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Kellan Colt

Kellan Colt is a figure for Shadowrun Duels which was not sold through normal retail channels. Instead, it was only available as a special offer to readers of the March 2003 issues of Wizard, Inquest and ToyFare magazines.

Deutschland in den Schatten

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NERPS: Foundations

The second NERPS book, after ShadowLore, this one is concerned with non-player characters, groups, adventure plots and locations that should be useable in any campaign. It contains about two characters per page, of a variety of archetypes: shadowrunners, fixers, corporates, petty criminals, rockers, and plenty more—even a free spirit, a ghoul, and similar humanoid critters. […]

NERPS: Edge Runners

Several years ago, FASA released a sourcebook called Prime Runners, full of NPCs who were supposed to be the best of the best of shadowrunners. I haven’t seen Prime Runners, but apparently some players thought that the “Prime Runners” were featherweights, and decided to compile a document full of real heavy-hitters. The result is NERPS: […]

Edge Runners

Edge Runners is a kind of reply to Prime Runners, whose characters were deemed “not tough enough” by one of the editors, Erik Jameson. As a result, this book contains high-powered (some of them very high-powered) characters that were actually being used as player characters—rather than as NPCs—by the authors at the time the book […]

The Underworld Opera Surplus Catalog

A book with short descriptions and game stats for vehicles, much like the Rigger Black Book, except that it deals with 20th-century vehicles that could conceivably still be operational in the 2050s—that is, mostly military aircraft that can be purchased second-hand through the Underworld Opera, a rigger/fixer organization. As can be expected, the vehicle descriptions […]

Shadowrun France

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This is the Shadowrun game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (“SNES” or “Super NES”).


A set of twelve dice intended for use with fourth-edition Shadowrun. They are packaged in a nice tin and the dice have a Shadowrun “S” logo in place of the 5s and 6s, while the 1 on the dice is totally missing. The latter is probably a nice way of saying, “If you get nothing […]

Unfriendly Skies

Unfriendly Skies is a download-only vehicle supplement for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition covering 32 flying vehicles for the 2070s. There is a densely-inked, color cover and 35 more or less monochrome body pages which have some color but can easily be printed out in black and white. The artwork consists of generic looking drawings of aircraft, […]