About us

GPUpdate.net is a leading international motorsport news website, providing the latest content from Formula 1, GP2, MotoGP and several other primary racing categories, part of JHED Media BV, a registered company operating out of The Netherlands.

The website was founded as F1Racing.net and traces its roots back to 1996, when founder Jeroen Huis in 't Veld began his own personal Formula 1 web page aged 17, with the prominent orange scheme being selected in honour of The Netherlands’ national colours.

As the website developed in popularity the decision was made to expand into several other languages, including Spanish and Italian, alongside English and Dutch.

The website was rebranded to GPUpdate.net in 2007 and moved to larger premises in Groningen, alongside its sister operations, where it continues to grow.

GPUpdate.net comprises several leading journalists in motorsport, who strive to bring you the latest news stories, photo galleries and features from various paddocks, via our website, as well as our dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages, and YouTube channel.