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St. Louis Career Coach & Counseling David Hults
Career Coach,
Author and Speaker

St. Louis Office: 314-966-3888
St. Louis Cell: 314-882-0433

9000 Middlewood Ct.
St. Louis, MO 63127

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Career Counseling:
Creating A Career Roadmap For The Job Seeker

What's worked in the past often doesn't get you to where you want to be today. What's stopping you from reaching your career goals? Quite often it's what you don't know that's holding you back. Why continue to struggle or become frustrated trying to guide yourself through a career maze getting advice from those that are not career experts?

Career Counseling is for people who want to actively partner with a career expert. No matter your situation, David is committed to individualize and tailor one-on-one career coaching sessions from creating a resume to preparing for a possible job promotion. He will create specific action steps to address your specific career needs whether it's in your current job or transitioning into another career altogether. He is committed to making your 8-hour workday work for you!

Career Services

Start with a Career MAP Session. The Career MAP (My Action Plan) Session is a personalized, hour and a half to two-hour, one-on-one meeting. Here is just a few ways the MAP Session can address your career needs. In this session we can talk about methods or strategies for:

  1. Discovering what you want to be when you grow up.
  2. Finding the right network of decision makers.
  3. Increasing your pay or promotion at your current job.
  4. Determining when to use your resume and what format is beneficial.
  5. Increasing your chance for more interview opportunities.
  6. Finding opportunities that fit you.
  7. Discovering the right career target.
  8. Finding the hidden job market
  9. Managing up in your current organization
  10. (Your specific need or frustration)

Much like a visitor's guide within a city, David asks questions to help determine where you might want to go. Where you have been before? What might you want to do in the future? David reveals shortcuts and discusses the career detours to avoid so that you don't find yourself caught in a traffic loop going nowhere. This session looks at what's keeping you from reaching your career destination and starts mapping out a plan. The Career MAP Session answers the "What" questions by identifying three things:

  • What you're doing that's excellent and working for you.
  • What needs attention – identifying and analyzing what can change or add to your approach to reach your greatest impact or potential.
  • What next steps you can implement in order to reach your career destination.

With this session you will also receive the book From Roadkill to Road Map

(8 steps to put your career in drive without taking costly detours, a recording summarizing the session's results and a 45-minute follow-up session.)

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Additional Materials and Services

You can also obtain many of the books and materials David has developed to accelerate your success. This option allows you to study and apply the principles at your own pace. Get started with the Activ8 careers Tool Kit Series.

Another option is the activ8 careers System. This project-based approach answers the "How" questions and allows David to personalize a tailored, step-by-step structure and strategy for reaching your career objectives.

David has worked with clients from a variety of backgrounds. Here are just a few job categories/titles he's coached, ranging from mid-level to high-level career clients:

Accounting Legal
Banking & Finance Management
Employee Relations & Training Marketing & Sales
Engineering Medical
Information Technology Project Managers

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From Roadkill to Roadmap

From Roadkill to Roadmap: Want to be the one they're dying to hire? 8 Steps To Put Your Career In Drive…Without Taking Costly Detours

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