The Billboard Strategy

The Billboard Strategy

Outdoor advertising is effective…otherwise, billboard signs wouldn’t be ubiquitous throughout the nation. There is even a program underway in the billboard industry in which the word UBIQUITOUS (which means pervasive and omnipresent) is being placed on signs in giant black letters. Yes…this form of advertising is unique and has potential for noteworthy results. With its towering and massive stature, the billboard sign is difficult to ignore and its message comes across as authoritative and influential.

For these reasons we are confident that a widespread and creative billboard advertising game plan could go a long way toward making the Rick Tyler For Congress candidacy both viable and a force to be reckoned with. Clearly…we are in uncharted waters, in that there has never been a candidacy like this in modern political history. Of great significance, as well, is the reality of the Trump phenomenon and the manner in which he has loosened up the overall spectrum of political discourse.

Very soon the Rick Tyler For Congress campaign will put up a new billboard on Highway 411 in Polk County, Tennessee that could very well make a major splash.


The Make America White Again billboard advertisement will cut to the very core and marrow of what plagues us as a nation. As Anne Coulter so effectively elucidates in her book, Adios America, the overhaul of America’s immigration law in the 1960’s has placed us on an inevitable course of demise and destruction. Yes…the cunning globalist/Marxist social engineers have succeeded in destroying that great bulwark against statist tyranny…the white American super majority. Without its expedited restoration little hope remains for the nation as a whole.

The following are examples of other billboard designs we plan to bring forth in the coming months. We ask you to prayerfully consider putting meaningful financial support behind this brazen and determined crusade for truth.


no-mixmamasno-ssm no-islam


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