Japanese boy Yamato Tanooka lost in Hokkaido forest for six days found alive

Yamato Tanooka (inset) was rushed to hospital (main) suffering from exhaustion and dehydration but otherwise apparently unharmed on Friday morning after he was found deep in woods on the northern island of Hokkaido. He was discovered inside an old military training facility (bottom right) around three miles from where he disappeared after a massive search involving hundreds of police, military and volunteers. He did not shed a tear when he was found and told his rescuer he was hungry before wolfing down rice balls and bread. He said he survived by sleeping between two mattresses (bottom left) inside the abandoned dormitory which was an unheated wooden building (top left). His parents left him behind in a wooded area as punishment for misbehaving last Saturday, but when they returned minutes later, he had disappeared. Appearing outside the hospital where he was reunited with his son, his father Takayuki Tanooka (top right) said he thought he was punishing him for his own good, but realised 'we went too far'. Police said they are considering filing neglect charges against them.

Johnny Depp's 'mystery blonde' Tina Deleuran says 'he didn't mention Amber Heard once'

The 'Mystery blonde' Johnny Depp drank champagne with until 4am has revealed how they talked all night and divorcing Depp did not discuss his toxic marriage to Amber Heard. Glamorous Danish make up artist Tina Deleuran told MailOnline she flirted 'a bit' at the after party with the Pirates of the Caribbean star and tried to give him her email in the hope he would give her his. Depp was partying in the early hours after his band Hollywood Vampires concert in Horsens, Denmark. He was celebrating after claims he will not be charged for assaulting estranged wife Heard, 30.

The 46-year-old arrived on the Greek island of Lesbos after the EU reached an agreement to send some failed asylum seekers back to Turkey in a bid to stem the bloc's worst ever migrant crisis.

The former football and acting star will tell the world what happened once he is released from his Nevada prison for an unconnected armed robbery, according to friend Ron Shipp.

Two police officers were among those killed in the overnight clashes during a move to expel around 3,000 sect followers who had illegally occupied public land in the city of Mathura for the last two years ©STR (AFP)

Police in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, had begun evicting 3,000 sect members who had been camping in a public park when the group began throwing explosive devices.

Bodies of migrants who drowned last week found washed up on Libyan beach

The bodies of at least 85 migrants were among hundreds who died in boat disasters last week as departures from the North African coast towards Italy surged. They were placed in body bags (top right) and taken to morgues (top left) as a major rescue operation was underway to save hundreds of migrants whose boat capsized off the Greek island of Crete. Greek authorities said three bodies were recovered and 302 refugees rescued.

River Seine nearly bursting its banks as Paris suffers worst floods in 100 years and

Parisians were urged to avoid the banks of the river which was expected to reach a peak of 19ft amid torrential rain that has killed 14 across Europe. The Louvre, the most visited gallery in the world containing masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa, has been forced to close to protect its treasures while work is underway to move artwork to higher ground. Elsewhere in France, a man on horseback died after he was swept away in a swollen river in Evry-Gregy-sur-Yerre, southeast of Paris, local authorities said today. And in Germany, a 65-year-old man was found dead in the flood-hit town of Simbach am Inn, bringing the total death toll in the country this week to ten.

Chinese dogs rescued ahead of barbaric annual 'dog meat festival'

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES More than 400 dogs and cats have been saved from being slaughtered, cooked and served at restaurants in a Chinese city. The animals were squeezed into tiny rusty cages (left) at the back of a heavy truck (right) as they were being transported in the city of Guangzhou, China. The rescue operation on May 26 took place a month before China's annual dog meat festival in the neighbouring Guangxi Province, where as many as 10,000 dogs are butchered and sold in market (inset) to celebrate summer solstice.

Twitter ridicules Johnny Depp's Dior ad campaign amid Amber Heard assault claims

Twitter users have claimed Johnny Depp's fragrance advert (left) is 'a bit dodgy' (right) in the wake of domestic violence allegations from his estranged wife Amber Heard (inset). Caitlyn Davey tweeted: 'Is anyone else finding it awkward that #JohnnyDepp is the face of Dior's 'Sauvage'? It's all a bit poorly timed.' The Hollywood couple are currently locked in a bitter divorce battle after 15 months of marriage. The campaign for Sauvage, which means 'wild' in French, was unveiled last September and has run on television and online, as well as gracing billboards.

