Keith Jarrett: Bremen, Germany, July 12, 1973, Part I


Bremen, Germany, July 12, 1973, Part I


Keith Jarrett (piano)


Solo-Concerts: Bremen / Lausanne (ECM 1035/37)

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Keith Jarrett (piano).

Compsed by Keith Jarrett


Recorded: Bremen, July 12, 1973


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

Jazz musicians have always emphasized improvisation in their work. But few have taken this reliance on spontaneous creation to the lengths Keith Jarrett has assayed in his solo concerts. He pioneered the (still rare) concept of an entirely improvised piano recital, wholly inspired by the muse of the moment. But if the concept is exciting, Jarrett's execution of this ambitious idea is even more impressive. The ECM recording of Jarrett's 1973 Bremen concert represented the first attempt to capture this type of work on tape and present it on record. This disk may not have sold as well as the The Köln Concert from 1975 or matched the scope of Jarrett's massive Sun Bear Concerts (originally released on ten LPs) from 1976, but for sheer musicality and inventiveness it is hard to top the recital in Bremen. Here is piano music that is rich in complexity, subtle in detail, and completely free of cliché. One of my desert island disks.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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