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Elsa is a privately owned mining town based on silver, lead, and zinc in Yukon, Canada. It is located between the valley of the Stewart River to the south and the Mackenzie Mountains to the north. It is 700 kilometres (435 mi) to the north of Whitehorse, and 600 km (373 mi) east of the Alaskan border. It is located at Mile 60.3 of the Silver Trail, Yukon Highway 11.

In the 1950s, Elsa was the 2nd largest producer of silver in Canada and the 4th largest in the world.[1]

Its population moved out following the closure of the United Keno Hill mine in 1989. Most of the houses and buildings have been dismantled. To this day, caretakers remain due to the historical significance of the town.


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Coordinates: 63°54′42″N 135°29′27″W / 63.91167°N 135.49083°W / 63.91167; -135.49083