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The Grimoire — The Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy, 15th Edition, 2053

The original Grimoire is the advanced magic sourcebook for second-edition main rules, and much of the rest became obsolete due to changes in the magic rules made in that edition. As a result, the book was thoroughly revised with both new material and updates of older material that had been left out of the main […]

Shadowrun, Second Edition Gamemaster Screen

, or to give its full title, the Shadowrun, Second Edition Gamemaster’s Screen Archetypes And Contacts Book—but it just says “Contacts” on the cover. This is a booklet with first of all, the archetypes from Sprawl Sites and the second edition, but because a lot of these differ only in minor ways from their counterparts in third […]

Shadowrun, Second Edition

The main rulebook for second-edition Shadowrun, and as such essential for anyone who wants to gamemaster it. It includes all the rules necessary to play the game, and is a good improvement over the softcover version was also published, and became much more common after the hardcover’s print run sold out.

Shadowrun, Second Edition

This softcover version of the main rulebook for the second edition of Shadowrun is essentially the same as the

Shadowrun, Third Edition

This book replaced Shadowrun, Second Edition as the core rules for the Shadowrun game system. It is essentially an update and complete rewrite of that edition, incorporating rules published in books brought out after 1992 so that this book is all you need to play Shadowrun. Additionally, the rules are modified and simplified in places to make them […]

Rigger Black Book

The Rigger Black Book provides a large number of vehicles of all types to populate a Shadowrun campaign with, and just as importantly, it gives rules for modifying vehicles.

Street Samurai Catalog

The Street Samurai Catalog is an equipment catalog, with the focus on combat gear ranging from light pistols to riot-control vehicles. Despite the book’s title, most of the equipment in it may prove useful to just about any Shadowrun character.

Shadowrun, Third Edition (collector’s edition)

This is a hardcover version of the third edition main rulebook, a very limited edition with a black, leather-like, foil-stamped cover that lead to the ShadowRN mailing list nicknaming it BABY for “Big And Black Yearbook”. Except for the cover and one page, it is exactly the same book as the normal Shadowrun, Third Edition rulebook.

Character Dossier

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Shadowrun — Where Man Meets Magic And Machine

This, the original rulebook for Shadowrun, was published in 1989 and formed the core of the game system until 1992 when the second edition came out.