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Deutschland in den Schatten

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The Grimoire — The Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy, 15th Edition, 2053

The original Grimoire is the advanced magic sourcebook for second-edition main rules, and much of the rest became obsolete due to changes in the magic rules made in that edition. As a result, the book was thoroughly revised with both new material and updates of older material that had been left out of the main […]

Shadowrun, Second Edition

The main rulebook for second-edition Shadowrun, and as such essential for anyone who wants to gamemaster it. It includes all the rules necessary to play the game, and is a good improvement over the softcover version was also published, and became much more common after the hardcover’s print run sold out.

Shadowrun, Second Edition

This softcover version of the main rulebook for the second edition of Shadowrun is essentially the same as the

Predator and Prey

A book with multiple adventures in it, pitting shadowrunners against paranormal critters in environments where the critters have the advantage. It also includes guidelines for the gamemaster on how to use critters in his or her own adventures, as well as a list of all published critters with their game statistics and short descriptions, as […]


Unwired is the Matrix supplement for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition. It all graces back toWilliam Gibson’s early writings, where he proposed the human-computer interface which has become de regure for any self-respecting cyberpunk setting. Shadowrun has modeled this phase of the genre as many other roleplaying games by treating the computer systems as black boxes, interacting […]

Target: Smuggler Havens

This book is similar to that of Target: UCAS, in that it describes locations with a focus on what’s going on there instead of the way the place works as older location sourcebooks did. It is intended as much for use with Cyberpirates! as it is with more traditional Shadowrun settings.

Denver: The City of Shadows

A boxed set that describes the city of Denver and its surrounding area, the Front Range Free Zone: a territory split between, and jointly governed by, six different nations. This has made the whole zone into a hotbed of politics, smuggling, corporate maneuvering and intrigue.

California Free State

Though The Neo-Anarchist’s Guide to North America had a chapter about California Free State, this sourcebook expands on the information given there, as well as updating it to 2057. If anything, it only makes the situation worse from the one described in the older book, making California a patchwork of semi-independent areas more or less under […]

Shadowrun Quick Start Rules

This book is designed, as the title already indicates, as an introduction to the Shadowrun game and its world. It appears to be targeted mainly at people who have never played a roleplaying game before, and would also serve more experienced players who don’t know Shadowrun but want to give it a go.