Kanye West's Webster Hall gig nearly causes a riot in New York

Chaos erupted outside Kanye West's secret concert in New York City after thousands of desperate fans descended on the venue, forcing officials to cancel the gig. Police were called in to control the crowd as people swarmed around Webster Hall and climbed on top of cars to get a better view as rumors swirled about the gig. Kanye was heard asking for Mayor Bill de Blasio to shut down the block in a Snapchat taken by wife Kim Kardashian after a stampede outside the venue. Fans went wild and chased the rapper, who was standing out of a sunroof, when he arrived in a car, but he wasn't able to perform. Webster Hall announced there would be 'no late show'. Fans were sprayed by cops after one group smashed a window but the disturbance was brought to an end around 3.15am.

Brock Turner's father said he should not be punished after his son was found guilty of

The father of the 20-year-old Stanford University swimmer found guilty of raping an unconscious 23-year-old woman at a campus party has penned a letter (inset) saying his son is paying a high price for '20 minutes of action'. Brock Allen Turner (right) was found guilty Thursday for sexually assaulting the woman, who has not been identified. On Sunday, Turner's father, Dan A. Turner (pictured right in left image), penned an open letter about the verdict of the rape case, arguing his son's jail sentence 'isn't an appropriate punishment'.

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NEW Mark Zuckerberg's social media accounts have been hacked by Saudi-based group OurMine, who found the Facebook founder's password's through a recent LinkedIn breach.

NEW A series of hilarious observations about married life have been shared on Imgur. While many of the men took the opportunity to joke about their bossy spouses other paid tribute.

(Original Caption) This is a baby portrait of Adolf Hitler. Undated photograph.

NEW Otto Hitler was born three years after Adolf in Braunau am Inn, northern Austrian, but died from hydrocephalus, a swelling of the brain, after just one week.

Muhammad Ali's children who will be fighting over his fortune pictured

It was a moving display of family unity: nine children with four women gathered around the bedside of dying Muhammad Ali. They had rushed from all corners of the US, said his spokesman, to share the final moments of a man whose chaotic family life had always been subsumed under his glorious public one. On Sunday, his body returned home to Louisville, pictured inset, where he will be laid to rest on Friday. After the funeral there are fears that the gloves will be off in the battle over the boxer's $80million fortune and, perhaps equally importantly, who guides the legacy of such a legend. Ali, who died Friday aged 74, is pictured center with some of his children - (from left) Jamillah, Maryum (standing), Khaliah (sitting), adopted son Asaad, Hana, Miya, Laila and Rasheda.

Muhammad Ali final picture reveals the devastating effects of Parkinson's

The harrowing effects of more than three decades fighting Parkinson's can be seen in these extraordinary images of Muhammad Ali published today by the Daily Mail for the first time. However, so too is the unmistakeable hint of a smile. British photographer Zenon Texeira was invited into Ali's home in Phoenix, Arizona, at the end of March with the blessing of the former world champion's family. Ali passed away on Saturday aged 74 after a 32-year battle with the neurodegenerative disease.

Hundreds of mourners gathered outside Muhammad Ali's home to reflect on the life of a man who inspired a nation not only through his fighting in the ring, but how he fought for justice and peace.

Thousands of bees have swarmed a mural bearing the famous Muhammad Ali quote, 'float like a butterfly, sting like a bee'. The mural is just outside Ali's childhood home in Louisville, Kentucky.

Deshauna Barber wins Miss USA

Miss District of Columbia Deshauna Barber has been crowned Miss USA. The 26-year-old army officer, whose mother, father and sister have also served their country, broke down in tears as she was declared the winner. She claimed the title after giving a strong answer when asked about women in combat, saying that gender doesn't limit women in the U.S.

NEW Dr Sergio Diez Alvarez, director of medicine at The Maitland and Kurri Kurri Hospital, New South Wales, says hormonal differences mean men's immune systems are weaker than women's.

The 18-year-old's Twitter account posted several lewd tweets seen by her over 16 million followers.

The two trains had been travelling on the same track through the town of Hermalle-sous-Huy in eastern Liege when the passenger train violently crashed into a goods train killing three people.

A two-mile stretch of Orange County shoreline has been closed after several large sharks were spotted on Sunday afternoon.

Kim O'Connor, whose shocking footage of little Isiah Dickerson with the 400-pound silverback shocked millions around the world, said the child was minutes from death.

