Making your home your haven does not require unlimited budget or even a large space.

What you do need IS to bring beauty and order into your space.
Beauty is subjective for the most part, but being organized and tidy makes a home a
pleasure to be in.

Making your home your own by choosing a decor that matches your personality and
the way you live is essential to feeling “at home” in your space.

If light and airy is your style then do not be pressured into cluttering every corner
with furniture and nick-knacks. Be strict about buying what you will never use just
because it is discounted, or some else has it.

Choose furniture, window covers, lighting, rugs and carpet with care to ensure
your overall goal of making your home your haven is achieved and maintained.

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When you step into your home after a day out in the world that may not have treated
you kindly you want to feel a sense of soothing relaxation in every room that you

Your relationship with your home is an important component in your relationship with
others and especially a spouse or romantic partner.
It should express who your are and so let them get to know you in this very personal
and intimate setting.

Remember, this is where you are retreating to feel cared for, pampered and rejuvenated to take on the day all over again tomorrow.

Love yourself! Love Your Living Space!