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First Run

A book with multiple adventures in it, intended for players new to Shadowrun.

Renraku Arcology: Shutdown

Though called an adventure by FASA, this is actually a sourcebook about what happens to the Renraku Arcology (that BIG building in downtown Seattle) in 2060.

Target: Matrix

The first book to deal solely with the Matrix from a character’s point of view, Target: Matrix can best be described as the fiction counterpart to Matrix. It deals with all sorts of aspects of the Matrix from a generic user’s and shadowrunner’s perspective: basically, what you can do and find there, and what to […]

New Seattle

This replacement for the Seattle Sourcebook describes the Seattle Metroplex and its history, as well as giving basic information about the surrounding area. Compared to its predecessor, it gives a much more in-depth description of what’s going on, instead of focusing mainly on the things to be found in Seattle.

Shadowrun Quick Start Rules

This book is designed, as the title already indicates, as an introduction to the Shadowrun game and its world. It appears to be targeted mainly at people who have never played a roleplaying game before, and would also serve more experienced players who don’t know Shadowrun but want to give it a go.

Shadowrun, Third Edition

This book replaced Shadowrun, Second Edition as the core rules for the Shadowrun game system. It is essentially an update and complete rewrite of that edition, incorporating rules published in books brought out after 1992 so that this book is all you need to play Shadowrun. Additionally, the rules are modified and simplified in places to make them […]

Man & Machine: Cyberware

Man & Machine: Cyberware in part is another “third-edition-update” book, in that it brings equipment and rules from older books up-to-date with the Shadowrun, Third Edition main rules; in this respect, it’s similar to books such as Magic in the Shadows and Corporate Download. However, this book also adds plenty of new stuff to play around […]

Corporate Download

After a variety of changes in the corporate landscape of Shadowrun during the late 2050s and early ’60s, this book provides an overview of corporations in general and details the biggest ones of the 2060s. It is a similar book to Corporate Shadowfiles, but where that is mostly a textbook about the way corporations operate, this […]

Shadows of Asia

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Shadowrun, Third Edition (collector’s edition)

This is a hardcover version of the third edition main rulebook, a very limited edition with a black, leather-like, foil-stamped cover that lead to the ShadowRN mailing list nicknaming it BABY for “Big And Black Yearbook”. Except for the cover and one page, it is exactly the same book as the normal Shadowrun, Third Edition rulebook.