Park'n'ride: The convertible motorhome that doubles up as a two-seater car

A new space-age motorhome doubles up as a dinky two-seater car to make it easier for holidaymakers to take a spin around their resort.

The cockpit of the environmentally-friendly Colim vehicle detaches to reveal its two-seater form, which due to its secure connection between the car and living quarters removes the weaving dangers associated with traditional caravans.

The extraordinary design, which bridges the gap between motorhome, caravan and car, can sleep a family of four and is more fuel efficient than a traditional motorhome.

Colim motorhome

The Colim motorhome allows drivers to detach the cockpit so they can drive around the resort more efficiently. The vehicle has a top speed of 90mph

Colim motorhome

It has a top speed of 90mph and features an interior that can be customised to fit a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and seating area.

Designer Christian Susana, 36, from Erlangen, Germany, believes the Colim's iconic sleek curves are most likely to appeal to women buyers.

He said: 'The Colim bridges the gap between caravan and campervan and lifestyle and business.'

Mr Susana is now looking for a company to put the vehicle into full scale production.