Miss California moves Miss USA pageant by revealing her battle with anorexia

Miss California was named the fan favorite and moved the Miss USA pageant after admitting her battle with anorexia. Nadia Grace Mejia, the daughter of a 1990s one-hit-wonder singer called 'Rico Suave', made it to the final five of the competition held at the T-Mobile Arena off the Las Vegas Strip on Sunday. But the 20-year-old model was eliminated after she stumbled and paused repeatedly when answering her question on economic inequality. 

Baby born with treacher Collins syndrome is abandoned by adoptive mum

Five-month-old baby, Abigail Lynn, is supposed to be living with her adoptive parents in Georgia, but instead she is at home with her birth mother, Christina Fisher, in Florida. This is because Abigail was born with the rare condition, Treacher Collins syndrome, which means that some of her facial structures are underdeveloped. As a result, her adoptive mother fled the hospital, claiming Abigail was not what she hoped for, and her birth mum kept her instead.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 22:  Actor Dan Aykroyd attends the "Keep It Clean" Comedy Benefit for the Waterkeeper Alliance at Avalon on April 22, 2015 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles City Fire Department said that they had responded to a call at his house at 10am before transporting him to a hospital in Santa Monica.

Judith Balcazar works as director of design for fashion company Wall London. She says changing your style will keep things fresh. She also fasts one day a week.

Donald Trump mocked by Dixie Chicks as they perform on stage with defaced photo of him

The Dixie Chicks kicked off the American leg of their DCX MMXVI world tour in Cincinnati, mocking Donald Trump. While performing Goodbye Earl from their 1999 album, Fly, during a Wednesday show in Cincinnati, a video montage was screened featuring a photo of Trump with devil horns, a mustache and goatee. The band, made up of Natalie Maines, Emily Robison Strayer and Martie Maguire, performed the song about two friends who murder an abusive husband in front of the defaced Trump backdrop.

NEW Barack Obama has made a veiled swipe at Donald Trump's proposal to temporarily stop Muslims immigrating to the US in a message he sent to mark the beginning of Ramadan.

NEW A report analyzed the campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and found there appeared to be a much bigger gender pay gap for workers in Trump's team.

Hillary Clinton overwhelmed Bernie Sanders in Puerto Rico's Democratic presidential primary on Sunday, putting her within striking distance of capturing her party's nomination.

Boise boy internally decapitated in violent crash miraculously survives

Killian Gonzalez (pictured left) is expected to make a full recovery after sustaining the rare injury in the violent crash (inset left) that less than one per cent survive, and which usually leaves victims paralyzed or dead. The child's family is crediting the quick-thinking of Good Samaritan, Leah Woodward (pictured bottom right with Killian's mother, Brandy, left), for saving his life after she and her husband drove up to the scene moments after the crash. In the crash, doctors said Killian was internally decapitated and also suffered from a ruptured spleen, a broken arm and ribs. His mother broke her arm, femur, top of her tibia and ankle. Both are now in recovery.

Embers burn as firefighters approach a brush fire in the foothills outside of Calabasas, Calif. on Saturday, June 4, 2016. A fast-moving brush fire sweeping through hills northwest of downtown Los Angeles has damaged homes and prompted neighborhood evacuations. Los Angeles County fire officials now say the brushfire is threatening about 3,000 homes in the Calabasas neighborhood. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

NEW A raging wildfire sparked by a car crash has finally been reduced to embers after it tore through Calabasas for three days - prompting the evacuation of thousands of homeowners.

Owner of Hollywood party mansion suing Saudi prince for hosting 'wild cocaine' graduation

The owner of a notorious $100,000-a-month Hollywood Hills party mansion (pictured) has hit out at the Saudi Prince he is suing for allegedly trashing it during a wild drug and stripper-fueled graduation bash. Prince Aziz al Saud (inset above center), 29, was renting the 16,000sq ft property from Danny Fitzgerald (inset below center) in August last year when the alleged raucous party took place. Fitzgerald claims in a lawsuit that the prince invited 800 guests to the 10-bedroom home, who allegedly snorted cocaine, smoked marijuana and paid for strippers.

Shocking statistics released by the Texas Education Agency reveal it launched 162 investigations of reported inappropriate teacher-student relationships in just nine months.

Newly elected President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has encouraged his countrymen to shoot and kill drug dealers and fight back in their neighborhoods to aid his war on crime.

