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An Illinois political dilemma has fallen upon new Governor Rauner.  The Illinois US 18th Congressional District has fallen from grace. Governor Rauner was elected to define, articulate and achieve his pragmatic Illinois legislation program, but now highly complicated and consternated by facing the disruption of the disruptive loss of Illinois State Senators or Illinois State Representatives in a series of Special Elections at huge Illinois taxpayers expense.

Alternatively, my September 10th 2015 election will be to complete the 114th Congress term, from now until the US General election November 2016. During this temporary period, I have a specific clear legislation agenda to achieve in US Congress that will promote a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

"The difference between failure and success is the difference between give-up and persistence."


vlakancicsConnor Vlakancic was born and raised in Aurora and rural DeKalb County, Illinois, close to the birthplace of California Governor and U.S. President Ronald Reagan and raised in a pragmatic traditionalist farming family environment where conscientious behavior and productive work was encouraged and respected. His paternal Grandfather was of Croatian heritage from the Dalmatian Coast in the north Adriatic Sea during the end of Austro-Hungarian rule and immigrated to America in 1917. His maternal Grandfather was of German heritage and immigrated to America in 1916. Raised as a typical American boy, he was not introduced to his European heritage in his youth. As an adult, his enthusiasm for learning his Croatian family culture has become an important part of his personal and business life. He promotes family unity values and encourages everyone to learn and experience their own heritage to foster and develop their personal confidence.

Creative key-director, communications technology strategy development C-level manager with international companies and U. S. Federal agencies and political election candidacy experience. Connor Vlakancic’s early Silicon Valley technology career includes semiconductor, computer and communications networks products and systems. He frequently traveled to worldwide business sites in Asia and Europe countries. During the 1980’s, he was an early entrepreneur in the personal computer systems revolution. When ARPANET gave rise to the Internet in 1990 he became an open-standards computer network executive where he organized business relationships with multiple Silicon Valley companies aimed at the Fortune 1,000,000 companies. During the mid 1990’s, he founded a family reunion, live video conference service to provide “Familia Visitas” between California and Mexico diaspora communities. As the millennium changed, he was a business consultant and due-diligence investigator for international venture capital investors headquartered in Silicon Valley and a business development manager at name-brand companies where his communications business development expertise was focused in client/server software API solutions. He has published technology articles in several computer magazines and was often featured as a lecturer at Internet expositions. Visionary communications competencies include 3 US and foreign technology patents. Following the implosion of the Silicon Valley centric “Internet bubble” by the end of 1991, he altered his business direction. Based on his international business acumen and family heritage, he launched a company to import a variety of food and alcohol beverage from the Adriatic Sea region of Croatia (his grandfather’s homeland). The company distributes Croatian and Bosnia products in multiple U.S. States with a recent Illinois Liquor License. Due to the impact on international shipping following September 11, 2001, he became very involved with US Federal FDA food traffic issues within USA food industry trade groups. This experience expanded his personal motivation to US Federal government political activism and California legislation. He has authored multiple California Constitutional amendments with expert-witness testimony to California Assembly committees. Since 2000 he serves as an International Elections Observer (U.S. State Dept. Representative to OSCE/ODHIR). He was a U.S. Federal appointee candidate; Commissioner of Election Assistance Commissioner, HAVA Act (2009) He has been a political candidate: U.S. Representative, 15th and 17th Congressional District in California and U.S. Senator from California and U.S. Representative, 11th Congressional District (his home town of) Aurora, Illinois. His education includes undergraduate and graduate studies in Illinois and California universities and political engagement training in California and Washington, DC. His U.S. Federal government training is ongoing.


2001 – current, Chairman, Board of Directors and CEO, food service industry 5STAR Group International, Inc., San Jose, CA and Zagreb, Croatia

  • Organized an international food and beverage product import/export business/company in its entirety.
  • Identified and implemented corporate compliance with US government departments: Agricultural, Commerce, FDA, Customs/Homeland Security, Treasury ATT&TB. Traveled extensively to negotiate/accomplish all business and compliance tasks with U.S. Government agencies and Adriatic/EU regulators.

