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Man & Machine: Cyberware

Man & Machine: Cyberware in part is another “third-edition-update” book, in that it brings equipment and rules from older books up-to-date with the Shadowrun, Third Edition main rules; in this respect, it’s similar to books such as Magic in the Shadows and Corporate Download. However, this book also adds plenty of new stuff to play around […]

Corporate Download

After a variety of changes in the corporate landscape of Shadowrun during the late 2050s and early ’60s, this book provides an overview of corporations in general and details the biggest ones of the 2060s. It is a similar book to Corporate Shadowfiles, but where that is mostly a textbook about the way corporations operate, this […]


Cyberpirates! takes Shadowrun into a whole new direction: that of piracy and smuggling over sea. It details piracy in the Sixth World and the areas in which it is rife, as well as giving rules for playing pirates in all this.

Underworld Sourcebook

Organized crime is powerful in the Sixth World, and this book details the major players, as well as shedding some light on the smaller ones.

Prime Runners

A book with descriptions and stats for powerful and important non-player characters in the world of Shadowrun. The idea is that these can be plugged straight into a campaign where the gamemaster needs them, without much work beyond reading the descriptions.


Shadowbeat covers many aspects of the media in the Shadowrun universe. What makes it a slightly odd book is that it does not just describe the media in a way intended for the gamemaster, but also includes fairly extensive rules for letting players play media-oriented characters like journalists and musicians. The reason for this is probably […]

Corporate Shadowfiles

A book about corporations in the 2050s and the ways they do business. Unlike many other sourcebooks, Corporate Shadowfiles is not an “open the cover and out pop useful things” kind of book, though. Instead, it contains a lot of information about the way megacorporations make money—in fact, you could say it’s an economics textbook for […]

Virtual Realities

The advanced Matrix book for the the original Shadowrun rules is included along with lots of new stuff. The book is divided into rules on computer systems, ICE, cyberdeck construction, programs, and cybercombat. As would be expected with a supplement written by the game’s author, this product is very complete, giving the reader just what […]

Rigger Black Book

The Rigger Black Book provides a large number of vehicles of all types to populate a Shadowrun campaign with, and just as importantly, it gives rules for modifying vehicles.

The Grimoire — The Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy, 14th Edition, 2050

The advanced magic sourcebook for first-edition Shadowrun, this book includes rules for situations not covered by the