An alleged terror suspect is led by police at the Federal court in Karlsruhe, Germany, Thursday, June 2, 2016. Prosecutors said three Syrian men suspected of planning an attack in Duesseldorf for the Islamic State group have been arrested in Germany. They say a fourth suspect, who informed officials in Paris about the plot, was already in custody in France. (Uli Deck/dpa via AP)

Three Syrian men suspected of planning an ISIS terrorist attack in Duesseldorf have been arrested in three separate German states, prosecutors said on Thursday.

Around 16 per cent of women will suffer vulvodynia - pain in the outside parts of the vagina known as the vulva. It is commonly described as stabbing, burning or knife-like.

From shampooing with hot water to washing away the natural oils from the skin, experts reveal the ways you're showering all wrong - and what to do instead...

Pakistani father of 35, Sadar Jan Mohammed Khilji, aims for 100 children

Father-of-35 Sardar Jan Mohammad Khilji, 46, from Quetta, Balochistan, says he believes it is his religious duty as a good Muslim to have as many children as possible. His three current wives support his procreational and matrimonial goals of four wives and 100 children, he said, adding that they all live in harmony together. However, none of his wives could confirm this, as he would not allow a visiting reporter to speak to any of them .

Derby woman Laura Jane Williams travelled the world having casual sex

Laura Jane Williams, 30, from Derby has detailed how she travelled the world having casual sex after her long-term relationship broke down, in her new memoir Becoming. The writer travelled to destinations such as Paris, Detroit, Italy (inset), and Bali (left and right) enjoying meaningless sexual encounters with men - and even one with a woman - along the way.

Tiger skin and bone products are laid out on a table by National Parks and Wildlife officers at the "Tiger Temple," in Saiyok district in Kanchanaburi province, west of Bangkok, Thailand, Thursday, June 2, 2016. Thai police say they stopped a truck carrying two tiger skins and other animal parts as it was leaving the temple, two staff members were arrested and charged with possession of illegal wildlife. (AP Photo) THAILAND OUT

Raids at Thailand's controversial tourist-trap 'The Tiger Temple', north of Bangkok, continued on Thursday, as police discovered animal body parts in the monks' sleeping quarters.

With an estimated 24 million cancer cases expected globally by 2034, medical journalist Thea Jourdain explores cancer prevalence and the factors that make getting it more or less likely.

Scientists from The Westmead Institute for Medical Research in Australia were surprised to find people who ate the most fiber were 80 per cent more likely to still be alive a decade later.

Ohio serial killer LAUGHS as victim's father leaps over a table to attack him

The father of a teenager who was murdered by a convicted sex offender leaped over a table and tried to attack the smirking serial killer after he was sentenced to death on Thursday. Michael Madison, 38, pictured top right, was given the death penalty for murdering 18-year-old Shirelda Terry, inset, Angela Deskins, 38, and Shetisha Sheele, 28, in Ohio in July 2013. Miss Terry's father, Van Terry, pictured bottom right, was giving testimony after Madison was sentenced to death when he suddenly ran and lunged at the murderer, left. Madison was seen laughing as Cuyahoga County courtroom deputies wrestled the upset father away. The bodies of Ms Deskins, Ms Sheeley and teenager Miss Terry were found wrapped in garbage bags near the East Cleveland apartment building where Madison lived in July 2013.

Iraqis wade across Euphrates to escape ISIS in Fallujah

Men, women and children swam, waded and crossed in makeshift boats - some carrying the elderly and disabled - as Iraqi forces launched an operation to retake the city, 30 miles from Baghdad. Stuck under the rule of the increasingly desperate and violent jihadists and with no safe exits, the civilian population are struggling to survive and are now resorting to extreme measures to escape. Around 50,000 civilians are believed to be trapped in Fallujah amid fears the terror group will use them as human shields to stall the Iraqi offensive.

