trouble doing that with a curling iron. Applying a good root booster when your hair is wet and blow-drying it properly will do the trick. Check out some of my favorite root boosters. Check out some of my favorite root boosters here!
  • Mousse- Applying mousse before you blow-dry will help to amplify your hair and give it a little texture. Soft & clean hair does not curl well, and will not hold the curl for very long. You need to dirty it up for better curls/waves! Check out some of my favorite mousse products here!
  • Thermal Spray- These are great for frizz and they make your style last so much longer. Be choosy with which thermal spray you use because some of them make the hair crunchy or hard. If you dont need that additional hold, then youll want to use one for shine.
  • Hairspray- You ALWAYS need a good hairspray! I curl my hair in 3 sections(bottom, middle, top), and I give a good spray to each layer after Ive curled it. Then I spray all of my hair when Im doneright-side-up and upside-down! Check out some of my favorite hairsprays here!


Hot Rollers


Babyliss Ceramic Ionic Roller Set

Hot rollers are not for everyone, but they are great for volume and your hair is basically styling itself while you put your makeup on.

The most frustrating part about using rollers is actually rolling the hair. A lot of people try hot rollers, and it feels like more work than it is.so the rollers go in the closet.

If youre new to hot rollers.

Practice rolling your hair on the weekends and wash/dry your hair in the evening instead of in the morning.

That way all you have to do is wake up and pop in a few rollers!

I prefer to use about 5-8 rollers on top and use a curling iron on the bottom & middle layers. Its easier and fasterI just curl a few big sections of hair and spray them. No one sees that hair anyways and you dont need the volume in those areas.

Here are the most popular hot roller sets:


Velcro Rollers


Conair Self-Grip Rollers

Velcro rollers are best for damaged or over-processed hair that should not be exposed to excessive heat.

This option is a little more time-consuming, so its usually a last resort.

If your hair is so damaged that you should not use flat irons or curling irons, then you may want to try velcro rollers.

Here are some great velcro roller sets:

How to use velcro rollers:

  • Lightly towel-dry and comb your hair.
  • Apply your favorite products(root booster, mousse, leave-in conditioner, etc.).
  • Roll your hair with the velcro rollers(no fastener is needed, but you may use pin curl clips).
  • Spray your hair with a very light hairspray or thermal spray(optional).
  • Let your hair air dry or use a dryer bonnet(easy and fast-use medium heat for excessively damaged hair). When your hair is dry use the cool setting for about 1-3 minutes before removing the bonnet and rollers.


New Haircut

Are you just tired of your hair? Is it curls that you want, or do you feel like youve tried everythingso a perm is all thats left?

Just ask yourself why you want the perm before you go through with it. Perms arent for everyone, so make sure you want one because you really want curls and not because you just want a change.


Keratin Treatment

I know, this is completely opposite of getting a perm. Keratin treatments are on my perm alternatives list because SO many people e-mail me asking if they should get a perm or a keratin treatment. This is yet another example of how people are just bored with their hair, they dont know how to style it, theyre using the wrong products, etc.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as going to an amazing stylist that knows what you need, teaches you how to achieve the look, and recommends the right products for you. If you love your stylist and you really just want a perm, or keratin treatmentyou need to ask yourself why you want the change and what kind of look youre going for.

Keratin treatments are safe for colored hair and they make getting ready in the morning SO much easier! If youre thinking about getting a keratin treatment, but you dont know if its right for youread my post- Should I Get A Keratin Treatment?



Maybe youre just bored with your hair, but youre not ready for a major haircut. If you want to keep your length, then try getting bangs. It seems like something small, but bangs can change everything!

When its time for me to trim my bangs I always forget that its all I need. My hair just doesnt style as well when theyre grown out, and once I cut them its like a brand new day!

If youre not sure if bangs are for youcheck out my post, To Bang Or Not To Bang?. I compare full bangs and side bangs, explain cowlicks and help you decide which bangs(or no bangs) are right for you!

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