Red Ken fired from job as a radio DJ over the Hitler comments that sparked an anti-semitism storm

Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has been sacked after eight years as an LBC radio presenter

Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has been sacked after eight years as an LBC radio presenter

Ken Livingstone's obsession with talking about Hitler has proved very costly.

I can disclose that the former Labour Mayor of London has been sacked after eight years as an LBC radio presenter following his ‘anti-semitic’ remarks.

Red Ken had presented a Saturday morning politics show with former Tory minister David Mellor, but he’s been replaced by Channel 4 News political journalist Michael Crick.

His departure from the national radio station was initially presented as a ‘break’ to meet broadcasting impartiality rules governing the role participants in the EU referendum and local elections could play.

However, LBC now confirms he won’t return to his post following his repeated refusal to apologise for his inflammatory remarks last month. 

‘Ken Livingstone is not currently presenting on LBC and will not be returning to the station at the end of his contract,’ a spokesman tells me.

The station doesn’t discuss presenters’ pay, but Ken’s fee is thought to come to tens of thousands a year.

Channel 4 news anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy was among those to call for Ken to be fired over his comments in which he claimed Adolf Hitler had been a Zionist before going mad and killing Jews.

Guru-Murthy subsequently demanded: ‘Is LBC entirely comfortable paying him as a presenter after what he said yesterday?’ 

LBC’s action will add pressure on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to take action against his old friend and ally Ken. 

Although Livingstone was suspended ‘for bringing the party into disrepute’, the outcome of its National Executive Committee internal inquiry into his comments has not yet been declared.

London’s new Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is among those to have called for Ken, 70, to be expelled from the party.

However, Livingstone remains unrepentant. Last week he offered to buy a meal for anyone who could prove his comments were anti-semitic, declaring: ‘Not a single newspaper, or radio, or TV programme has produced any evidence that what I said was wrong.’


Let them eat cake, says Joan at 83 

Here's a thorny social dilemma: What do you do if offered a slice of cake with Dame Joan Collins’s face emblazoned on it?

The Dynasty actress’s guests at her 83rd birthday celebrations dealt with this quandary by taking pieces from around the edge of the sponge creation, leaving the centre covered by Joan’s image fully intact.

Loved ones at Joan Collins¿s birthday celebrations could not bear to cut into a cake with her face emblazoned on it, so instead they ate around the photo of the 83-year-old star

Loved ones at Joan Collins’s birthday celebrations could not bear to cut into a cake with her face emblazoned on it, so instead they ate around the photo of the 83-year-old star

‘The remains of my gorgeous cake!’ Dame Joan wrote next to this picture she posted online.

The actress, whose fifth husband is 50-year-old Percy Gibson, celebrated with friends and family including her younger brother Bill, a property developer, and his wife Hazel.

Never far from drama, Dame Joan stayed this week at Champneys Spa in Forest Mere, Hampshire, where troubled actress Sheridan Smith had earlier collapsed and been rushed to hospital.


Net-a-Porter queen's ex to wed another fashionista 

Fashion queen Natalie Massenet has found new love, made a fortune and been awarded a damehood since divorcing French financier Arnaud Massenet in 2011.

Now Arnaud has something to celebrate of his own. I can disclose that he has become engaged to a glamorous French stylist, Caroline Sciamma.

Pictured, Natalie Massenet and her ex French financier husband Arnaud Massenet
Pictured, glamorous French stylist, Caroline Sciamma

Natalie Massenet has found new love since divorcing French financier Arnaud Massenet (the pair together, left) and has recently become engaged to glamorous French stylist, Caroline Sciamma (right)

Not only has Caroline just given birth to their first child, but Arnaud has helped her launch her own fashion firm — just like he did with Natalie. Their son, Leonardo, was born on Caroline’s 40th birthday on Monday. ‘We’re getting married in September,’ she tells me.

‘We’ve bought a house in Tuscany, so we thought it would be a very good place to get married — very romantic. We met in Paris through a friend of mine.’

Arnaud, 50, is a co-director of her new fashion label, Skiim London, which will be focusing on leather and suede.

Caroline insists she gets on ‘very well’ with Net-a-Porter founder Natalie, 51, who is now courting 37-year-old Swedish entrepreneur Erik Torstensson.


Fancy a cleaning job with a difference? The Queen is advertising for a maid to clean and care for her ‘historic vases and irreplaceable paintings’ at Buckingham Palace. 

The ad on the royal website warns that ‘this is no standard housekeeping role’. It says the housekeeping assistant’s job, whose pay is not disclosed, is about ‘delivering extraordinary service in incredible surroundings’. 

It adds: ‘You’ll take care of guests and support special events too.’ Plus, you can tickle Prince Harry with a feather duster.

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