The man who has waged war on Disney: China's richest man features fake Disney characters

China's richest man has waged war on Disney, opening up a mammoth theme park (pictured, and crowds inset) that he says will spell the end of Mickey Mouse. Wang Jianlin's (inset top left) Wanda City theme park opened its doors last week and will challenge Disney latest venture, with their new $5.5billion Shanghai attraction launching later this month. 'We want to ensure that Disney will not be able to make a profit in this sector in China for between 10 and 20 years,' Wang said. The Wanda company's park has already enraged senior Disney officials after Captain America and Snow White characters were spotted milling around with guests at their rival's site.

The 19 victims were taken hostage by the terror group in Mosul, Iraq to be used as sex slaves were burnt alive after being locked in iron cages after refusing to have sex with the militants.

The four year old British boy dubbed 'Jihadi Junior' has been filmed detonating the bomb which kills four ISIS prisoners in the group's latest execution video.
Isa Dare, the son of Muslim convert Grace 'Khadija' Dare from south east London, pushes the button that blows up four alleged spies sitting in a white car behind him.
Standing triumphantly next to the charred remains of the car, his hand raised to the sky, the boy then yells: 'Allahu Akbar.'
It is the second time the young boy, who was brainwashed after his mother took him to Syria three years ago, has appeared in one of the extremists' propaganda videos.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3441125/Shocking-new-ISIS-video-shows-four-year-old-British-boy-dubbed-Jihadi-Junior-blowing-four-alleged-spies.html#ixzz4AmWHuQMa 
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Has Jihadi Junior been smuggled 2,000 miles to SWEDEN for an operation? Reports claim four-year-old was moved from Syria after bungling

Isa Dare and his mother, Muslim convert Grace 'Khadija' Dare from south-east London, are said to have somehow managed to travel 2,000 miles, through nine countries, without being challenged.

Teen boy spotted the error in replica of Al Capone's cell in Philadelphia

Joey Warchal (pictured, right), a 13-year-old boy with a love for antiques, had the wherewithal to noticed an error in the meticulously recreated cell of famous gangster Al Capone at The Eastern State Penitentiary museum in Philadelphia. The museum has an impeccable recreation of the jail cell Capone lived in from 1929 to 1930. Joey identified the large cabinet radio included in the exhibit as a Philco A-361, which came out ten years after Capone served time. The 13-year-old emailed the museum's vice president Sean Kelley and offered to find the right piece for them. Kelley agreed and gave the 13-year-old, who is in seventh grade and said he loves English classes, $400 to find a replacement. The museum has planned a cider and cake party to celebrate the arrival of the radio, which will be delivered on June 7.

The giant earthworm, which measured 4ft and weighed 1lb, was spotted in the road ahead of video host and entomologist Phil Torres, who was travelling to the Sumaco Volcano in Ecuador with scientists.

Leading wine writer Jancis Robinson has tipped the notion that you should keep red wine at room temperature on its head, saying that drinkers should keep their tipple in the fridge to slow oxidation.

Tiny Colorado micro-cabin on sale for $66k

A tiny home that could be the smallest in all of Colorado is up for sale. The 'micro-cabin' is set on 35 acres in Northern Colorado and can be purchased for $66,900. Sitting just before the Wyoming border, the tiny wooden home is only 120 square feet and has only one room, but is enough space for anyone in love with ski country.

Cambridge University statistics professor Sir David Spiegelhalter says that if couples make it past seven years the likelihood they will break up falls year on year after that.

Demarco Rhymes, 35, was shot to death after gunfight with police early Saturday, Eufaula Police told multiple news media. He shot at a 42-year-old, 2-year-old and 39-year-old.

The Great Depression in America is brought to life with colour photos

The Great Depression devastated the United States from 1929 to 1939, directly followed by World War II, which lasted until 1945 and kicked American industry into gear. Vivid color photos collated by the Library of Congress capture an era generally only seen in black and white.

NEW The parents of 15-year-old Alexandru Radita, who was found dead at his Calgary home following complications due to starvation, allegedly told friends he had 'died and was resurrected by God'.

NEW Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist from the British Skin Foundation, says acting quickly, dosing up on painkillers and, of course, moisturising will help.

