Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Your choice of dinner in Chiang Mai is endless, with lots of restaurants offering the best and choicest cuisines, from the spicy Thai fare to subtle French cuisine. Travelers from many parts of the world will be more than surprised to find their own taste of home in one of the thousands of restaurants that light up for the night. Sure, touring the city’s attractions does work up an appetite.

The dining culture in Chiang Mai is more vibrant and more colorful than to that of Bangkok. You can choose to dine in any restaurant for its menu offering, for its ambiance, and even for its entertainment. Delicious food, great entertainment, and comforting atmosphere – what more can you ask for when enjoying a night in Chiang Mai?

Riverside Bar and Restaurant

The Riverside Bar and Restaurant sits quietly along the Ping River, allowing diners-particularly couples-a dreamy backdrop for a romantic dinner, complete with candlelight. And, while you’re holding the hands of your partner, do lend ears to the great music provided by two live bands playing their repertoire of some ear-candy music. If you have dance-ready legs, try to stay longer as party atmosphere will develop later in the night and last until the early hours of the next day.

So while waiting for a party to take place, why not satisfy your belly with Riverside’s offerings, which include dishes loaded with Thai herbs and spices? Great food to go along with your order of draft beer.

Antique House

If your idea of a night-out is relaxation while enjoying your food, the Antique House would be the perfect place to be. Munch on excellent fish dishes, barbecue, and fried crispy worms (rod duen) under the relaxing atmosphere of a 100-year-old teak house. A bit of mellow music adds to the atmosphere.

The Gallery

The Gallery happens to perform as an art gallery at the side, exhibiting selected works from local artisans as well as antiques, jewelry, silk scarves, and other products showcasing the arts of Northern Thailand. The establishment also has a jazz club where you can listen to soft Thai music and even watch movies and recorded performances. Neat, huh?

If you are after the food, the Gallery does not disappoint with their array of noodles, fried rice, stir-fried vegetables, soups, curry, and meat and fish dishes, among others, which are best served with your choice of wine.

The Whole Earth

Craving for vegetarian dishes? Then head to the Whole Earth, a restaurant notable for its Asian cuisine, mostly Indian and Thai fares, and a wide selection of vegetarian choices. The Whole Earth is set on an antique teak house with lovely gardens. Don’t forget to try out their spicy vegetarian tofu curry, best served with fresh mango lassi.

Make sure you wrap up your day by having a dinner or two at these restaurants.

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