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Shadowrun Quick Start Rules

This book is designed, as the title already indicates, as an introduction to the Shadowrun game and its world. It appears to be targeted mainly at people who have never played a roleplaying game before, and would also serve more experienced players who don’t know Shadowrun but want to give it a go.

Shadowrun, Third Edition

This book replaced Shadowrun, Second Edition as the core rules for the Shadowrun game system. It is essentially an update and complete rewrite of that edition, incorporating rules published in books brought out after 1992 so that this book is all you need to play Shadowrun. Additionally, the rules are modified and simplified in places to make them […]

Shadowrun, Third Edition (collector’s edition)

This is a hardcover version of the third edition main rulebook, a very limited edition with a black, leather-like, foil-stamped cover that lead to the ShadowRN mailing list nicknaming it BABY for “Big And Black Yearbook”. Except for the cover and one page, it is exactly the same book as the normal Shadowrun, Third Edition rulebook.

Shadowrun Gamemaster Screen, Third Edition

book is a compilation of critters (duh) and their rules from other sourcebooks. It includes a full list of powers and weaknesses updated for the third-edition rules, as well as full game statistics and a short description of each critter. Illustrations are thin on the ground—there are about a dozen critters on every two pages, […]