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First Run

A book with multiple adventures in it, intended for players new to Shadowrun.

Blood in the Boardroom

A major event in the Shadowrun timeline is covered in this book full of plot hooks and partially-finished adventures but very little in the way of adventures that can be run straight away.

Mob War!

James O’Malley, the top boss of the Seattle Mafia, is assassinated in January 2058, sparking off a struggle between the important Mafia families in the city in their attempts to gain control. Rival syndicates such as the Yakuza, Triads, and Seoulpa Rings see their chances to expand their own influence at the cost of the […]

Predator and Prey

A book with multiple adventures in it, pitting shadowrunners against paranormal critters in environments where the critters have the advantage. It also includes guidelines for the gamemaster on how to use critters in his or her own adventures, as well as a list of all published critters with their game statistics and short descriptions, as […]


Missions is book with four adventures, designed primarily for non-shadowrunner characters and intended to be used with the sections of the Shadowrun Companion: Beyond The Shadows that provide guidelines for campaigns which feature the player characters as something other than shadowrunners.

Shadows of the Underworld

Five adventures in one book, some of which have to do with the 2057 UCAS presidential election, and some totally unrelated to that event.

Super Tuesday!

A mini-campaign of five adventures with a common theme. Although there is not really a thread running through them, all the adventures are concerned with the candidates for the 2057 UCAS presidential elections. Each adventure starts off with some source material that the players might be given to read, which gives some background to the […]

Harlequin’s Back

Unlike the original Harlequin, this is not a series of linked adventures that can be played separately, but rather one big adventure made up of a number of smaller ones and some in-between sections.

Double Exposure

The player characters are hired to infiltrate Project Hope is a relief effort for the people of the Redmond Barrens.

Divided Assets

The player characters are hired to abduct and take care of an eight-year-old boy for a while.