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  1. Are any of my followers intrested in earning 8% on a 1 year loan of any amount [$100- $15,000]?

  2. Kasich only looks O.K. in polls against Hillary because nobody views him as a threat and therefore have placed ZERO negative ads against him

  3. Only Trump will protect LEO's and the Vets!

  4. I love how mad you make liberals, like Michael Moorefood.

  5. Is there ANYTHING he CANT do? When he's president, al bad things will be reversed.

  6. Thank you for today's endorsement, New York Veteran Police Association!

  7. Force the Colorado Republican Committee to put all three presidential candidates on the June primary ballot. Our votes NEED to COUNT!!!

  8. Additionally, the other half are Washington DC insiders. What does that tell you?

  9. Has anyone noticed that half of the people that are attacking Donald Trump are the same ones that went after the "Tea Party"?

  10. I'm a County Delegate at tommorow convention. How do I support you?

  11. AAA Tax Accounting followed , , and 38 others
  12. Though it may be hard, remember to avoid buying more than you can afford for gifts or outings this season!

  13. For you who waited on your planning just a few weeks remaining on 2015 tax moves. Call today for help.

  14. Summoning 80-year-old capitalists: You have experience, and you CAN grasp the technology

  15. Tax Deadline Notice: if you earned $20 or more in tips during Nov, be sure you report it to your employer by tomorrow (Dec 10).

  16. Tax Debt Webinar Starting Now

  17. Tax Debt Webinar in 1 Hour

  18. If you just pay the minimum each time on your credit card, your balance would continue to increase, even though you quit using your card.

  19. Learn how an interest rate change can impact you (and not just if you're buying a house):

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