Richard Huckle emails revealed as he wormed his way into kids' home 

Britain's most prolific paedophile Richard Huckle targeted poor children in across Southeast Asia in a sickening catalogue of sexual abuse. Now, a series of chilling emails sent to Pastor George Fernandes at the New Hope for Children Orphanage in Bangalore, India (where he is pictured left), uncovered by MailOnline exposes exactly how the grammar schoolboy from Ashford in Kent was able to trick his way into positions of power over his young and vulnerable victims. The emails, which were sent in June and July 2013, reveal how Huckle, 30, posed as an English teacher and photographer to gain access to the orphanage where he 'took new video and photos of the children'. No abuse is believed to have taken place there as Huckle was given no unsupervised access to children. He was finally arrested at Gatwick Airport in December 2014 after he returned to visit his parents Edwin and mother Christina at their home in Ashford for Christmas (pictured right with their son). After discovering the truth of his horrific crimes the Huckles reported what he told them to detectives and gave prosecution statements at his trial. Huckle now faces 22 life sentences at the Old Bailey after pleading guilty to 71 child sex offences.

Kuwaiti girl gives favourite teacher Mercedes as thanks for helping her graduate

Noor Al Faris, aged around five, took end-of-year gifts to the next level after presenting her favourite teacher with a brand new luxury Mercedes in Kuwait. Little Miss Al Faris was pictured sitting on the bonnet of the car doing a V for victory sign and with 'This car is for my favourite teacher Nadia' written in Arabic on the windscreen. Her father later explained that the gift was thanks for supporting Noor after her mother's death earlier in the school year.

Bryan Whitman, a civilian leader in the Defense Department's public affairs office, who lives on Capitol Hill, Washington DC was charged with three counts of theft and leaving a threatening note.

Pixee Fox, 26, from North Carolina, has just had her 19th cosmetic procedure after dreaming of changing her eye colour since she was a little girl. She has also had cosmetic surgery totalling over £80,000.

Karen Perez's body was discovered in abandoned apartment in a Houston, Texas, complex. Her boyfriend, who is also 15, has been charged with murder after police found the horrifying footage.

The person behind Putin parody account @DarthPutinKGB has since accused the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of being responsible for the temporary Twitter suspension.

The female pup was lost at sea in San Luis Obispo's Morro Bay when the Marine Mammal Center rescued her and set out to find her mother.

A North Carolina man was shot and killed in Nairobi on Wednesday. Cameron Huntley, 26, was shot during a robbery in the Kenyan capital, where he was teaching English and doing missionary work

Indian mother gives birth to conjoined twins sharing nearly every organ

The twins - a boy and girl from Bihar, eastern India - have two sets of hands but share one pair of legs. Doctors say their condition is currently stable but their chance of survival is slim. Their devastated father, Chhota Singh, 30, said: 'I made sure to give my wife regular check-ups during her pregnancy. We were excited to welcome twins but all our excitement has vanished.' His wife, Shivrajo Devi, 24, added: 'I cannot believe my children are fused together. I am heartbroken.'

Namibia waterhole sees furious stallions square up for vicious fight

The two angry stallions reared up on their back legs with each trying their best to kick and bite their opponent in the battle at Etosha National Park in Namibia. Dutch wildlife photographer Marianne Berger started taking pictures after seeing the zebras charge at one another near the Salvadora waterhole. She said: 'In the crowds of zebras, waiting for their turn to come and drink, fights break out and the stallions joust fiercely, usually for short periods.'

Pittsfield bear cub tranquilised by animal welfare officers outside Massachusetts school

This is the moment a bear fell from a tree, centre, almost an hour after he had been shot with a tranquilizer dart in Pittsfield, Massachusetts after the cub, left, decided to climb a tree overlooking the local high school. Animal welfare officers caught the bear in a net, right, and are now planning to release it, inset right, back into the woods and away from the children.

Charlie Jung photographs world's most breathtaking underwater caves in South Korea and

Scuba diving instructor Charlie Jung, from Korea, captured what lies beneath the waterline in a series of dives in Turkey, South Korea and Japan to showcase the beauty of the caves. The aquatic explorer has more than 6,000 logged dives and says it is his passion to share his love of the underwater world with those curious about the underwater realm.