Chicago woman who collects 'reborn' dolls wears a fake bump to mimic pregnancy

Kathryn Barnes (left), 21, from Chicago, says her ten reborn dolls - including models of twins with Down Syndrome (top right) called Aurora and Jaxson - bring her 'joy' and have helped her conquer depression after being bullied at school. However, she was forced to shut down her Instagram account after she received a torrent of abuse for posting pictures of her fake bump (bottom, right) as well as 'sonograms' and hospital test results to tell her reborn-loving followers that a new doll was on its way.

Broadcaster Caryn Franklin appears younger than 57. She confessed that she had been taking the DHEA pill. But Louise Atkinson has stopped taking it due to side-effects.

Porn star Kendall Karson files lawsuit against ex David Garrett over 'abusive

NEW A porn star has filed a lawsuit against her ex alleging that he forced her to drink his urine. Ashley Youdan (left) is asking world famous violinist David Garrett (right) for $12million alleging physical and mental abuse in court papers. Youdan, 28, also claims in her civil court filing that Garrett forced her into rough sex that caused her to break a rib and wanted to hire a sex slave.


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Blake Liebel was working on violent comic book series when girlfriend Iana Kasian was

A Canadian millionaire charged with torturing and killing his new lover was working on a violent comic that may have foreshadowed the alleged murder, it has emerged. Blake Leibel (inset center left, with his ex-wife Amanda Braun), 35, was arrested and accused of murdering his 30-year-old Ukrainian girlfriend Iana Kasian (inset center right) on Thursday after her mangled body was found in his Hollywood apartment. The property heir had been invited his girlfriend to his home to talk about his recent arrest for alleged sexual assault the day before her mangled body was discovered by police. Friends said Leibel - who was also inside the home - had left his heavily pregnant wife and become increasingly paranoid in the months leading up to the killing. He had published a graphic novel that contained cartoons of decapitated and bloodied women (left) and a hand dripping with blood (right), alongside the caption: 'In the end we ALL become monsters.'

Birthing photographer Elle Wickens, from the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, was left heartbroken when her Instagram page featuring photos of birth and breastfeeding mothers was banned.

Nasa astronaut, Jeff Williams is entering the expandable module (BEAM) for the first time on June 6. He will collect data on temperature, pressure and radiation, and assess the structural conditions.

More than four out of five products promoted by pop-stars including Beyoncé offer little in the form of nutrients, according to research from New York University.

Jay Murray, from the UK, knew he was different from aged five. After having a penis made from his forearm skin, Jay, 41, has revealed what it's like to have sex as a transgender man.

Jilted brides take to the Whisper app after being left at the altar

A new thread from secret sharing app Whisper has revealed the devastating aftermath for engaged men and women left at the altar. Many women were blindsided, with one heartbroken bride writing, 'today is my wedding day. My fiance did not show up. I waited for him on the altar the whole day.' Others confessed they feared they'd never be able to love again, while others were reeling from the revelations that their ex went on to marry someone else just months after calling off their nuptials at the last minute.

Cadillac, which has its headquarters in New York, has said it is planning on introducing virtual reality headsets into its smaller dealerships to allow customers to experience vehicles.

These dizzying photographs reveal the densely packed 'village' around Larung Gar Buddhist Institute in China where thousands of Tibetan monks and nuns call home.

A woman in China dyed her hair grey and cut it short to evade the police after she abducted a young boy. The suspect snatched the child while he was playing on then dressed him like a girl.

Funny video shows excitable dog howling like a SEAGULL at the return of its owner

The humorous footage was captured in California and shows a man coming home and being greeted by his three beloved pets. In the clip, the excitable animals run around the house with their tails wagging as he steps inside the room. Moments later one of the dogs become even more excited and jumps up on the arm of the sofa (left). It then begins howling in the most bizarre fashion while its owner makes noises back at it and holds out his arms (middle). The clip concludes with the man picking up the dog as if it were a baby and holding it until it settles down (right).

ENGLEWOOD, CO - APRIL 18: Denver Broncos Aqib Talib addresses the media during a press conference April 18, 2016 at UCHealth Training Facility as the attend the offseason workout program. (Photo By John Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib was at Vlive Club when he and two other people were shot early Sunday morning. Talib was taken to the hospital in 'OK condition' afterwards.

David Gilkey, a veteran news photographer and video editor for NPR, and Afghan translator, Zabihullah Tamanna, were killed while on assignment in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, NPR said.

Predictable, pretty prints have been put to one side this season. Look for Gucci-inspired separates with intricate embroidered detailing. Don't be afraid to clash prints either, just pick one main color.

