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Purines because purines have two rings where as pyrimidines have only one ring.
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How do pyrimidines differs from purines?

Purines and pyrimidines are the building blocks of nucleic acids.  The difference between purines and pyrimidines is in the number of  carbon-rings present. Pyrimidines cont
Name the purines and pyrimidines?

Name the purines and pyrimidines?

Purines- Adenine (A), and Guanine (G) Pyrimidines- Cytosine (C), Thymine (T), and Uracil (U)
Why must a purine pair with a pyrimidine?

Why must a purine pair with a pyrimidine?

Purine must pair with pyrimidine due to their sizes. One has a  large double ring and the other one a small single ring. This makes  pairing easy for them.

Is Guanine a purine or pyrimidine?

  -Adenine and Guanine are purine.   -Thymine, Cytosine and Uracil are pyrimidine.

What are purines and pyrimidines?

The purines are Adenine and Guanine nucleotides; while the pyrimidines are Cytosine, Thymine - and Uracil in Rna - nucleotides. They are the 'beads' that make up the immense

What are the pyrimidines and the purines?

The rungs of the ladder are pairs of 4 types of nitrogen bases. Two of the bases are purines - adenine and guanine. The pyrimidines are thymine and cytosine. The bases are kn

What are pyrimidines and purines?

ACGTUAdenine -  represented by an ACytosine - represented by a CGuanine - represented by a GThymine (DNA only) - represented by a TUracil (RNA only) - represented by a UA pyr
Is adenine a purine or pyrimidine?
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Is adenine a purine or pyrimidine?

purine. I remember cytosine, guamine, and uracil are pyrimindine because the word pyrimidine makes me think of the word pryamid and there are THREE pyrimidines which spell th
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Does a nucleotide consist of purines or pyrimidines?

A nucleotide can consist of either a purine or pyrimidine. A nucleotide is composed of a phosphate group and a nucleoside (a pentose sugar and a nitrogenous base). However,
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How are purines physically different from pyrimidines?

Purines are the basic building blocks of DNA and RNA and are the bases of adenine and guanine: two of the 4 nucleotide bases in DNA. In easiest terms to describe the purine wi