Speaking at the Code Conference in California, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla has said that rockets carrying human cargo will launch on a mission to Mars in 2024.

Graphic content: Talented Swedish make-up artist Ellinor Rosander offers step-by-step tutorials on how to create some terrifying horror film looks - and now has 460,000 followers on YouTube

Savjibhai Rathwa could be set to hold the Guinness World Record for having the world's longest hair. The 60-year-old from India coils his 62-foot long dreadlock around his arm like a rope.

Pic shows: Tangaru Ramazanova.\n\nA woman found brutally murdered may have been killed after spreading the HIV virus around her local community, say police.\n\nThe 25-year-old woman's body was found with multiple stab wounds in the city of Kizlyar in Russia's south-western Republic of Dagestan.\n\nHer body had been wrapped in plastic and dumped in grassland close to the Terek River in the city.\n\nPolice named the woman as T. Ramazanova and say she was known locally for her free and easy lifestyle.\n\nThey believe she may have been killed in revenge after infecting one of her sexual partners with HIV, the virus that can lead to AIDS.\n\nOfficers say she had been stabbed about 20 times in the body and had also been punched in the face.\n\nMs Ramazanova's body has been sent for autopsy and police have requested confirmation over whether she was HIV-positive.\n\nThe story has attracted a great deal of attention on local internet forums where users have been expressing sympathy for the vi

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Tangaru Ramazanova, 25, was found with multiple stab wounds in the city of Kizlyar in Russia's south-western Republic of Dagestan.

Andrew Fuller has written Unlocking Your Child's Genius, which begins with a heartfelt letter containing a message he believes can release all kids' hidden potential and remove fear of failure.

The Duke of Cambridge was on call to fly the East Anglian Air Ambulance helicopter to the scene of the emergency in Ely, Cambridgeshire at around 8.40am today.

Brazilian fashionista Helena Bordon holds third wedding in St Barts

Brazilian style blogger Helena Bordon, 28, jetted to St Barts with a host of models, socialites and fashionable figures for her third wedding ceremony to banker Humberto Mereilles. They first tied the knot in a simple civil ceremony at a registry office in São Paulo on 30 April (left) before marrying in a catholic ceremony at the St. Joseph Church in Jardim Europa on 7 May (centre). Their third ceremony saw them exchange vows by the sea on the exclusive Caribbean island (right).

What to wear in your online dating profile picture

According to experts, securing a date could all be down to what you're wearing in your profile picture - and even selecting the right colour or material of clothing could make all the difference. We've called on the best relationship experts in the business - as well as wantherwardrobe.com founder and fashion expert Lydia Jones, 23, from the West Midlands - to break down the four pictures that every woman needs on her dating profile to ensure she finds The One, these are (L-R) a glamorous snap, a casual picture, a sun-kissed holiday snap and a gym bunny selfie.

Kayla Cole, 26, from New South Wales, spent £8,500 (€17,000 AUD) on the procedure to correct her 'saggy' breasts but has been left with a drooping, uneven chest which she can't afford to get fixed.

A suspect has barricaded himself inside a northern California home after shooting two police officers on Wednesday.

An Australian filmmaker based in Los Angeles has created a two-part film series called 'Aussie Party Slang' to help foreigners understand and interpret slang words and phrases used by Australians.

Jesus Guadalupe Medrano Alvarado, 18, from Mexico, allegedly stabbed his mother and grandmother to death and gouged out their eyes, claiming the devil told him to do it.

A person drives a convertible Volkswagen Beetle car in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris, on July 28, 2013, during a vintage cars parade as part of the sixth summer edition of the "Traversee de Paris Estivale" ("Summer Paris Crossing"), the largest gathering of classic vehicles in the French capital streets. AFP PHOTO / MIGUEL MEDINA        (Photo credit should read MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

New laws, which come into effect on July 1, will also ban motorcycles registered before 2000 from the city centre on weekdays.

