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One Stage Before

The manager of the hottest rock band of the moment, The Shadows (probably not this one …), has received death threats. The runners get to investigate who is behind them.

Ivy & Chrome

Fayette Myers has disappeared from the boarding school she goes to, and her aunt hires the player characters to find her.

Elven Fire

Gang violence is on the increase in Seattle, and a Lone Star detective takes it upon himself to hire the player characters to investigate the cause.

Total Eclipse

The rock band The Elementals is about to break through into the mainstream, but their past is catching up with them.


Harlequin is a mini-campaign with eight separate, but linked, adventures.

Bottled Demon

A talismonger hires the player characters as bodyguards for a meeting at which he plans to sell a powerful magical item.

Dragon Hunt

A wounded dragon suffering from amnesia hires the player characters to find out who he is, and why he’s wounded.

Queen Euphoria

Someone wants simsense star Euphoria to miss a few public appearances, and the player characters get the job of making that happen.


A batch of new simsense chips have gone missing, and the player characters are hired to find them.


The very first adventure published for Shadowrun, involving a datasteal and a variety of chases and firefights to set the scene for the game.