Make-up free Anne Robinson proves spending thousands to look younger doesn't work

Anne Robinson at the local supermarket near her Cotswold home

Anne Robinson at the local supermarket near her Cotswold home

We've always been slightly jealous of Anne Robinson.

It’s not just her drier-than-the-Sahara sense of humour, or her enviable ability to flirt with young men without appearing to be a dirty old woman.

It’s also the fact that, aged 65, she’s still holding her own on TV.

With her trademark candour, she’s admitted to a facelift, hours of slog with a personal trainer and a Botox habit.

She also confesses to being on a permanent diet.

‘Very few women can have the perfect figure and eat what they like,’ she says. ‘Ignore the ones who say they can. They are lying.’ And frankly, we’d far rather hear the truth.

Yet Annie might have been a bit more candid than even she would have liked last week when she was snapped out shopping.

Without studio lighting, a make-up artist and some careful styling, she looked, well, like a 65-year-old woman.

While Anne might be disappointed, we’re delighted. We’re taking this as proof of the futility of spending thousands on trying to look younger.

It clearly doesn’t work. With just one photo, Anne’s saved us more cash than she’s ever done while presenting Watchdog.