The obese extremist, a member of the terror group's so-called Chopping Committee, is seen lying half-naked in the back of a truck with his hands tied behind his back in Syria.

Video of 'possessed' Chinese woman in supermarket collapsing and screaming

CCTV footage shows the woman walking along a shopping isle in China when a package begins shaking on a shelf and falls to the floor. The woman turns around to put it back on the shelf (top left), but as she does, she suddenly drops her belongings and begins convulsing and moaning. An onlooker tries to comfort her (bottom left) before a sudden convulsion and another almighty howl sends him falling backwards (bottom right). The woman finally calms down and as three bystanders usher her away (top right), the package falls to the floor once more.

HUNGARY's amazing floating village on stilts outshine the Maldives

This is Hungary's answer to the paradise islands in the Indian Ocean - a village on stilts northwest of the capital, Budapest, near Bokod, that's known as the 'floating village'. Rows of vintage cabins, complete with cozy porches, have been built on stilted platforms in Lake Bodoki and are connected to the land and each other by a series of boardwalks.

Kevin White was filmed by his friends in California riding his bike down an escalator and smashing into a wall when he failed to stop in time. His mates found it hilarious, but still checked if he was OK.

PIC BY Evolution Design-Peter Wuermli/MERCURY PRESS\n(PICTURED: GRAND VIEW OF THE OUTSIDE OF THE RIBBON HOUSE FRONT VIEW)\nThis strikingly futuristic four-storey family home looks like a RIBBON.\n \nFlexhouse, a two-bedroom £5,300-a-month property on the banks of Lake Zurich in Meilen, Switzerland, has wide walls of glass and a ribbon-like white faÁade which winds around the building.\n \nAnd the design of the stunning 173 square metre house, which boasts panoramic views of the lake from two roof terraces, was born from the fact it was built on a challenging piece of land.\nSEE MERCURY COPY

The glass-fronted Flexhouse in Meilen, Switzerland, boasts panoramic views of the lake from two roof terraces, and has recently been put on the rental market for £5,300-a-month.

Torrential rain has hit Germany, France and Austria leaving hundreds of pupils stranded in their schools and families have been forced to scramble to their rooftops to escape the rising deluge.

Wayne Skivington, 28, who was born in Hannover, Germany, but grew up in Devon, has thousands of online fans who love his impressive feats with his three-year-old son Rowan in tow.

Richard Cushworth, originally from UK and his wife Mercedes Casanellas who were given the wrong baby by a hospital in El Salvador have been allowed to travel home to the US with their child.

James Needham, 33, from Sydney, painted a picture of he and his wife in the bathroom. It has been viewed almost one million times and described as 'perfectly depicting married life.'

Nude Yoga Girl shows off her skills and her body in stunning black and white video

Nude Yoga Girl, 26, has more than 370,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her photos of phenomenal poses performed entirely in the buff. Now, the yogi stars in a pair of videos where she performs her complex moves totally naked with strategic lighting to conceal her 'intimate parts'. Over the images in the videos, the 26-year-old woman narrates, explaining in a heavy accent that: 'I'm not going to tell you my name, but you may know me from Instagram. I am Nude Yoga Girl.'

Dominic Purcell shares gruesome Instagram of his bloodied head from filming in Morocco

Dominic Purcell has broken his nose in two places after an iron bar fell on his head while filming in Morocco. The Prison Break star shared the news through social media and posted two pictures showing his bandaged nose and gashes to his head on Instagram after sustaining the injuries on Monday. The 46-year-old actor was flown by emergency helicopter from Marrakesh to Casablanca for urgent hospital treatment, while his girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord, who was on set at the time, was by his side.  

Professor Roger Pickup from Lancaster University explores a world where antibiotics are no longer available, taking us back 70 years before the 'golden era' of antibiotic discoveries when common infections could kill.

Erwyn Mackee says his Huracan was confiscated near London's Heathrow Airport after he was wrongly accused of not having insurance

An excavation, led by 'Beyond the Castle' has revealed what could be a Roman fort. The evidence is causing a great deal of excitement, with volunteers flocking to Lancaster Castle to help.