Cleveland Cavaliers' Kevin Love left early in the third quarter of Game 2, long after he was struck on the back of the head by an elbow from Warriors forward Harrison Barnes in the second quarter.

Florida State professor shot dead by hitman on orders from ex-wife's family

Prosecutors believe Daniel Markel (right), a Florida professor, was killed by Sigfredo Garcia (top inset) in a killing linked to his bitter divorce from ex-wife Wendi Adelson's (left). Investigators say Garcia knew the Adelsons through Charles (below inset), Wendi's brother, who was dating the mother of his two children at the time Markel was killed. Shocking new details in the paperwork spell out ties between one of the two men who allegedly drove a Prius six-and-a-half hours to north Florida for the killing, Garcia, to the close-knit family of Markel's ex-wife.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MAY 09:  Actress Angela Lansbury attends the 25th Anniversary screening of "Beauty and the Beast": A Marc Davis Celebration of Animation at Samuel Goldwyn Theater on May 9, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

The 90-year-old actress is set to star in a revival of Enic Bagnold's 1955 play The Chalk Garden on Broadway according to a recent report from Playbill .

Scientists at Cambridge University have found that women are 1.9 times as likely to suffer as men, a trend which persists throughout their lifetimes.

Reddit users mock father who shares touching photo of wife and newborn baby

New dad SoulcrateSucka was trolled by Reddit users after posting before and after photos of his pregnant wife and later their new baby online (left). Instead of passing on their congratulations, people poked fun at the couple and asked about their stylish headboard - demanding to know where it was from. One wrote, 'Need to learn more about this headboard you got,' another added, 'congratulations! Speaking of beds, my lady friend loves your head board. Could you share a picture of your bed please?'

NEW Professor Andrew Coates from UCL says a ninth planet would be difficult to detect, according to recent research. However, it might be similar to Uranus or Neptune and it is probably not going to wipe us out.

NEW A cheating wife who complained about the evils of men got her comeuppance when a man she had tried to seduce outed her on Facebook and the post went viral.

NEW Tanya Burr, 26, says she's amassed more than three million subscribers by being 'like a friend' to her followers. Now the beauty vlogger is expanding into the baking world with cooking tutorials.

Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe's West London childhood home on sale for £1.45m

NEW Radcliffe (pictured) is believed to have lived in the four-bedroom house in Fulham (pictured), west London, until the age of 12, a year after the first Harry Potter film was released, making him a global superstar. The child-star is reported to have been in the bath of the property when he heard the news that he had won the role. The house in Sherbrooke Road (pictured, from outside, top left), Fulham, West London, has a huge modern kitchen and dining room (top and bottom right), a double reception room (bottom left) and the estate agent believes it would attract interest even if the star hadn't lived there.

Hendrik Brugmans and Raymond Aalders were caught after Border Control officers seized nearly a tonne of the class A drug (pictured) from their vessel in waters off Rye, East Sussex.

Thor is a windowless drone that weighs in at 46 pounds (21 kilograms) and is less than four metres (13 feet) in length. The mini plane was presented at the Berlin air show this week.

Calvin Harris performs first poolside DJ gig since Taylor Swift split

Calvin Harris was happy to be back at work in Las Vegas Saturday during his first poolside DJ gig since splitting with Taylor Swift. The Scottish 32-year-old - born Adam Wiles - was surrounded by bikini-clad beauties during the sold-out Wet Republic party at MGM Grand, pictured left. Meanwhile ex Swift spent her Saturday surprising a couple of her fans at their wedding. The 10-time Grammy winner performed Blank Space at the New Jersey nuptials of fans Max Singer and Kenya Smith. She is pictured with the couple and their friends, right. Swift and Harris dated for 15 months.

Sikh Sarwan Singh, 28, immediately removed his turban to use as a rope and tried to scoop up the dog when he noticed the animal was drowning in an irrigation canal in Punjab, India.

Rebecca Reed, 37, from the south coast of Australia, spent two months kitting out her daughter's nursery with wampa rugs and Yoda quotes, finishing it the night she went into labour.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses the members of an educational foundation in Istanbul, Monday, May 30, 2016. Erdogan has spoken out against birth control and family planning, saying they go against Muslim traditions. Speaking at an educational foundation in Istanbul on Monday, Erdogan declared: "I say this openly: We will increase our descendants, we will increase out population. Family planning, birth control, no Muslim family can practice such an understanding." (Kayhan Ozer, Presidential Press Service/Pool via AP)

Recep Tayyip Erdogan branded childless women 'deficient' during a speech in Istanbul, Turkey, saying he 'absolutely doesn't accept' a woman choosing a career over having children.

