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Welcome 2016 for nice flights!

WARNING ! New Website.

Do you know EASA?
We all have dreamed of an EASA that would allow us to live our passion and that would open for us the doors of a world where the limits would be the sky...
We are pleased to anounce to you that this EASA was born during the 2015 season in Serres!
Eagles Alpine Soaring Academy.
Quo Vadis welcomes you on the airfield with EASA as a new partner. This  organisation brings incredible freshness in Serres. 
All that you would like to know about EASA is on the new website will not be updated anymore

January 6th, 2015: Message of Klaus. INFO SERRES 2015

Dear friends,

It's a little bit unusual that I hold a kind of New Year speech to you. But I want to inform you about many, from my point of view, very positive changes that are planned in the coming season.

Florent Cattin, the owner of the Dynamic, with which we have towed in the last season, comes as a new partner to our team.

I will continue to hold the briefing, except for occasional absences because of my scientific and promotional projects for gliding. Marta, Robin and Jano will still be there to help you.

Florent will certainly bring a breath of fresh air into our team. In particular, there will be the following, fairly extensive improvements and investments for our flight operations.

1. The asphalt runway will be extended for 250 m. An intensive stone removal and repair the turf by measures such as planting of resistant grass, rolling, fertilization and irrigation is planned.

2. For towing we have 3 aircraft, so that we can bring you much more quickly in the air: 1 Rallye 235 hp, 1 DR300 180R, 1 Dynamic 100 hp, 1 Phoenix 100 hp.

3. 4 electrical and water stations are provided for charging batteries and ballast on the parking areas east of the runway. New cables are planned to fix your gliders.

4. For Charter, school- and mountain flying training, we have a rich offer of gliders.

o 1 ASK13 for basic training
o 2 Duo Discus for Charter and mountain flying training
o 1 LS 4 for basic training and charter
o Ventus 1 CT Turbo
o 1 DG 400

Good news as well: Prices for aero towing and airport fees should be maintained as usual.

No change as well for the fees of Chalets and Camping.

With our new gliders, and very experienced instructors we are able to offer best individual mountain training.

Due to my different promotion projects for gliding I can not offer a fixed schedule for guided flights. We are looking to provide alternatives and flexibility from our side.

Last not least Lison will continue to welcome you in our restaurant with her unique charm and her excellent cuisine.

Our team wishes you a very happy year 2015 with nice flights from Serres.
Kind Regards

Friday, July 19th, 2014 : Seven records for Klaus on the e-Genius an electric airplane.

Throughout last week, the electric twin-seater plane E-Genius was on our airfield for tests as well as world record attemps. This machine uses a sole power source - a lithium polymer 450V battery - thus, the  available capacity is of 50 Ah or 80 kWh. This "theoretically" allows it to travel, in stable weather conditions, 500 km at an average speed of 150 km/h. The maximum weight of the aircraft is 900 kg, including 280 kg for the battery.

In two flights, on July 18th and 19th, Klaus achieved seven world records with the e-Genius (validations by the FAI are pending) :
- Speed on 100 km round trip : 178.1 km/h
- Speed on 500 km round trip : 93.03 km/h
- Distance of 504 km
- Absolute altitude 6,376 m
- Time to climb to 6,000 m : 1:53 min
- Altitude maintained for at least 90s : 6350m
- Speed over 15 km on a straight line: 229.7 km/h

During the flights, the maximum temperature allowed by the electric engine is 120°C which in turn permits the maximum engine power of about 35 kW (47 hp) continuously.

Through these world records, Klaus wishes to promote renewable energy development in aviation. He is convinced that in a few years electric proplusion will be the new standard in recreational aviation. This will occur quite soon where motor-gliders are concerned (cf the already commercialised Silent 2 Electro) and subsequently for aircrafts.

Do you realize that with the e-Genius, during these records, two people made a 100 km flight at 180 km/h while using only 25 kWh of electricity, for a total energy cost of 2.50 € (based on the cost of EDF (French electric company) 0.1 € per kWh)? Astounding, isn't it?

Let's dream for a while. Imagine in two years from now, the e-Genius having charged it's battery using electricity produced by a photovoltaic power plant under construction on the airfield next door at Aspres-sur-Buëch. Electricity directly from producer to consumer ;)

Finally, when you think about it, a flight in a pure glider draws thermonuclear energy from the sun. Indeed, it's the sun who is the source of all thermals as well as winds (dynamic and wave flights) used by glider pilots. Adding an electric propulsion means in a glider using photovoltaic electricity is an optimized utilization of this incredible and unfailing source of renewable energy that our sun is!!

The e-Genius at the service station. Click to enlarge
The electron tube in the tank. Click to enlarge
The electron pump screen. Click to enlarge
Klaus Ohlmann and his co-pilot before departing for a record. Click to enlarge

July 12th, 2014: A new tandem glider available ;)

Click to enlarge
Duo Discus F-CHTE

Starting July 14th, EAGLES offers flights in a Duo Discus, two-seater glider adding on to the fleet ...

The glider is available for accompanying training "Cross-country" or advanced "Mountain training".The price per week (Sunday to Friday) is 1580 € in Mountain flying and 1800 € accompaniment cross-country flights.

For members of the Club EAGLES, rental rates are 180 € / day or 1300 € / week.

Reservations can be made with Marta or via the contact form. Enjoy your flights ;)

Saturday, June 21st, 2014: on the airfield also it is the music's day!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014: IT IS HERE!