2000 – 2001, Sr. Manager, Market Development, Wireless Solutions iPlanet – A Sun|Netscape Alliance – Santa Clara, CA

  • Produced new strategic business marketplace wins, including partner contracts, development agreements, solution collateral and joint press releases, with over 50 Enterprise and Service Provider customers and ISV partners for Portal Server products in wireless solution markets.

1997 – 2000, Consultant, IT enterprise Market Development Cromerica Technology, Inc. – Cupertino, CA and Zagreb, Croatia

  • Conducted contracted investment due diligence process for multiple venture capital firms.

1994 – 1997, Director, Business Development, Co-founder Visitas Televideo, Inc. – Mexico City, Morelia and Guadalajara, Mexico, and San Jose, CA

  • Defined, provisioned and managed a multi-site international H.320 video conference network to provide video-conference distance-training programs for corporate clients in multimedia, video-conference and distance learning applications over broadband public data networks.

1992 – 1994, Manager, Marketing and Sales Fujikura America, Inc. – Tokyo, Japan, and Atlanta, GA, and Santa Clara, CA

  • Created the corporate business unit to launch 3 internal cross-business unit development programs between Japan HQ & US international corporate developer alliance partnerships. Traveled 5 times to Tokyo, Japan.

1990 – 1992, Network Systems Manager Networld+Interop (Softbank Expo’s) – Foster City, CA

  • Organize 3 Internet communications protocol standards committees, IP, ATM and FR, for CCITT and produced 5 very large trade show marketing events, and directed 100+ volunteers.

1987 – 1989, Competitive Computer Industry Analyst Apple Computer – Cupertino, CA

  • Conducted strategic marketing research in graphic software applications and Macintosh OS.

1969 – 1987, Semiconductor Technology Engineer and Department Manager Fairchild, Intel, Timex, Litronix, Measurex and Vertical Instruments – Mountain View and Cupertino, CA

  • Semiconductor fabrication research, development and production. Traveled 4 times to Malaysia production facilities. Awarded 3 semiconductor systems patents; U.S. Patent Office.


Leadership Institute, Comprehensive fund raising training for non-profit NGO’s, Arlington, VA (2014)

TheCapitol.Net, Capitol Hill Congressional Advocacy and Lobbying, Alexandra, VA (2013)

Sunlight Foundation, Open Government workshop Hackathon, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA (2012)

Leadership Institute, Conservative college campus Advocacy Training, Arlington, VA (2009)

TheCapitol.Net, Capitol Hill Congressional Operations Workshop, Alexandra, VA (2008)

U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Training and Continuing Education, Silver Spring, MD (2001)

U.S. State Department, International Election Observer Workshop, Washington, D.C. (2000)

Leadership Institute, Conservative political campaign management, Arlington, VA (1999)

Sun University, Enterprise and Service Provider Software Workshops, Palo Alto, CA (1999)

CompuMaster, Microsoft Professional Series, Business Software Clinic, Redmond, WA (1996)

Yale University, (Tufte extension), Visual Display of Quantitative Information Clinic, Palo Alto (1994)

Stanford University, Executive Business Development, Certificated Program, Palo Alto (1993)

Network+Interop, Ethernet, TokenRing and IP Networks Clinics, Palo Alto, CA (1991)

Apple University, Graphic Software Applications Workshops, Cupertino, CA (1988)

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Aircraft Pilot License, Oakland International Airport, CA (1986)

DeAnza College, Fortran and Assembly Language, Advanced programming, Cupertino, CA (1985)

Foothill College, Business Management and Marketing Program(s) Certificate, Los Altos, CA (1974)

DeVry University, Engineering Science Degree in Electronic Systems, Chicago, IL (1965)


Communications competencies include 3 US and foreign technology patents:

Micro-Computer and Ethernet systems, #4,694,694 – #5,480,319#5,545,982