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The World's Lithospheric Plates

PlateArea (km2)PlateArea (km2)
Pacific103,300,000Scotia  1,600,000
North America 75,900,000Burma microplate  1,100,000
Eurasia 67,800,000Fiji microplates  1,100,000
Africa 61,300,000Tonga microplate    960,000
Antarctica 60,900,000Mariana microplate    360,000
Australia 47,000,000Bismark microplate    300,000
South America 43,600,000Juan de Fuca    250,000
Somalia 16,700,000Solomon microplate    250,000
Nazca 15,600,000South Sandwich microplate    170,000
India 11,900,000Easter microplate    130,000
Philippine Sea  5,500,000Juan Fernandez microplate      96,000
Arabia  5,000,000Rivera microplate      73,000
Caribbean  3,300,000Gorda microplate      70,000
Cocos  2,900,000Explorer microplate      18,000
Caroline microplate  1,700,000Galapagos microplate      12,000

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