Sunday, June 8 at 20:00 by air from the Czech Republic, the UL tow-plane "Phoenix" touched its wheels on the airfield at Serres-La Batie. It is now at home ;)
Monday, Klaus did some tryouts on the UL while on the groundthanks to the manufacturer's explanations - disassembly / reassembly of the aircraft, engine maintenance .... Early Tuesday morning,Klaus and Fred made the first flights, discovering the aircraft. In the coming days the Phoenix will go to the National Gliding Centre (CNVV) in St Auban for a serie of towing tests with Daniel Serres of the CNVV. Only when these tests are accomplished and validated by the French Authorities, the Phoenix will be allowed to tow you. Of course, we will keep you posted as the situation evolves.

Click to enlarge
Unrigging the wing extensions.
Click to enlarge
Propeller settings
Click to enlarge
Preparations for the first flight... by Klaus flying the Phoenix

Sunday, June 1st 2014: The beginning of the season for the CARMAM M-200 ;)

The two-seater wood and canvas CARMAM M200

The only two-seater wood and canvas flying in Serres made ​​its first flight of the season this Sunday. A five-hour flight among the beautiful clouds. What happiness for its pilot and owner, Pascal. A little video to capture the moment.

Monday, the 5th: TF1, French national TV, is shooting at the airfield

A TV team from TF1 is shooting here during all the week. The topic is about Klaus and his shool, his gliding concept and of course his flight abov Everest. The is to be soon displayed on french chanel 1, TF1, in a program called "sept à huit". We will inform you as soon as we know the date.

Shooting moments

February 6th: Video - Climb on board with Klaus for a tour over M. Everest!

Click on the photo to see the HD video

February 1st 2014 : Himalaya - Mission Accomplished!

Click to enlarge
A pure glider on top of the world!

Klaus has been able to acheive his dream by conquering Mount Everest in a glider (without using the engine) through a combinatino of thermals, rotors  and wave. Here is his story.
A more complete report, videos and photos will no doubt be available in the coming weeks. In a few days, Klaus will return to Serres flying the Stemme.

Click to enlarge
Mission accomplished, back to Pokhara.

30.01.2014 : Himalaya, news from Klaus - Video


An other video HQ

You saw certainly never Everest like that

December 10th 2013: Himalya - Here we go again!

Click to enlarge

News from Klaus:see Nepal - Greenflight  or Anssi Soila's blog

Dynamic Soaring:How the Wandering Albatross Can Fly for Free

The wandering albatross spends weeks, even months, at sea without ever returning to land. With precise GPS data and custom navigation software, researchers have finally figured out how.
Click here for the explanations.

0n course to Kathmandu - Dream becomes alive

We are pleased to present you the flight of Klaus Ohlmann and Anssi Soila to join Nepal. They fly the Stemme D-KKOP for a mesurments camp that will take place in Pokhara in november. Tha Mountain wave project is collaborating with other research organisations for this Huge work.
To know more about, see Nepal - Greenflight or Anssi Soila's blog

Saturday, October 12th 2013: The season is over!

The gliders have deserted Serres-La Bâtie until March 1st 2014. Klaus is departing for a scientific mission with the Stemme. More information here.
Nevertheless others are still on here and are preparing your season in 2014. Marta, Loow, Robin and Jano will be the watchers for this winter so your stay in 2014 takes place under the best conditions.
Enjoy a great winter and see you soon on the airfield ;)

August 8th 2013: Glider flying in the Ecrins National

Parc National des Écrins

Here is a map showing the glider flying rules in the Ecrins National Park. The corridors are allowed at more than 2800 m above sea level and 1000 m in width. NB: The corridors outside of the boundaries of the park (purple line) are not subjected to any regulations. They are only there for a better understanding of how to use the corridors.
To integrate these corridors in your browser, you will find here the code lines to input (thank's Martin for the file).

August 6th 2013: So many pilots!

Big crowds are now on the airfield.
See the video here.

The person who gives the exact number of gliders and trailers visible on the video may be entitled to a basket of local products!

May 18th, 2013:A record attempt!

Klaus took off early this morning with his Stemme (before the bad weather caught him up) for an attempt on a continental record for 2000 km towards Austria.
Good luck!

April 2013: Quo Vadis /Eagles : It's a DYNAMIC!

clic to enlarge
clic to enlarge

Quo Vadis / Eagles has rented for 4 months an Ultra-light Dynamic WT9 as a tug-plane. It used to second the trusty Rallye 180 CV "Marsupilami".

All about the UL Dynamic WT9 tug here.

April 2013: For your safety, a document to be read or to re-read!

This is an additional document both technical & illustrated by the French Gliding Federation's "SAFETY AIMS" concerning risks and threats linked to mountain flying.


March 17th, 2013: update your FLARM!

For your safety and that of the other pilots think to update your Flarm with the last version 5.09 of March, 2013. To download it is here.
And do not forget to look outside!!!

You can all learn to pilot a glider!!!!

Solar energy: 4 CO2-free world records with solarplane SEIKO Icaré 2

Seiko Icaré 2 with a happy Klaus Ohlmann

It needed some time for FAI to recognise the last world records of Klaus Ohlmann with the solarplane SEIKO Icaré2, but finally...My special thanks to Heinz Seidel for Transport and his tireless help and Jürgen Eckert, who invented a new documentationsystem for solarplanes in no time.
Special thanks of course for all the students and engineers from IFB Stuttgart, who made wings from a dream.
A small video from the record flight is here:

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