Ibex Valley, Yukon

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Alaska Highway through Ibex Valley

Ibex Valley is a hamlet in Canada's Yukon. The hamlet is considered a local advisory area with an advisory council providing local government.[1] Its population in 2001 according to the Canada 2001 Census was 315.

Ibex Valley comprises residential areas along the Alaska Highway immediately outside the Whitehorse city limits as far as approximately historical mile 945, as well as a small number of sideroads, including a five-mile loop of the original Alaska Highway alignment from Mile 929 to 934. The hamlet is part of the Whitehorse Census Agglomeration.

Seventy percent of the population is non-aboriginal. Ibex Valley has a volunteer fire department. While most residents work in Whitehorse, some residents are engaged in agriculture or wilderness tourism activities.


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Coordinates: 60°50′42″N 135°38′18″W / 60.84500°N 135.63833°W / 60.84500; -135.63833 (Ibex Valley)