Freddie Gibbs, 33, was apprehended by French police moments before he was due to perform on stage in Toulouse following an arrest warrant issued by the Austrian authorities.

Colombians pose naked in Bogota for US photographer Spencer Tunick's latest installation

US photographer Spencer Tunick convinced 6,000 people to strip off in Bogota's main square despite cold temperatures for his latest work out art. The installation - his largest in six years and his first in the capital city - comes as the government in the conflict-torn country closes in on a peace deal with leftist rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

The four-month-old Prince of Bhutan Jigme Namgyal Wangchuck was all smiles as he got a cuddle from his parents at the Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition, the country's equivalent of the Chelsea Flower Show.

A father threw a pair of scissors into his daughter's temple claiming that he was trying to educate her. The 10-year-old was rushed to hospital in China after the six-inch-long scissors became stuck.

A body has allegedly been found by a guide in the bottom of a ravine close to mount Toubkal, the summit of the Atlas mountains, in the hunt for Connor Jarvis, who was reported missing on May 28.

From a modern Japanese bathhouse to a hotel in a Kenyan game reserve, Condé Nast Traveller has revealed its Hot List 2016 showcasing some of the most tantalising hotels to check out this year.

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The abandoned buildings of Yubari pictured by BRETT PATMAN

Australian photographer Brett Patman travelled to Yubari, on Hokkaido, in Japan far north, to capture eerie images of the dilapidated city which has seen its population collapse on the back of twin mining tragedies which killed 155 as well as a shift in the country's power demands. The town, founded in 1943, grew rich on the back of its bountiful coal supply which drove the nation's miracle growth following World War Two. But it's once prosperous population of 120,000 has aged dramatically and slumped to just 9,000 because the nation no longer requires coal.

Pilot Jon Bowles, from Bolton, is providing a rare look at stunning landscapes or famous landmarks in his images, which were taken from the cockpit during his travels around the world.

The reasons to visit St Barts are endless. With its distinctive, sexy, European spirit and ambiance of casual barefoot luxury, the paradise island exudes a chic, laid-back vibe, finds MailOnline's Lisa Potter.

About 200 people rallied together to help two beached whales that had become stranded on Christchurch's Waimairi Beach in New Zealand at dawn on Sunday - one of which died earlier that day.

YouTube video shows a hissing 'possessed' woman passing out during an exorcism

Warning: Disturbing content. In the video the woman (pictured) snarls at the 'exorcist' who appears to be reading Arabic passages from a Koran. Exorcisms in Islam attempt to rid the 'possessed' of spirits known as Jinn. In the Koran Jinn are said to be made from the 'smokeless flame of fire'. The video comes just days after another clip emerged of a woman allegedly being possessed by an evil spirit while in the back of an ambulance. It is not yet known where the video was filmed.


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Gwyneth Paltrow loves TURMERIC lattes, caffeine alternative that's packed with health

It might look pretty, have a cult following and be sold in cafes and health food shops from Sydney to San Francisco. But the golden drink dominating Instagram this year is not a humble cup of steaming coffee. Rather, 2016's drink of choice is the turmeric latte (left and right). Google Food Trends recently named turmeric as the 'breakout star' ingredient of 2016, with Internet searches for the yellow spice rising 56 per cent since last November. But just what is the vivid gold, no-filter-required drink beloved by health aficionados, Gwyneth Paltrow (inset) and caffeine dodgers the world over, and how is it good for you?

YouTube user Ochikeron, from Japan, has invented a delicious five ingredient chocolate lava cake that is ready in only 15 minutes, after going viral last year with her three ingredient cheesecake recipe.

Radio presenter Libby Purves heads to the Galapagos to explore the islands - which are home to more than 4,000 species of wildlife - situated 600 miles off of the coast of Ecuador.

The foodies who tried, and failed, to make avocado roses 

Many people find inspiration for their next meal on Instagram. But some food trends are easier said than done. Australian foodies have shared failed attempts at the 'avocado rose' (pictured), a trend that sees avocados thinly sliced and curled together to make a delicate looking flower. But using ripe avocados proved many peoples' downfall, as the fruit failed to hold its shape and instead went mushy.